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Deus Ex

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Hey everyone! I'm posting on behalf of my electronica/house band, Auteur Theory... We've started doing a remix/music homage to Deus Ex! It's gonna span most of the game and incorporate several of the levels' music!

So far we've done 2 of the levels! Would you like to hear some short samples?

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Heh, that band name made me think Autechure (sp?)

I'm a big fan of the game, but it's been a while since I've played so the originals aren't fresh in my mind.

It sounds like you're just giving samples of the songs rather than the songs themselves. It's hard to tell how far you've developed the themes without more. Also, are you planning to keep these as a medley or separate them into different songs?

Anyway, right off the bat, the lower notes on that string thing are sounding slighty off-beat. Not sure why things all faded out at :43 even though it sounds like both sections are part of the same song. Instead of just dropping things and picking them back up, create a transition between the sections that moves the piece along.

Things are still sounding a little sparse so far. You've basically laid down a loop with the low guitarish string part and then just add new parts in without any changeups. Drums, pads, other synths each come in and are on loop. This needs quite a bit more on the arrangement side to develop additional ideas.

Things fade out again and a different sounding track comes in ~1:20. Hmm, same lead synth as last section, just playing different notes. This part doesn't develop much before fading out.

Another section comes in for a short time. The trancey pad has some awkward gating on it. Doesn't quite sound like it's on beat properly in some places.

I think it would be helpful to release more content of the songs if you want better criticism. You've got a good foundation for these tracks, but I can't tell any more at this point. Hope this helps.

EDIT: Links to the originals would be very helpful also.

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