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OCRCL Holiday Chess Tournament


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So my connection sucks. I got booted with an automatic loss about 30 seconds into my first match of this tournament. This happened a couple more times then it seemed to stop happening. Eppy's still having the same problem, as you can see. So I went and downloaded playchess at my office computer since the connection's slightly better, brought it back home on a memory card, installed it, and then eppy didn't even want to use it, he wanted to just play on yahoo instead.

So, we played. I'm posting the results here because the first time in this tourney (and therefore in at least six months) that I've played a decent game.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: darkstar8789
;Black: damathacus
;Date: Wed Dec 12 09:00:08 GMT 2007

1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. f1-c4 g8-f6
3. c2-c3 d7-d6
4. d1-b3 d8-e7
5. d2-d3 b7-b6
6. c1-g5 c8-a6
7. b1-d2 a6xc4
8. b3xc4 c7-c5
9. g1-e2 b8-d7
10. o-o-o e7-d8
11. c4-b5 f8-e7
12. h2-h4 o-o
13. f2-f4 e5xf4
14. e2xf4 f6-g4
15. g5xe7 d8xe7
16. d1-f1 d7-e5
17. f4-d5 e7-e8
18. d5-c7 e8xb5
19. c7xb5 e5xd3+
20. c1-c2 d3-f2
21. h1-g1 g4-e3+
22. c2-c1 f2-d3+
23. c1-b1 e3xf1
24. g1xf1 a8-d8
25. c3-c4 a7-a6
26. b5-c7 a6-a5
27. c7-d5 f8-e8
28. d5xb6 e8-e5
29. g2-g4 f7-f6
30. b6-d5 g8-f7
31. h4-h5 h7-h6
32. b1-c2 d3-b4+
33. d5xb4 a5xb4
34. b2-b3 d8-a8
35. c2-b2 e5-g5
36. f1-f4 g5-e5
37. d2-f3 e5-e7
38. g4-g5 a8-h8
39. g5-g6+ f7-e8
40. f3-h4 e7-e5
41. h4-f5 h8-g8
42. f5xd6+ e8-d7
43. d6-f7 e5xh5
44. b2-c1 h5-h1+
45. c1-d2 h1-h2+
46. d2-e3 h2xa2
47. e4-e5 g8-e8
48. f4-e4 a2-a3
49. e5xf6 a3xb3+
50. e3-f4 e8xe4+
51. f4xe4 g7xf6
52. g6-g7 b3-g3

So, the score is 2-0 against eppy.

Also, I played margo but I didn't play very well. Two losses against margo.

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1. e2-e4 e7-e5

2. f1-c4 a7-a6

3. d1-f3 f7-f6

4. g1-h3 b7-b5

5. c4-b3 c7-c5

6. h3-g5 g8-h6

7. f3-h5+ g7-g6

8. b3-f7+ h6xf7

9. g5xf7 e8xf7

10. h5-f3 b8-c6

11. c2-c3 c5-c4

12. o-o c6-e7

13. d2-d3 e7-g8

14. c1-g5 h7-h6

15. g5-e3 g6-g5

16. d3xc4 b5xc4

17. f1-d1 h6-h5

18. d1-d6 f8xd6

19. b1-d2 d8-c7

20. e3xg5 d6-e7

21. g5-h4 d7-d6

22. h2-h3 c7-b6

23. f3-e2 c8-e6

24. d2xc4 e6xc4

25. e2xc4+ f7-e8

26. c4-e6 b6xb2

27. a1-d1 a8-d8

28. a2-a4 b2xc3

29. d1-b1 c3-c2

30. b1-b7 c2-c1+

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I talked to Eppy for a little while today, and he was able to express some of his issues with Yahoo while we worked to try and figure out his issues. Basically, I'm moving home in a week, I assume that he is moving home in a week, and that means we'll certainly be more available than we are right now.

However, Eppy brought up a good point while extolling the virtues of 1 minute games: why do we use 10/15?

Originally, I had looked at that as kind of the ideal - 20 minutes for 40 moves seemed reasonable, and since it was the default I think I put it on a bit of a pedestal.

But here's the problem - two game matches will run probably somewhere in the range of an hour and a half, and I would really like to cut that down. I'm not in favor of shortening it too much, but to try and limit the average game length to 30 minutes instead of 40-45 is probably not a bad idea.

There are some options:

5/15 clocks: 40 moves = 15 minutes

15/0 clocks: an old standard (not recommended)

20/0 clocks: would do the trick better than 15/0's in my opinion - down to five minutes = rush time.

If you have other ideas, let me know - open forum for this discussion.

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Sorry I didn't type anything that game after a certain point. My dad was watching me play and he doesn't like it when I "know" people on the internet!!! o noes!! So I dragged the chat window off the screen. We had to go christmas shopping right after that game so we can do the 2nd game later.


max 2 - 0 margoute / kotikmur

max 2 - 0 eppy / darkstar

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