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  1. Incredible song, very catchy and energetic. I love it! Makes me wanna be saved by a boy made out of meat, and being a man myself, I believe that makes me a sex offender. So thanks a lot, OC Remix, for ruining my life.
  2. This is one of the few songs, here or otherwise, that just plasters a smile on my face. It's so relentlessly fun and happy, innocent and carefree. It's nothing short of a pleasure to listen to - just my type of music!
  3. Count me in, same name as on here. Time to show you whippersnappers how to process work units like a MAN.
  4. Yeap, that's all the real stuff. And it's nice, too! I wanted to wait until I had the game too... But then I heard some of it... and couldn't stop. It was like crack....
  5. Good ol' Blulohhoi put the whole thing on youtube. Not sure if this was posted yet, but a search yielded no results: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Blulohhoi Nothing but kickass tunes. Some fresh 8-bit ReMixes coming our way down the tube, eh?
  6. Exactly what I was thinking when I made that post. Can you imagine how cool this game could be if it delivers on the customization/physics aspect? And if they throw in something similar to Gary's mod, where you could go online and freeform design levels and the aspects of the world your level is based in? Gravity alteration, weight modification, velocity intensity, QUANTUM ELEVATION. Oops, just wet myself, brb.
  7. This song is amazing and epic? Know what enhances that even more? AudioSurf. Man, it's one of my favorite tunes to play on there. It just feels like (as stated above) I saved the universe and I got this track as a reward - and it was completely worth it, cause the women hear it, and now they want to hop in my Kart. Er, yeah, awesome mix budd(ies/y).
  8. That's a joke right? I hated the Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts because it was so utterly pointless. It didn't matter what you did with your ship because the gummi missions were boring and far too easy. (Which is good, because if they were boring and difficult, I probably never would have beat it due to burn-out.) This, however, looks like it could lead to hours of maniacal fun for one reason. Everything is based on physics. Building your own physics machine? Awesome. Totally awesome. I never cared for the original two Banjo games, felt like generic platformers to me, but this looks like it could have some spunk to it. Kind of hard to say at this point, but if anything, I can only imagine the only havoc that could ensue by building game-breaking machines.
  9. Hey! I like time matches!
  10. Nope! I just really love yard sales.
  11. It is fact. Firing someone for going against the "ad flow" I mean. I don't know about whether or not it's true, but I just wanted to say that yes, that would be worse than internet rumors. But what I think really happened is they took his red stapler...
  12. I'd rather have yard sales!
  13. I think it's pretty safe to say that Pity Smashes are either part of the Handicap system or can be turned off. Obviously if you can turn Smash Balls (Heh, that sounds funny... Smash balls...) off then logically there'd be a way to turn Pity Smash off. Even then, a "significant" point advantage sounds like you'd have to be kicking the crap out of someone to get a Pity Smash, and even then, they're not guaranteed it. At least this is how I interpret it. Just how bad do you people need to whoop someone?!
  14. There isn't a mute button in the world big enough to silence Atma.
  15. I'm kind of glad there's no voice chat. If I had to hear Atma bitch like that, I might have to kill myself. Just kidding Atma, we all ...love...? you. <3
  16. Yes but Nintendo doesn't buy people. They like people to fight over who can buy them. Playing hard to get makes them feel sexy.
  17. Ah, hadn't noticed that he was an assist trophy until I went back and noted the bottom of that particular update. Sneaky wording. Ah well, never played Sin & Punishment so I can't say it's too big a loss for me. Well we certainly can't expect there to be enough new things in the game for "MEGATONZ!!1!!" announcements daily for two more months now, can we?
  18. Didn't we get that kid from Sin & Punishment in November?
  19. There's no LAN play... but there's *Gasp!* online play! Hmmm, might be a smidge easier to work with rather than harder, don't you think? I do. And the frog in my pocket does too. And yes, you should be thankful its online. It doesn't matter if Billy Bob and his Blonde Brunettes is online on the Wonderbacon Silver, we still had a fair chance of it not being online, and then you'd really be crapping a storm. Stop setting yourself up for disappointment, you're going to have a stroke.
  20. Now they need to buy Nintendo and Double Fine and have Shigeru Miyamoto help Tim Schafer create an epic online Psychonauts sequel full of psychic powers and overweight plumbers. My life will be considered complete and I'll be happy when that happens.
  21. Who needs body armor when you've got cheeks of steel?
  22. Beats them saying "F you." and making it an offline only game like Melee. Remember that the Gamecube was also more than capable of online play. A step forward beats a step back, regardless of the stride. And who knows, maybe hax0rz will pull a "Warp Pipe" like for Double Dash and make it crazy full online. Or something.
  23. It's like she doesn't even have pants on...
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