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Is this a Song from Chrono Trigger? 11/16-JUSTICE IS SERVED


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Good hip hop isn't a thing of the past...2007 was a great year for hip hop. Here's a small list of albums you should check out.

Blu & Exile - Below the Surface

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

Dälek - Abandoned Language

Blue Scholars - Bayani

Mr. J. Medeiros - Of Gods and Girls

All albums which make extensive use of samples in the beats.

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Thank you, Mustin.

Some other hip-hop artists who are above stereotypes and are out there trying to innovate or just make decent music are:

Count Bass D




Vast Aire


Beastie Boys




Aloe Blacc



Percee P

Method Man




Psyche Origami


The Streets


And, yes, even JUSTIN TIMBRELAKE to some extent. Futuresex/Lovesounds was a fantastic album. Count Bass D is a personal hero of mine. Go look him up. Everybody else on that list is not only QUALITY but also making a conscious effort to move away from hip-hop stereotypes. Go listen to some songs by at least two people on that list (maybe not Justin, though :razz:)and then try and tell me all "rap music" is stereotypical and/or negative.

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Ugh... why do people like that JT album so much.

I hate it. I think his first album is the finest pop masterpiece of the decade thus far. I think the songs off that album will be remembered over these FS/LS junk.

Ugh. I hate that album. It's the only album I've taken back to the store and said, "I want my money back." Ever. In my entire Life.


But yeah, Cee-Lo, how'd I forget?

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Nice to hear that guy got pwned for ripping something off.

I know it's in Japanese but it seems to be a nice little rap/hiphop type thingy. (it has subtitles)

I've only heard one other song by them (I can't even remember the groups name) but they seem to do interesting stuff, and at least this one isn't all about well, vulgar stuff...

Although I can't claim to have a good taste in music so if you all think it sucks, meh. (I thought it fit very well with the video myself, pitty it only aired on TV like once in Japan or something like that).

Edit: Oh I found who they were again...since I had forgotten they're called Shakkazombie

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