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  1. This is definitely overcompressed as Flex pointed out. The drums are very flat and low-energy despite some good fills and programming. The first half of it was very similar to the original as he pointed out, too. I liked the change in drums and guitar pattern after that, though the section went on long with the same patterns and maybe could've used another change-up. The mixing also sounds a bit off, in that the orchestra is taking up a lot of room that I would expect the rock elements to use. As a result, the song sounds somewhat unbalanced. I think it would work better to get all the rock elements sounding great first, and then carve out the orchestra so that you can just hear certain elements of it. While this is a cool piece of music, it doesn't seem right for OCR yet. As an arrangement, I think we would need something slightly more personalized; production-wise, this is unbalanced and overcompressed. I think a resub that addressed those issues could be a pass, but it depends on whether you are willing to make the changes. NO (resubmit)
  2. *NO* Fallout 3 'Megaton Rock' *RESUB*

    Bass is really heavy here - the rhodes and piano notes are fighting each other and the song sounds pretty unbalanced. I also thought the drums in the first section were pretty flimsy. When it got to the transition section, the drums sounded better and I was anticipated a really cool second half. The energy increased, but it went back to those same flimsy drums. I think having drum machine sounds is fine actually, but what you have here is too low in the mix and missing body (bass is fine though). It's the right drums for an ambient, quiet piece, not something jazzy and bright. The song sounds a little adrift as a result. The strings also sounded pretty low-quality but the concept is good. I think the arrangement is pretty cool, if strange, and passable. Just tighten up the production a bit more and I can see a pass. NO (resubmit)
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    I have to give Lucas credit for trying something different. As fun as Ep 7 was, the prequels take more risks and are more innovative. Unfortunately, they also show you that that doesn't equate to good movies. The problems go well beyond acting (which, btw, I blame completely on Lucas, since Portman and McGregor have been excellent in other movies). The prequels have been analyzed to death, so I'll keep my opinion short. Even though I can see glimpses of a great story in Ep 1-3, it's told so ineptly as to render it worthless. I often give the same criticism to subs on OCR: the execution does not sell the ideas. I'd even say the more different and out-there the movie, the stronger the execution has to be in order to sell it.
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    I read this in Obi-Wan's voice
  5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    Really enjoyed the movie and I will probably see it again when it's available to see at home. Several others have shared my opinion on the movie, which is that it tries too hard to be an episode 4 reboot for it to be truly great. But this is the Star Wars movie we need right now though, something to set the tone for the new trilogy, to wash out the bad taste of the prequels. They can save greatness for ep 8. The acting was better than it needed to be, which was nice (Ridley in particular was excellent), and the special effects were great. My complaints are pretty few and minor - some of the jokes didn't land, and the movie was slightly too overstuffed for me. I think it could have done with one or two fewer characters, and a couple scenes went too quickly for me to really appreciate what was happening. It's not like A New Hope didn't have problems with its script and story either. Ep 7 would easily be a direct post if I were a movie judge. I'm super excited about Rian Johnson writing and directing the next one. Looper was a dark, innovative take on a well-worn sci-fi concept, and I'd love to see what he can do with this well-worn universe. If they are following the spirit of the original trilogy (if not the actual plot), he seems like the right director to do the Empire Strikes Back reboot.
  6. *NO* Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia 'Somniatis'

    I wasn't totally feeling this one. Panning aside, the strings and drums really didn't have a great sound. The strings were pretty weak and synthy and I didn't think they were strong enough to take lead. The drums OTOH were overly crunchy, almost sounding lossy. Live guitar playing was great and almost sounded out-of-place because everything else had a synthetic quality to it. Arrangement was cool for sure, and I'd love to see another version of this that addresses the problems I heard. NO (resubmit)
  7. Wow, this song was a journey. It started off pretty innocuously, but ended like Mannheim Steamroller or something. I think the second half was better than the first, but this was just solid enough for me to call it a pass, mostly thanks to a great arrangement. Some things to improve on the production side: late string articulations at 0:53, changes were too abrupt in the 1:11-1:59 sections, late low strings at 2:02, snare sample too weak. I can see other judges calling this a NO based on the several production flaws, but the overall package was barely enough for a YES for me.   YES (borderline)
  8. OCR03287 - *YES* Sonic Rush 'Darker Than Black'

    Can't say I like the source song much, especially compared to most Sonic songs. In fact, I think you improved on the song in almost every regard. The harder approach definitely suits it more, and you used the voice clips more tastefully. The sparser guitar/chip section was very cool and a great contrast from the heavier groove. The filter-heavy breakdown was also interesting, though my favorite was the crazy dubstep section that followed afterward. Lots to love about this mix.   YES
  9. *NO* Mega Man 6 'Royally Screwed'

