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  1. Love the song!! A whole album of this!! pleeeease
  2. Love DarkCloud 2, there aren't as many remixes of this game as there was in the past, it's awesome to find a new mix and a very good one , congrats!
  3. One of the most epic songs in the first season of the walking dead the game armed with death pure epicness
  4. This mix is awesome, truly shows the epicness of Oblivion
  5. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn When you enter to Bilinsk , you can request the song "Rainbow over Koba Desert" from a band , it was awesome, I'll add the link to the song: I hope someone finds it good enough to make it a remix
  6. Still part of a game, but I'm just requesting , Hope some remixer wants to give it a try Apeirogon (Milky Ways) is great too
  7. finished

    I love it! gives that awesome country style It needs a download link : /
  8. I like it!, it goes to my mp3 Player
  9. Super awesome song Chipzel - Focus (Super Hexagon)
  10. TheGuitahHeroe has awesome remixes , this one isn't the exception , +10 ocremix points
  11. Beautiful! I loved it! Good to listen while working. Dude, keep them coming!! Zelda link's awakening... needs another Ocremix OST jazzy style
  12. Acetone ~ Animal Crossing (OC Remix) it totally kicks ass!!!