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Videogame "Covers", OCR's evil twin brother!


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Covers are out there...it's an alternative to those who prefer straight-forward sound updates to their favorite tracks.

While The NESkimos occasionally "remix" tracks in an excellent fashion (DOWNLOAD Kirby's Grape Adventure from their site NOW), about half of their music is mostly a rock cover done in superb quality. I love their Mega Man tunes, especially Bubble Man and Air Man.

Of course, you all know Dwelling of Duels. Like the NESkimos, there's a mix of covers and remixes in that montly competition. Looking forward to the upcoming "Enix Month". Should have some really cool tunes.

Then there's Zelda ReOrchestrated, or Z.R.E.O. for short.


Their aim is to update the sound of all the Zelda soundtracks. Initially it started with completing Ocarina of Time only, but then it spread out to the rest of the series. Again, about 95% of the tracks in there are simply straight-forward sound updates or orchestrations of the originals, and most of them are done REALLY well. There's a huge difference between the old and recent stuff, too. I'd recommend checking out some of the new stuff, like Twilight Princess, the "Redux" tunes, and the Soundscape albums first. Check out the updates on the main page to see what's new...additionally, one of the updates in the main page contains a cover of FF7's "Tifa's Theme" and "Anxious Heart"...I really suggest that you guys check those out. Tifa's Theme is especially done well...so for those who dislike David's version you'll find this as a better alternative. Not that I hate the one on VotL...I really liked it actually. But it's interesting to compare between OCR's take and this one. What's even more interesting is that they're pondering the idea of starting up an FF7 ReOrchestrated project.

Anything you'd like to add?

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There's a guy out there somewhere who goes by the name "Zombie Possessor" who records straight covers of game music, mostly older tunes. I think I have some of his music around here somewhere; his site seems to be down at the moment though.

And yeah, I keep my ZREO collection up to date- there's usually a new track each week.

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