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OCR01641 - Chrono Chross "Who Stole My Stars"


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I expected a lot more people to express a lack of enthusiasm about this mix. I'm pleasantly surprised at the generally positive support that people seem to have for it. To me it isn't the most memorable of tracks, but it is a nice little tool that I can utilise to unwind, relax and have a Coke to.

I'm conditioned to choir samples (after dozens upon dozens of hours of playing the Metroid Prime trilogy) so I thought they were nice and also quite different to typical choir usage as well. As was also noted by people before me, the ending is also something I would have liked to have seen extended, because of a noticeable spike in quality of arrangement.

For me, Chrono Cross mixes are never going to floor me, because I find the source either overly serene or overly melodramatic, but I'm glad there is stuff like this made to give me more of a chance to appreciate what I may be missing beyond my initial impressions of the originals.

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Smooth and steady intro, love the pick-up and the over-all beat is excellent!

Cant get enough of it!

I say another revision of this particular track using this style of vocal-input (just in my words) with a slight grunge/metal feel to it would bring out the true feel in my opinion, to one of the greatest CC Tracks EVER!

10 out of 10! 5 Stars! 3 Thumbs Up!

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WOW. 8-O I haven't even played/seen/watched Chrono Cross at all, and I ran into this from the torrents again, but this is an AMAZING mix. Love the mixing quality, the intro is great, the synth-ish lead is used in a great and unique way, percussion fits like a glove, and he goes out the way he came in: with a feeling of somewhere far beyond our reach. Diggi Dis has WAY outdone himself this time around!:grin:

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01641 - Chrono Chross "Who Stole My Stars"

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