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  1. I liked the additions here. Nothing major, but enough to keep my interest through this time. I can't remember if that glide bass was in the mix last time, but I like how it's used in the second half. I definitely disagree with 2:17 sounding dissonant; in fact I think the 7th chords work really well there and it's one of the best sections in both versions. Ending isn't spectacular but it beats no ending. Yes, this is enough to push me to a YES. YES
  2. *NO* Ninja Gaiden 2 'You Gotta Love It (Life)'

    I loved the song concept butI think the simplicity and lack of dynamics hurt this one rather than helpedit. I was bored by the drum loop by the first minute, and it never changes. It's not atypical in rap to keep the drum loop the same for the whole song, but there's wasn't enough else there to make up for it. No bass, and the guitar didn't deviate much either. The chorus also sounds like a total cut-and-paste, with everything coming in at the same timeeach iteration (including the backing vocal being early at the same time each chorus). Production-wise, I thought it was fine. The guitar sounds like maybe a live guitar that is sampled and triggered, but it's good enough. Vocal was good too.This is a great start but I don't think there's enough here for a pass, based on the simplicity of the arrangement. NO (resubmit)
  3. I have to side with the NO votes here; the production problems with this sub only get more noticeable as the piece goes on. With better humanization (different instrument envelopes based on the situation) and better frequency balance (more highs), I think this would pass. Sir_NutS gave some detailed advice that I agree with.It's a beautiful arrangement with a lot of intricate partwriting, and it deserves a production as good. NO (resubmit)
  4. My vote is pretty much in line with Nutri's. I liked the approach quite a bit, but the details just barely made this a NO for me. The pan flute was probably the biggest problem. It shouldn't sound lo-fi, especially as the lead, and sometimes it comes across quite blocky. Other times, like with the quick runs, it sounds fine. The blocky string chords also made this sound more boring than it needed to, and took away some from the dynamics. I will disagree with Nutritious that the track was lacking dynamics on the whole. I thought with the swells and instruments coming in and out, there was enough to provide the rise and fall a track like this needs. I particularly enjoyed the rubato atthe end. This is one revision away from a pass in my opinion, and I strongly suggest giving it that extra push. NO (resubmit)
  5. I can always count on Max for a high-energy, enjoyable arrangement and this is no exception. I love the use of the orchestra here, and the solo section towards the end is pretty audacious (reminded me of a Tom Morello solo). I did notice some mixing issueshere though. The intro (and its uses thereafter) getpretty crowded with the orchestra, brass, guitar, and drums all fighting for attention. I think a lower pitched snare would actually free up some room there, as well as sound better in the well-balanced non-orchestral sections. The strings are also a bit loud in the breakdown section; dynamically it would have sounded better softer.I don't think it's enough to reject since most of the song sounds freakin' great. YES
  6. I found myself agreeing with DA and Larry for the first three minutes, but that last minute added almost nothing new and I started to see why two judges had gone NO. I liked the addition of piano to the chorus around 3:00 and I thought the last minute needed some extra changes like that. Overall, it's very close for me. The production is great and I love the combination of instruments here, especially that subtle acoustic guitar. No concerns about the stiffness of the piano either; it seems to work well in this context. But I think I have to side with the NOs on this one. Please make some additional changes to the last minute and think about using some other clips instead of the same one four times. NO (resubmit)
  7. *NO* Donkey Kong Country 'Cast Away Banana'

    Wow, the ocean is loud today. I think you can take it down a bit so that it isn't (literally) drowning the hand drums. I did like when the ocean filled in the empty space at 1:03though. Speaking of the drums, they were very dry and sounded odd next to the oceansounds. Adding some reverb there should make everything sound like the same space. You can even cut the reverb some when you take out the ocean noises, as if we are moving into the studio. I like the bells, but I love the guitar line you added. It compliments the source arp so nicely. The pan flute is the first big misstep. I'm surprised that some of the judges were ok with it because I thought it was flat out awful. Sorry to be harsh, but without humanization, front and center, it sticks out really badly. In fact, the stiffness of it made that section pretty boring because there wasn't a lot else to focus on. Big shift at 3:09. I thought it was cool but wasn't a fan of the pad playing the reggae offbeats. It was a weak, washed out sound. The trumpet is better than the pan flute, but not much. And again, there aren't enough other things to focus on that Ican overlook it. The arpeggios started to get a little repetitiousin this section, but the cool drum and bass work covered for it. 5:15 went back to the reggae, minus the pad but plus the guitar. I thought this worked much better. Unfortunately, so many of the patterns were cut-and-pasted that it didn't sound different enough from what had proceeded it. Sounded like it was composed almost entirely (or entirely?) from older sections. It also ran long. You've got a lot of great elements here, and an ambitious arrangement. I think subtly varying patterns and humanizing the leads are the biggest problems here. Fix those and that goes a long way towards a pass. NO (resubmit)