    Interesting mix of sounds: guitar chugs and a rock kit, chip lead, and orchestra strings and horns. The chip lead doesn't quite work for me, and when the horns are out front and center, their fakeness is a bit exposed, but those aren't the biggest problems with the mix. The mix is actually pretty conservative, with most of the melodies adapted to your instrument set, and little in the way of interpretation. There's also a big degree of repetition - whole sections being used multiple times. I wouldn't call this a cover, but it's also not as interpretative as what we are looking for. I thought this was executed fairly well, but just not what we're looking for as an arrangement.   NO
  10. *NO* Super Paper Mario 'The Final Curtain'

    Repetition is one of my blind spots for sure, but when it's pointed out to me, it really does hurt my enjoyment of the song. Here was no exception. From the beginning till 3:11, this was an excellent remix. Tons of great stuff going on melodically, arrangementally, Honestly, I wouldn't have minded the song ending there because of how much great work you packed into those three minutes. But when you've got almost all the instruments, particularly the lead, playing the same way as a previous section, it's a dealbreaker. Something a little different in the lead would be all it would take to get my YES. Doing another take might be enough honestly, just so that it isn't played exactly the same way.   This has to be on OCR. Please give us a revision.   NO (resubmit)
  11. Yow, that lead guitar is pretty indistinct. I love the energy and the new runs and chugs that you added, but the mixing is really not doing this justice. This would be a great song to take to our Workshop if you need more detailed feedback beyond what we've given you here. I also wasn't totally feeling the orchestration in the last minute (came out of nowhere) but could live with it if the execution was better. I think this is a cool take on the theme that would be enjoyed by many if you can fix it up.   NO (resubmit)
  12. *NO* The Witcher 'Witcher's Tale'

    Urgh. Try as I might, I'm just not hearing enough source here. When it is used it's very cool, but the song as a whole takes too many liberties with the melody, to the point where it's almost an original song. Really, I have nothing bad to say about this. The execution, writing - immaculate. Just not kosher with the standards, as far as I can tell.   NO
  13. Super restless, creative arrangement. I really love the juxtaposition of the chugs with the Blanka melodies. It's not always incredibly musical, but I think 90% of the time it sounds really cool and there's no end of ideas. My only qualm is production, but I think it's a dealbreaker for me. The stop-start chugs already sound a little too choppy, but the bright synths really don't sit well with the metal parts. Never gels for me. It bothers me that an issue like that is a dealbreaker, but I just can't see past it. Wouldn't be surprised if this got YESes from others.   NO (resubmit)
  14. Hi, I'd like to submit a metal remix I made a while ago of Isao Abe's theme for Blanka from Street Fighter 2.   ReMixer name: shredd Real name: Matias Lehtoranta Email address:  Website: Userid: 54225   Name of game(s) arranged: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Name of arrangement: Because Eels Name of individual song(s) arranged: Theme of Blanka Additional information about game including composer, system, etc.: Composer: Isao Abe; System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System Link to the original soundtrack: Comments about the mix: This arrangement was made as a birthday present to my good friend, whose main character is Blanka in Ultra Street Fighter IV, a game that we are both passionate about. I wanted to avoid making a total copy-paste of the original tune, since I knew my friend likes covers that deviate a little from the original. I even discarded altogether the iconic bassline that starts off Blanka's theme. This is a syncopated, modern metal approach, in the footsteps of Meshuggah and other 8-string metal acts.   I changed the rhythmic mode from straight to a triplet feel. Low-chugging guitar riffs provide backing for Blanka's melodies, played on different synths. I spent time shaping and testing various synth sounds for lead and background layers, which are a big part of the whole arrangement and atmosphere. I did want to retain some of the naturalistic vibe of Blanka's character and his original theme music, reflected in the flute sounds on this arrangement.   There is a fair amount of original content, but it's mostly to provide some framework for familiar Blanka material. There isn't really any traditional guitar shredding - this is first and foremost a new interpretation of Blanka's theme rhythmically and tone-wise in the context of metal. Somewhere in the mix there are small details, for example the semi-mechanical jungle beat of the intro section appears again during the mysterious quiet breakdown near the end.   In Street Fighter lore, Blanka is supposed to have gained his shocking superpowers from electric eels in the Brazilian jungles. This arrangement's title originates from a night out, during which my friend was asked "Why is Blanka green?" He simply paused for bit, and said "...because eels!!"   //   The picture included is also original artwork by another friend, authorized for use as the cover art of this track! -------------------------------------  
  15. Close to DPing this, but thought the guitar section was a little crowded. This seems solidly above the line in spite of that. Very cool arrangement, great production for most of the song.   YES