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*NO* Perfect Dark 'Alien Abduction' *PRIORITY - Older*


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To start off, when it comes to music I prefer to go by Aerowing. (I also go by Flamewave and Palomar.)

Anyhow, this ReMix is the Chicago theme from Perfect Dark. I decided to put it in an alien light, so to speak. In the end I think it sounds like the Ceten level sound effects and blah blah blah. All that good stuff.

Making this song I used Finale 2002, n-Track Studio, and a Yamaha SXG Soft Synth. My PC is a 133, so it took me eight hours - the Soft Synth lags unless I take my time.

My own website is ; due to the fact that I'm out of space, I have it hosted by a friend of mine, Fox E:, who also does ReMixes and is considering submitting to OCR. (It's his urging that I'm submitting this.)

is the exact URL to the song. Even if it isn't hosted on OCR, I hope you enjoy it.

Any questions, feel free to email me at Flamewave357@aol.com

Thank you.

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Mmm.. Yamaha XG guitars. First thing I notice (Having experience with Yamaha XG)... Then Yamaha XG percussion... mmm.. The percussion sounds really dry as compared to the other instruments. Makes them rather "noticable".

Then, what the hell at 1:40? Reeaaaally strange transition. But, yeah, it IS an alien abduction. It creates that type of mood - I say it's well done with the rather decent usage of dissonance. Ending isn't that great, though - Just fades out.

Gee, it's a really tough decision... Eh...


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Well, I actually ended up liking this arrangement. Sort of. As soon as I heard those guitars, though, I knew this was in for trouble. Yes, sure enough, the instruments are pretty flat and lifeless. Tip for the future: use a different lead sound than rhythm sound, otherwise they just blend together (like they do here).

Then the transition into the later part: I always like "2 in 1" songs, but if you're going to do one with such a contrast between the parts, then you need a much more effective transition.

It's a good start, but in the end I've gotta say NO

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:? . I'm kinda torn because I like Act 2 of the song. Yeah, the guitars are on the low side of the quality scale, but it's hard to get good guitar samples, ain't it? I like the song, but I think it's too repetitive. Either add a bridge inbetween or subtract a couple of loops from act 2. I feel the song could end around 2:20-2:30. Overall the song is nice, but there's just not enough variation.

Mix in an original section or trim it down or both. Till then, gotta say no.

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Great feel! Puts me in da mooooooooooood.

Love the strings. have no problem with the guitar. Guitars are hard to make sound good.



fade out ending/beginning

More could be done, but I really like what WAS done. I would recommend a better transition, more work on the guitars, perhaps try different instruments, change the melody around a bit.. something to kill the repetitive nature of the song.

Aerowing, I hope you take these things and other things the judges here said and work on the song some more. Like I said, I love the 'feel' it just needs... more and it will be fine.

Good luck!



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