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OCR00871 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Lesser Kerbuic Patchwork' *FT*

Antonio Pizza

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I've heard this before, and as much as I don't care for it personally, I do think it's very well arranged. Very ethnic sounding. I don't know what ethnicity to place it in, but it sounds like it would be sort of tribal, I almost expected to hear some native chanting.

Anyway, good solid mix, not my preferred style or sound, but well done as far as I'm concerned.

Vote: Yes

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Interesting concepts.

Nice lead

Nice Sound Effects




WHY SCHALA FOR GOD'S SAKE??????????????!111101001010101

kinda boring and repetitive.

Not impressed by the drumloop or whatever that was.

Some parts were offkey

Most of the song strays completely from any resemblence, concept, or quality of Chrono Trigger.

Its nice to have such abilities and skill. But This is too far from CT and has too many problems to get a yes from me


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Some very nice stuff going on in here.. very nice sounding instruments.

But what is that drumloop doing? Don't get me wrong, i'm a sucker for

breakbeats over well arranged stuff, but it just feels horribly out of place.

I belive it's probably because it's too loud for the rest of the mix, also

it sounds very familiar to loops I've heard in the past, and that makes

me a little leary.

a very sad and upset NO

I'd love to hear this with a little bit more respect given to the instruments

used, and not being tied into the overused breakbeat style drum breaks,

because those tribal sounding leads and drums are just gorgeous.

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You know what? This is a really cool mix. Regardless of the usage of drumloops, I find it very unique as compared to the original and other ReMixes of Schala's Theme. It really strains off far from the original - In this case, it's pulled of just fantastically. The usage of a drumloop is a little icky, but I think it fits in fine, as the uniqueness of the mix makes up for it.


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Hehehe, I am tie-breaker!

I must say that the quality of instruments used here are impressive. There was one off-key part, and yes there were drumloops, but I thought the mix was enjoyable...

Ok this is not good being the tie-breaker after all.

You know what, I'm going to say YES.

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Well, it's Schala done brand new, that's for damn sure. Samples = top notch. And I like the idea of the native instruments (though like rob1, the nativity of origin seems to escape me at the moment. I wanna say Arabic).

That drumloop is a tad old school, but thankfully Israfel doesn't force the ENTIRETY of the mix to rely upon it. If it had, I'd have said no. But I'm gonna end the gridlock and say yes.

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