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OCRCL Holiday Chess Tournament


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holiday tournament 2007

DECEMBER 1st - 31st, 2007

Hey there kids! Santa brings you an early Christmas present in the OCRCL's final stint for 2007. It's been a few months since we did a tournament, but it's very traditional to get something going during this time of year so that we can all have a little bit of chess-like fun.

TO JOIN: Make a post IN THIS THREAD, containing your AIM screen name, before Monday, December 24th, 2007 (EST).

TO PLAY: The major rules and standings (with everyone's AIM sn's) will be updated regularly and posted at the end of the thread. Contact an opponent on AIM to set up a match on Yahoo! Chess.

You should play everyone twice - as white and black - in the first phase. Use 10/15 time controls, and report your result in the thread.

Scoring is like FIDE, except you get an extra 1/4 point for simply playing a game.

The deadline for the league phase is Friday, December 31st, 2007 (EST).

PLAYOFFS: Currently going to be Top 4, but could be changed depending on level of participation. A system is also TBA.

Okay I think that's it. Go!

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(9:37:16 PM) LongeBane: do you rmemeber what the last tourny I was in?

(9:37:22 PM) LongeBane: like over a year ago mirite?

(9:38:52 PM) METZGERISM: at least

(9:38:56 PM) METZGERISM: maybe closer to two

(9:39:04 PM) LongeBane: 05?

(9:39:06 PM) LongeBane: wuttz

(9:39:25 PM) LongeBane: I even forgot the number to pluto

(9:39:46 PM) METZGERISM: 134340

(9:40:16 PM) LongeBane: I FORGOT

(9:40:23 PM) LongeBane: I \MOTHER FUCKING FORGOT


(9:40:54 PM) METZGERISM: I nevar forgot

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Tournament is looking pretty good from here.

Someone posted an idea for having a boxing-style challenge cup in my NHL94 league, and I'm considering possibilities both for there and for here...I'll propose something sometime, but we could still have tournaments, etc...I dunno, just an idea to bring back some power to the league.

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Okay, some reports:

First off, I traded games with one of the new guys, Xbob43.5. It was a good way to start off the tourney for me and I look forward to playing him again so we can break the tie.

I netted two wins against Culturekoi. Good playing on both sides, but my side was slightly, I guess, gooder?

Two more wins against Fire, who has become quite formidable. I know I said this during our last tourney (six months ago?), but it remains true. In the second game I think I ran out of chess or something because I lost my focus and did some really stupid things. He was like, five or 10 pieces ahead. But I guess he got overconfident, and I ended up making a comeback.

I need to complete my matches with both eppy and Kamoh still.

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Here's game 2 against jd. I didn't get the first one because it was an embarrassment anyway. :lol:

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: johnderrilll
;Date: Sat Dec 08 21:21:16 GMT 2007

1. g2-g3 e7-e5
2. b2-b3 d7-d5
3. c1-b2 f8-d6
4. f1-g2 c8-e6
5. g1-f3 b8-d7
6. o-o g8-e7
7. d2-d4 e5-e4
8. f3-g5 e6-f5
9. e2-e3 o-o
10. g3-g4 f5-e6
11. g5xe6 f7xe6
12. f2-f3 e4xf3
13. g2xf3 e7-g6
14. c2-c4 c7-c6
15. c4-c5 d6-c7
16. e3-e4 c7-f4
17. b2-c1 f4xc1
18. d1xc1 d8-h4
19. e4xd5 e6xd5
20. c1-e3 a8-e8
21. e3-f2 h4xf2+
22. g1xf2 g6-h4
23. b1-d2 h4xf3
24. d2xf3 e8-e4
25. f2-g3 f8-f4
26. f3-e5 f4xf1
27. a1xf1 d7xe5
28. d4xe5 e4xe5
29. h2-h4 d5-d4
30. g4-g5 d4-d3
31. f1-d1 e5-d5
32. g3-f4 g8-f7
33. f4-e4 f7-e6
34. d1xd3 d5xd3
35. e4xd3 e6-d5
36. b3-b4 b7-b6
37. c5xb6 a7xb6
38. d3-c3 b6-b5
39. c3-b3 d5-d4
40. a2-a4 b5xa4+
41. b3xa4 d4-c4
42. h4-h5 g7-g6
43. h5xg6 h7xg6
44. a4-a5 c4-d5
45. b4-b5 c6xb5
46. a5xb5 d5-e5
47. b5-c4 e5-f5
48. c4-d3 f5xg5
49. d3-e3 g5-g4
50. e3-f2 g4-h3
51. f2-g1 h3-g3
52. g1-h1 g3-f2
53. h1-h2 f2-f3
54. h2-h3 g6-g5
55. h3-h2 g5-g4
56. h2-h1 f3-f2
57. h1-h2 g4-g3+
58. h2-h1 g3-g2+
59. h1-h2 g2-g1+
60. h2-h3 g1-g3++

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