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OCRCL Holiday Chess Tournament


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Two wins against Koi.

I neglected to get move logs of either one, but the first one was really close (I had a material edge of a bishop minus two pawns) until he gave me his rook for free. It started out as a straight-out-of-the-book Sicilian game but we screwed it up really quickly.

In the second one, I did some weird Reti variation that ended up being a double fianchetto and I was thinking "God, why did I play this opening?" the entire time. I ended up getting a surprise checkmate around move 23. I actually had it set up for like two moves before that and neither of us saw it.

Great games, both of them.

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i am still trying to perfect my fast pawn promotion strategy. It involves sacrificing the queen in hopes of getting another queen with the pawn already at the other side of the board.

I would say a sacrifice by the other backrow pieces might be a better strategy. If you can find a way to get a queen for, say, a rook, knight, and bishop, I think that's a viable strategy. Queens are ultimately stronger than the 9 points that most people think they are worth, and two of them could probably replicate most of your back row.

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[Event "Rated game, 1m + 0s"]

[site "Private 2"]

[Date "2007.12.22"]

[Round "?"]

[White "Amir khoda 2"]

[Result "0-1"]

[WhiteElo "2012"]

[blackElo "1498"]

[ECO "A40"]

[PlyCount "50"]

[EventDate "2007.12.22"]

1. d4

1... a5

2. Nf3

2... g6

3. Bg5

3... Bg7

4. e3

4... f6

5. Bh4

5... h5

6. Bg3

6... g5

7. h4

7... g4

8. Nfd2

8... d6

9. Bd3

9... Nh6

10. Bg6+

10... Kf8

11. Qe2

11... Nf7

12. Qc4

12... e6

13. Nc3

13... Qe7

14. O-O-O

14... Nc6

15. Nce4

15... b6

16. Qxc6

16... Rb8

17. f3

17... Bb7

18. Qc3

18... d5

19. Nf2

19... Nd6

20. e4

20... Rh6

21. exd5

21... Bxd5

22. Be4

22... Bxe4

23. Nfxe4

23... Nxe4

24. Nxe4

24... f5

25. Ng5

25... Rd8


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2-0 kulture koi

I opened with my rooks going for a queen trap straight off the bat lol. He didn't take it. I think he almost did though lol.

good games koi

edit: I was wearing my power lens and eppy kept registering as 4500 elo. He must have been going in and out of super saiyan.

Well.You can't stay super saiyan forever as you know :) unless you use fusion.

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0-2 vs. Margoute. I got punished for rushing in this game:

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: margoute
;Date: Mon Dec 24 07:24:45 GMT 2007

1. g2-g3 d7-d5
2. f1-g2 e7-e5
3. b2-b3 c7-c5
4. c1-b2 b8-c6
5. g1-h3 h7-h6
6. o-o g8-f6
7. f2-f4 f8-d6
8. f4xe5 c6xe5
9. e2-e3 o-o
10. d2-d4 c5xd4
11. b2xd4 f6-h7
12. d4xe5 d6xe5
13. c2-c3 g8-h8
14. g2xd5 c8xh3
15. f1xf7 f8xf7
16. d5xf7 d8xd1+
17. g1-f2 d1-f1++

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I played a game with estevao on the Google thingy. It was very stable. You have to click three times to move, which annoyed me at first, but I'm over it. I think it gave Kamoh some trouble though because he ran out of time.

Their annotation system is dumb and you can't automatically save and email it like yahoo lets you do, but most of you probably won't care about that.

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