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CMC - Conceptual Music Competition 15: Love at First Sight

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Thanks...but there were two problems:

1) I started to make some Latin-inspired stuff. Which'd be fine, but:

1a) My ideas are pretty thin in this area,

1b) My non-percussion Latin instrument plugins are fairly awful,

2) Mine would not even suck the toe of anyone's here.

Oh well, I'll do something for next time, I promise!!

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Jeremy Robson - Orchestral beginning, it continues the whole song. It's romance, I guess. You have mixed it well together, but there's nothing special, it's all the same. Only the end is a bit more powerfull.

Elan Hickler - Nice beginning, I like the trancy beat on the background. The intro is long. I like the built-up to the middle section. It is a very interesting part, a long part again. I like the calm part after 4:00, the variation of the song is excellent. Especially the built-up to the last part. The only thing I can say is that the song is a bit too long, excellent work.

I had to laugh at this one, since Bundeslang is the only one who thought I deserved first place and didn't give Jeremy an honorable mention. HAHA :-D

larsdood, very funny mix, especially the words you use in a poetic way. "A goddess in a human shell" I liked that one. You said it with such passion. However, I wish you could have kept it PG.

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