    The biggest effect OCR has had on me is that I barely make original songs anymore. When I saw the difference between the outreach/love I'd get for my remixes vs. my original music, I opted to put my energy into remixes. Maybe sad, but definitely true. On a related noteIkinda hate the trend of everyone and their mother covering the Game of Thrones theme or whatever song is popular and having it get more attention than their original songs, but it seems inevitable given how much music there is out there. Something familiar is going to get more attention. Can't blame anyone for doing it either, since I have basically done the same thing by foregoing original music for remixes, and have likely clicked on a 100 "'Uptown Funk' played on a pinball machine!" Facebook links myself.
  9. This is what happens when worlds collide

    Good god, when I listened to the FF14 track linked in the article, I thought they had overlaid the two songs at first. There's no way two people come up with that amount of similarity independently, though it doesn't have to have been an intentional copy. I know there are times that a song comes to me and it takes me a while to realize that it's an existing song, not something I came up with. But I'm surprised this songwent through recording, QA, everything, and nobody noticed (or cared).If "Blurred Lines" was infringement, this would certainly be called that.
  10. Ooh, really liked this. This song adapts so well to the genre; not all originally electronic VGM adapts this well. And the little touches you added to it show that even as a beginner you have a great handle on the genre. Especially liked the part where things get out-of-tune right before we get catapulted back into the chorus.
  11. This is definitely overcompressed as Flex pointed out. The drums are very flat and low-energy despite some good fills and programming. The first half of it was very similar to the original as he pointed out, too. I liked the change in drums and guitar pattern after that, though the section went on long with the same patterns and maybe could've used another change-up. The mixing also sounds a bit off, in that the orchestra is taking up a lot of room that I would expect the rock elements to use. As a result, the song sounds somewhat unbalanced. I think it would work better to get all the rock elements sounding great first, and then carve out the orchestra so that you can just hear certain elements of it. While this isa cool piece of music, it doesn't seem right for OCR yet. As an arrangement, I think we would need something slightly more personalized; production-wise, this is unbalanced and overcompressed. I think a resub that addressed those issues could be a pass, but it depends on whether you are willing to make the changes. NO (resubmit)
  12. *NO* Fallout 3 'Megaton Rock' *RESUB*

    Bass is really heavy here - the rhodes and piano notes are fighting each other and the song sounds pretty unbalanced. I also thought the drums in the first section were pretty flimsy.When it got to the transition section, the drums sounded better and I was anticipated a really cool second half. The energy increased, but it went back to those same flimsy drums. I think having drum machine sounds is fine actually, but what you have here is too low in the mix and missing body (bass is fine though). It's the right drums for an ambient, quiet piece, not something jazzy and bright. The song sounds a little adrift as a result. The strings also sounded pretty low-quality but the concept is good. I think the arrangement is pretty cool, if strange, and passable. Just tighten up the production a bit more and I can see a pass. NO (resubmit)
  13. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    I have to give Lucascredit for trying something different. As fun as Ep 7 was, the prequels take more risks and are more innovative. Unfortunately, they also show you that that doesn't equate to good movies. The problems go well beyond acting (which, btw, I blame completely onLucas, since Portman and McGregor have been excellent in other movies). The prequels have been analyzed to death, so I'll keep my opinion short. Even though I can see glimpses of a great story in Ep 1-3, it's told so ineptly as to render it worthless. I often give the same criticism to subs on OCR: the execution does not sell the ideas.I'd even say the more different and out-there the movie, the stronger the execution has to be in order to sell it.
  14. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    I read this in Obi-Wan's voice
  15. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    Really enjoyed the movie and I will probably see it again when it's available to see at home. Several others have shared my opinion on the movie, which is that it tries too hard to be an episode 4reboot for it to be truly great. But this is the Star Wars movie we need right now though, something to set the tone for the new trilogy, to washout the bad taste of the prequels. They can save greatness for ep 8. The acting was better than it needed to be, which was nice (Ridley in particularwas excellent), and the special effects were great. My complaints are pretty few and minor - some of the jokes didn't land, and the movie was slightly too overstuffed for me. I think it could have done with one or two fewer characters, and a couple scenes went too quickly for me to really appreciate what was happening. It's not like A New Hope didn't have problems with its script and story either.Ep 7 would easily be a direct postif I were a movie judge. I'm super excited about Rian Johnson writing and directing the next one. Looper was a dark, innovative take on a well-worn sci-ficoncept, and I'd love to see what he can do with this well-worn universe. If they are following the spirit of the original trilogy (if notthe actual plot), he seems like the right director to do the Empire Strikes Back reboot.