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OCR00835 - Super Mario RPG "Bobble Head Inspiration"

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The forest theme is a standout tune in a soundtrack of very awesome tunes, so it's a leap of faith when trying to interpret something that sounds amazing on the SNES chip into different territory. I guess that's the point of OCRemix, but in this case, I still think this song belongs on the SNES.

Regardless, this is infectious fun and I won't deny that I get very kinetic when it starts. But I think its strength is its source melody; if it were an arrangement of a song that was a quarter of the insane fun of the SMRPG Forest Theme, you may have been in trouble.

At the very least, it succeeds in supplying unadulterated joy and nostalgia. And that's pretty awesome, in my mind.

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The sample quality and pacing here makes the song pleasant enough, but a bit unmemorable. It's nice when it's going on, but once it's over it doesn't linger. I've listened a few times and had fun, but in an hour, if you'd ask me the melody, I wouldn't have any idea. The slow down at the end is classy, though.

I'm sure if you've played the game, it's much better. :-)

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