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Nobuo VS Schubert: A Choral Piece


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Prasa_U. : I agree with you that the sound quality is poor. My Shure is sensitive, so it picks up a lot of the buzz in the room. With a single vocal recording, it's hardly noticeable--but when I layer six recordings of myself on top of each other, there's a problem. I tried flushing out the fuzz with some equalization, but my mastering skills are non-existent. If I want this mix to get anywhere, I'll need to find someone who can help me with the mastering. Thank you, though, for making it clear to me that this problem needs rather-prompt resolving. And I'm glad to know you liked the concept, as well.

Oh, and might I add that your Syberia ReMix was all kinds of good? Well (whether I might or not), I DO add said statement. Really enjoyed it, glad it made the cut.

yodaisbetter: (Yoda really IS better) Thanks, I'll work on extending this whenever the recording equipment is free. I'm not sure if the final will be solo choral, though. I might want some light orchestration (not overtly similar to Schubert's, of course), mainly to make the 3/4 time signature clearer to the listener. "Sounds good so far" is definitely good news at this stage.

Tensei-San: I recognize the hum and I'll be working on it before releasing the next update. The panning I'm clueless about. I notice, of course, that it's almost completely on the left speaker, but I don't have any idea why. It's no huge loss if I have to record the intro over again, though--there were some parts that needed better timing. Anyway, thanks for the enthusiasm. I'll try to produce something cleaner posthaste.

DragonAvenger: "potential for awesome" is EXACTLY how I was hoping you'd phrase it. ^_^ I'll definitely work on "More!" over the weekend ("definitely" really translating to "if time, and also my father, permits it").

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