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OCR00863 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Memories Lost in Time' *FT*


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Hi Orkybash,

I emailed you 3 weeks ago about two possible lost submissions. You wanted to haneld one at a time, so I decided to wait 2 weeks to check up on the other. The first that you handled already went through the judging process. The other which was submitted 2 months ago, is still up in the air as far as I know. So I emailed djp and the person who updated the judging list last time...Last week, I haven't heard back, so I'm not sure if something was done and I didn't get an email or if it didn't go through....

Below is a copy of the email I sent last week. Thanks for any help.



I saw the latest list on the judging board and noticed that one of mine may have either been lost or slipped through the cracks. I submitted the mix ' Schala Memories Lost in Time ' almost 2 months ago on the week of Aug. 14. I noticed other mixes from that same time period (from vgmix) have been judged already, and I haven't heard anything on this, so I'm assuming it got lost. Thanks.

File URL:

Info: This mix is done in a new age/orchestral style - more the former and less the later. This is my second submission here and fourth overall arrangement. I wanted to make this have a light, airy atmospheric feel, so the bottom end is mostly made up of only light cello and light synth pads on the low end.. ( More info on the link.)

Other Info:

Handle: GrayLightning

Email: thegraylightning@yahoo.com


Well, at least it's not a techno version of the theme! :D

Actually, this is very good if you're in the mood for slow, ambient, new-agish stuff. Even if you're not, it's still put together well, aside from maybe an ending that's a tad abrupt.


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HMM, this is gonna be hard because there are so many damn schala mixes. Sometimes, I just wish Janus would preform matricide. So anyway...

Nice, slow, moody, melodic expantion, all the things I like... but.. OMFG its schala again! I have 10 of these songs.

Still, thats irrelevant. I'll give it a YES because its not just another FL-lets-import-the-spc-and-play-around-with-flange remixes....

Also because its Nice, slow, moody, melodic expantion, all the things I like... etc

This wasnt a very good review, Im sorry. But at least ya got a YES, so QUIT COMPLAININ! geezus....


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