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OCRCL - January 2008 Chess Tournament


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Hey everyone, im back!

METZGERISM (7:00:28 PM): pick a numebr.

atulkaranth (7:00:34 PM): frum ?

atulkaranth (7:00:40 PM): 1-10 ? 3792

atulkaranth (7:01:06 PM): lolz

atulkaranth (7:01:26 PM): uh 6

METZGERISM (7:03:06 PM): which one.

METZGERISM (7:03:19 PM): okay kewl you're not in my division

METZGERISM (7:03:23 PM): you're scissors.

atulkaranth (7:03:25 PM): :o

atulkaranth (7:03:33 PM): lets see whos there

atulkaranth (7:03:37 PM): lolz

atulkaranth (7:03:39 PM): with keegz ggs

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i call biased time structure in favor of nubs like nubs.

in otherwords

IF U CAN'T PLAY A 5/0 game without sucking gtfo.


5/0 would be biased towards just a couple of players, which is in effect MORE biased.

You can win with longer time controls, I've seen you do it.

You just need to play more games.

Ooooh snap.

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If someone can come up with a good system for randomizing color in a one-game round-robin, please let me know. I've been considering it and will probably figure out a way tonight, but keep in mind the following:

1) It must be clear who plays whom as what color.

2) One game vs. each.

3) Must allow for incoming players.

4) Largest variation between white & black games is one.

I'm thinking it may have to keep the drawing system of three groups like we have now, but there would need to be a way to determine the games inside the groups. And the groups wouldn't be listed :P

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Don't forget that this phase ends on Thursday, Eastern time.

There are certainly opportunities for a lot of you to get games in, even if your division is stagnant. Currently, the rock division has two of the wild-cards, but every other division is completely up for grabs if you just play some games.

In hindsight, this was a good idea that's plagued again by the issue of dead groupings. Paper has yet to record a single in-division game, which is where rock's strength lies. Ultimately, my idea to cut down on the number of individual games worked, there aren't any skyrocketing scores (little by little, which is far more manageable), but next time around we'll do something a little bit differently.

I've concocted a visual table which allows me to assign colors for single-game round robins in a predetermined fashion. In short, we've got randomization...sort of. There will be no divisions next time around, and fewer games. I wanted one-game round robins because I want everyone to focus on single-game strategies, because that's what real tournament chess is about - one game at a time. This time around I played one game at a time, coming back to a previous match later on...I want to foster that sort of competitiveness between everyone.

This would also allow for more people to play the maximum necessary games. In essence, back to June 2006!

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Alright alright, time to end it (I know I'm a little late).

There is a significant change in the playoff format, since dP was the only one to answer, and he voted 2 and I vote 1 and my vote is the tiebreaker etc etc etc...Anyways...

You will play ONE game at 10/15 time controls against your opponent.

Higher seed chooses color. In case of a draw, switch color and play again.

First one to record a victory wins the match and advances.


(3) MechaSonic4ever [1¾ pts] vs. (6) dPaladin [3 pts]

(4) estêvão [8 pts] vs. (5) Setz [4¾ pts]


(1) damathacus [10¼ pts] vs. (3/6)

(2) Keegan The Fox [7 pts] (4/5)


(1/3/6) vs. (2/4/5)

*note: I changed around the matchups from a standard format so that damathacus and Keegan would not be playing divisional rivals in the semifinals, and so the top side of the bracket wasn't solely a rock divisional championship...I guess I found out first-hand what crap the NBA and NHL have been going through :P

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