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Help OC ReMix for free by gift shopping through our affiliates!


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Buying gifts for your family or friends this holiday season? Sending out xmas lists of stuff you yourself want? You can help OC ReMix, at no cost to yourself, by shopping through our affiliates. If you buy items using the links below, OCR gets as much as a 6% commission per sale, which goes directly towards site operational and promotional costs. Note that you do need to specifically use the exact links, as that's how the affiliates know you're coming OCR, but you can also share these links with others who might be doing a little holiday shopping of their own.

We're looking forward to doing some ambitious, awesome stuff in 2008, plus the affiliates we endorse are safe, professional, and have competitive prices, so it's a win-win for everyone.

You can actually use these links any time of year to purchase great stuff at great prices and help OCR out in the process, so if you've already done your holiday shopping, please consider using one of the above affiliate links next time.

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