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  1. This is one of those tracks I'm going to have to listen to several times before I figure out if I like it or love it. It's certainly the most different take on this track I've ever heard or would even have thought up.
  2. I really, really like this! It's quirky and fun, with a lot of interesting bits and pieces.
  3. I am really pleasantly surprised by this! I wasn't sure, since I love the whole Skyrim soundtrack so much, but it really, really worked. Good job!
  4. Just downloaded the zip... the Fishy track is 1 second long, and many of these are only a minute or two long. Not sure if there's an error somewhere.
  5. Seeding even as we speak! Thanks for all the great music.
  6. Slowly making my way through this on random in between holiday stuff. Inner Light (Ka Dingel) is UNREALLY AWESOME. 5/5 stars, shoots to the top of my list of things I need to listen to on a daily basis. Mazedude's track is appropriately and I loved it, too.
  7. First words out of my mouth as this started up: HOLY SHIT~!! While there's a bit in the middle somewhere that sounds like a couple of things tried to play at the same time and didn't turn out quite so well, this is AWESOME METAL DUDE~! Need more of this.
  8. I do really like this, despite not being at all familiar with the source material. It goes with a scene in an original fic I'm working on, so it holds a special place in my head.
  9. I really like this one, despite the out-of-place snare. It's soothing, flowing, like a song about the Lifestream should be.
  10. Amazing mix. This got me into being a fangirl of sephire and downloading everything else he's done here and at the sadly 404'd AnimeRemix.com
  11. I like the piano and the guitar. The drums are a little weird, but for the most part OK. The choir is not my cup of tea here. Good effort!
  12. I won't lie, I have severe issues with the source and most interpretations of same. Before now, the only version I would willingly listen to over and over is the one from Advent Children. This? This is holy shit mindblowing what the fuck was that awesome. Good job, sir!
  13. My second favorite track from "Voices of the Lifestream", just behind "Mark of the Beatsmith". I love everything about it: the guitars, the drops, the in your face that just melted pickups. This is one that I crank up every time.
  14. This is certainly a very different take on the source. I like it a lot, the piano work is exquisite.
  15. One of my absolute favorite tracks from this website. It's beautiful and haunting, and perfectly done.
  16. This just gets more fun and more awesome every time I listen to it. Great job!
  17. This is a very unique and well done track. While, yes, the source has been done to death, this manages to sound very fresh. Highly recommended.
  18. Wow. This is amazingly great! I love the bass line, I love the orchestra and the guitars, I pretty much love everything. Keep up the great work!
  19. It's a good first effort, but it's just a tad too repetitive and the production just sounds too flat for my tastes. I definitely will look for more of this remixers stuff in the future, however!
  20. Agreed! Need more rocking mixes for this FF entry. I did really love "The Final Summoning" because it was so big sounding, and really have been surprised there haven't been more attempts at it.
  21. I was prepared to cringe my way through this whole remix. I was pleasantly, wonderfully surprised. No, it doesn't break any barriers or anything, but it is plain old good fun pop stuff. Thumbs up!
  22. Me too. I just started playing the game, and while I'm not impressed with the game mechanics, the music is absolutely incredible. I'd love to hear what some of the folks here could do with it.
  23. Happy everything! Thanks for the great community!
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