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OCR00872 - *YES* Final Fantasy 9 'the battle of strings and a cellphone'


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What's an .eqf?

Okay, I'm hearing some really odd background noise, coming from the mic I'm guessing. So far it's not so bad though, some well played guitar and- HAHAH WTF? Omg. The cell phone ... oh man. I'm sorry I can't let this go through, cus it's neat, but it's just not OCR quality. The recording is pretty bad, and while the phone is entertaining it doesn't make up for the rest of the song.

Vote: No

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Like the use of fade in effects and Stereoization.


Whoa, answer the phone, its your neighbor tellin you to CUT THAT DAMN NOISE OUT NEXT DOOR!! j/k

Heh, Im gonna loop this for a while while I do my lab report, I'll finish the review in a bit

Alright, Im back and I really like the creativity put into this song. The recording quality is pretty bad, to say the least. But the use of stereo channeling of the guitar and the effects really helped the play.

When the cellphone came in, I laughed. I thought, wow that sounds sucky, but its so cool!!. I must ask, did you program that your self? or did you download it off the net? :D

The question is now, even though this is pretty cool, is it OC worthy?

I must say this goes way beyond a typical guitar recording for one reason: The use of effects, (cool edit? acid?) to enchance the guitar and ofcourse, that ROCKIN Cellphone. This song exhibits some decent guitaring skills, not really the bright point of the mix, but also, it exhibits some REAL creativity.

It makes me smile to listen to. I never played the game, but I like it.

It gets a YES


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No, it's not the greatest technical mix. But I laughed my ass off at the cellphone, and every so often I think OCR needs a remix that isn't meant to blow you away by it's technical merit or arranging skill, but to make you smile while you listen to it.


On the other hand, is it really necessary to encode this at 256? I'd like a lower bitrate version for bandwidth reasons, but as it's not over the 6mb limit that's no grounds for voting no.

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ehhh... :?

It's okay. I couldn't have done better, but I've heard better. Unfortunately, that particular arrangement 8.21MB, so it ain't gonna get posted. As for this...it's not so horrible that it can't get posted. I do have issues with the ending. The victory fanfare sounds cut off or incomplete.


Besides it's been awhile since we've had a live acoustic guitar arrangement, hasn't it?


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