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OCR01671 - *YES* Final Fantasy 7 'Suco de Melancia'


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Over the filesize limit with the link I've given; zircon can provide a new encoding if this passes - LT

SuperTux mirror

Olá pessoal,

I know I told zircon I wouldn’t submit this, but I was so moved by the massive release of VotL that I couldn’t control myself, so here it is! =D

I almost called this song “Hojo is unavailable right now; please leave your message after the beep”. I mean, making port in a tropical resort after fighting a grotesque monster inside an evil organization ship is awesome in it’s own right, but meeting said organization’s own sick scientist chilling at the beach, surrounded by ladies and drinking cocktails (with little umbrellas on them) is actually the fondest memory I have from FF7. A memory which is probably distorted by the long time passed since I last played the game, but very dear to me nonetheless, so believe it not, this song goes for Hojo: even sick and disgusting evil geniuses need to take a break every now and then.

Here is the link (I hope it’s not a problem if I just link the page of the project):


It’s the first track from the third CD.


http://tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/FF7_psf.rar - 216 "Costa del Sol"

The mallet percussion sounds cute/syrupy, but definitely strains for realism compared to a lot of the other organic-sounding instrumentation.

Nice EP soloing at 1:51, as well as "The Girl from Ipanema" reference at 2:37.

The arrangement plays it pretty straight most of the time, but has lots of new support writing and some subtle embellishments and variations especially in the latter half. Enough to put it over the line for me. And that's all she wrote.


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Definitely over the bar.

However, I was really hoping for a little more interpretation of the original, but whatever. The girl from ipanema reference feels really shoe-horned (the melody doesn't sit well in that chord progression), and I also feel like the song drags for too long. You can only throw so many solos over the same (more or less) chord progression before my interest starts to wane.

That sounds a little harsh, I know. I wouldn't state those criticisms, however, if I didn't think this was a pretty good remix with a lot going for it. This is over the bar, and is definitely a treat for any RTF fans out there.

The chip intro puts a smile on my face every time.


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Very smooth. Big tangent, back in 2003, I actually got to go to Brazil with my brother and a few of his cadet buddies from the USAFA. The title, "Suco de Melancia" makes me think of Suco reminds me of one of my FAVORITE things from that trip, which was a couple blocks from our hotel, http://www.imperialhotel.com.br/ was a small little corner cafe (well, they're everywhere, but I digress). I grabbed a ham sandwich of some sort, and a glass of "Suco de Mango" (Mango juice) that was squeezed/blended right in front of me. That is probably some of the tastiest beverage that I've ever had. And I've never been able to replicate it. I bought some Mango nectar in hopes it'd be close, but it's just not. I bought a mango and blended it, but to no avail. The best mango juice, can only be bought in Brazil, I've decided.

Also, I didn't get to go to Ipanema, but we did hang out at Copacabana beach, which was really nice. Actually, my current remixer picture is a cropped version of this - brazil_rio.jpg which is taken in Brazil atop the famous Christus Statue.

Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about Mr. Fox's mix. Um, let me think...

Smooth, relaxing, and well-executed. If I could translate my cherished Suco de Mango into an equally blissful audio experience, then I suppose I would rename it "Suco de Melancia" and it would sound something like this remix.


(this may be, to date, my most off-topic vote ever)

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Ahhh, Bossa Nova. One of my favorite genres. Nobody'd better accuse me of bossabias though. >:(

Love the groove, love the vibes. Percussion is also nailed to the wall. Nice. Would have preferred less snare hit though; rim-shot would have been nicer.

Also, not feeling the B3 organ. It's out of place, especially since this already has a piano in it. A minor gripe.

YES but not because of bossabias

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