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CMC - Conceptual Music Competition 13: Last Stand


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Ayu Hamasa's piece is plagiarized from Final Fantasy XII...

It's called "Esper Battle."

That saddens me...

His "entry" will be removed and he is disqualified from entering for three rounds after this. Should this occur following that time, he will not be allowed to enter at all.

Now I have to redo all the statistics...

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Ever since CMC 1, I've noticed a tendancy to be narrative (or programatic) with descriptions. What makes me laugh, though, is that I think I'm the one who started it. :P Anyway, your descriptions don't have to be linear, second-for-second. They can highlight a mood or elements that you want to draw attention to. That's one of the reasons that I've been using poems for my descriptions as of late. Just a little bit to think about for the future.

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