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  1. This is one of those tracks I'm going to have to listen to several times before I figure out if I like it or love it. It's certainly the most different take on this track I've ever heard or would even have thought up.
  2. I really, really like this! It's quirky and fun, with a lot of interesting bits and pieces.
  3. OCR02636 - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 'Whiterun'

    I am really pleasantly surprised by this! I wasn't sure, since I love the whole Skyrim soundtrack so much, but it really, really worked. Good job!
  4. Just downloaded the zip... the Fishy track is 1 second long, and many of these are only a minute or two long. Not sure if there's an error somewhere.
  5. NEW TORRENTS are FINALLY out! ReMixes 1-2500 AVAILABLE!

    Seeding even as we speak! Thanks for all the great music.
  6. OCRA-0031 - Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous

    Slowly making my way through this on random in between holiday stuff. Inner Light (Ka Dingel) is UNREALLY AWESOME. 5/5 stars, shoots to the top of my list of things I need to listen to on a daily basis. Mazedude's track is appropriately and I loved it, too.
  7. OCR02247 - Final Fantasy VII 'Heavy Mako'

    First words out of my mouth as this started up: HOLY SHIT~!! While there's a bit in the middle somewhere that sounds like a couple of things tried to play at the same time and didn't turn out quite so well, this is AWESOME METAL DUDE~! Need more of this.
  8. Chipamp Updated to v1.0!

    Neat! I'll definitely enjoy this.
  9. OCR01892 - Final Fantasy IV 'Éminence Grise'

    This one grew on me... it really has a great atmosphere
  10. I do really like this, despite not being at all familiar with the source material. It goes with a scene in an original fic I'm working on, so it holds a special place in my head.
  11. OCR01021 - Final Fantasy VII "Fluss der Liebe"

    I really like this one, despite the out-of-place snare. It's soothing, flowing, like a song about the Lifestream should be.
  12. Amazing mix. This got me into being a fangirl of sephire and downloading everything else he's done here and at the sadly 404'd
  13. I like the piano and the guitar. The drums are a little weird, but for the most part OK. The choir is not my cup of tea here. Good effort!
  14. OCR01907 - Final Fantasy VII 'The End'

    I won't lie, I have severe issues with the source and most interpretations of same. Before now, the only version I would willingly listen to over and over is the one from Advent Children. This? This is holy shit mindblowing what the fuck was that awesome. Good job, sir!
  15. OCR01640 - Final Fantasy VII 'Lunatic Moon'

    My second favorite track from "Voices of the Lifestream", just behind "Mark of the Beatsmith". I love everything about it: the guitars, the drops, the in your face that just melted pickups. This is one that I crank up every time.