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  1. Fun, interesting, and a unique take on the source. It's like something that I simultaneously nod with familiarity yet am intrigued about how different it is, all at the same time. Enjoyable work!!
  2. Man, my expectations were through the roof for one of my favorite songs of one of my favorite games before I read djpretzel's review, and MAN am I happy to report that this mix somehow lived up to the hype and THEN some! I cannot, I cannot, describe how wonderful this mix is. It just keeps rewarding you as it goes along. The long opening is perfect for such a song, but I was floored by so many choices; the transition of 1:45-2:15 was breathtaking; the near shutdown and trudging on at 2:55-3:12; the different handling of 3:50-4:07, it's all just special and precise and unique. This remix has a quality and a touch to it that is once just out of the corner of your eye and yet hits you right in the face, like a mirage in the desert that keeps leading you on, only this one rewards you with the sweet touch of music to your ears. What a mix. I loved this so much. What a performance.
  3. Okay, I'm officially stunned. NEVER thought that Green Hill Zone - one of the most iconic themes and something truly calm and easy in its conception - would allow either 1) a remix as simple as whistling or 2) a remix that is lyrical, and yet it works, I can't believe it but it works, and I'll be damned if that isn't the catchiest damn song, aided tremendously by excellent lyrics. Wow wow wow. Never thought you could pull something like this off. SUPER impressive!!!
  4. Excellent. Studly. Rocking. All of that would have been more than sufficient, but WOW, 2:45-3:20 is just arresting, and 3:20-3:45 IS INCREDIBLE. How did you manage this out of this song??? What an interlude!! It made the whole song and the finale just really pop! I liked how this started, it got great, and the ending delivered - talk about something that picks up steam and finishes!! Woo!
  5. This isn't usually my style, but damn, by 0:47+ I was really beginning to waver, and the buildup to 1:45 is just plain fun. MAJOR props to the remixer, who obviously did their research and took the established remix track of remix tracks and took it in a new direction. I thought it wouldn't work. I was wrong. So happy that I was! Great job!!
  6. Thoughful, deep take here by the remixer, who I think really strove for something great here. Props to the pacing and tone - this is dead on and crushes everything it's going for. Really made me pause while listening. That's a compliment. Really enjoying this remixer's work.
  7. I love that the remixer is not settling for already-achieved levels and instead is challenging the difficulty and complexity of different themes while (most importantly, in my eyes) never losing the goal of staying true to the source. The description and the reasoning for some of the decisions are really amazingly thought out. 2:14-3:16 just shines - the choir and the music beautifully interweave and alternate precedence, neither ever feeling out of place. Great job!!
  8. Wow. Wow. .....Wow.
  9. I think the best thing about this mix is that it expands the original without changing its mood. In the case of dealing with this well-known, important source, I think playing with it in different ways doesn't work as well because it cheapens the original feel and goal. This is great - it feels like a truly epic end-of-game conclusion, where we're finding out what happened to all the characters in a poignant epilogue. 2:24+ particularly hits all the best notes, with a special call-out to 3:10-3:45, and it's glorious fulfillment and walk back to the source. Well done!
  10. DO NOT miss this mix without getting to at least the 0:50-1:20 section; it's where you really get a sense of what the remixer is going for, and it revs up to the overtly-recognizable-yet-totally-different take on the main theme at 1:55. Man, this is such an interestingly done piece, I never felt like I was straying way out of bounds but I was nowhere near a basic/boring take on the source! Extra props for the even more unexpected 3:33 quiet, fading finish - totally caught me off guard, and adds a thoughtful, almost poignant ending - and on reading the story behind the remix, I can't help but think it intentional. This was such an enjoyable surprise! Great job here, I loved it!!
  11. I. Cannot. Believe. I've. Never. Heard. This. Until. Now. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone find this remixer and tell them that they just ROCKED IT!
  12. I checked this out after hearing the author's amazing FF IX remix, and found this to be a fun listen! I'm not sure I've ever thought Castlevania was 'jaunty', but here we are - and I'm happy we made it. Upbeat and catchy - a fun time!!
  13. Timaeus crushed it with the description of "frantic"; man, that's the best single-adjective description of a song I've read in months. This song is like one of those old push carts in an abandoned mine where the driver is barely keeping things under control and making decisions just in time at splits in the track as the cart careens drunkenly from rail to rail. Man, I REALLY like this - this song just keeps getting better as it goes along. Props for 3:12+ in particular, which I didn't see coming at all and really, really keeps you bouncing from enjoyable cut to enjoyable cut. Each section almost fights to get back into the lead. Wonderful!! What a great way to do justice to FF IX in its entirety. Serious props!!
  14. Wow, this is impressive. Perfect song for this kind of epic treatment, and the remixer nails it - it almost gives a bit of a God Of War type of feel. That said, this mix really gains strength as it goes along, and some of its best parts are its calmer sections, particularly 1:30-1:45 and 1:55-2:08. Serious props for the pause-and-release around 2:10 into the ramp up. Man, this was just so enjoyable. Great job!!!
  15. Wow. This is gorgeous. I actually appreciated hearing the backstory, because now I know how all this talent managed to end up in the same place. There are some really wonderful parts of this: if you want your purity without vocals, try 2:00-2:25, but then you're missing out on the wonder (word choice intended) of 2:40-2:50 and the gorgeous drop away of 3:10-3:20. Serious props for the flute additions and the guitar work of the finale. What a beautiful, beautiful remix! To all who contributed - you may go your separate ways from here, but your meeting created something of beauty in its time, a claim so few can make. Be proud.