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  1. Love DarkCloud 2, there aren't as many remixes of this game as there was in the past, it's awesome to find a new mix and a very good one , congrats!
  2. One of the most epic songs in the first season of the walking dead the game armed with death pure epicness
  3. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn When you enter to Bilinsk , you can request the song "Rainbow over Koba Desert" from a band , it was awesome, I'll add the link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afYO4SIXosM I hope someone finds it good enough to make it a remix
  4. Still part of a game, but I'm just requesting , Hope some remixer wants to give it a try Apeirogon (Milky Ways) is great too
  5. I love it! gives that awesome country style It needs a download link : /
  6. Super awesome song Chipzel - Focus (Super Hexagon)
  7. TheGuitahHeroe has awesome remixes , this one isn't the exception , +10 ocremix points
  8. Beautiful! I loved it! Good to listen while working. Dude, keep them coming!! Zelda link's awakening... needs another Ocremix OST jazzy style
  9. Acetone ~ Animal Crossing (OC Remix) it totally kicks ass!!!
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