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  1. What just happened here? MAJOR PROPS to the remixer AND the site for going out on a limb and even trying/allowing such an amazingly interpretive peace, and this WORKS, and works beautifully. What a gorgeous interpretation, AND DOUBLE DITTO EVERYTHING ABOUT 2:10+, ARE YOU JOKING. I particularly love the overarching piano notes sprinkled through 2:30-2:55, as they seem to hold all the wild foot-tapping, violin, and rest of the wonderful madness together. I really can barely believe this was even tried, and now I can't believe it ever didn't exist this way. So, so, so impressed.
  2. Man, the write-up nails this one - this is FUN metal, and everything here is so enjoyable. A wonderful take on the source, and the originality really shines through in the middle section (I particularly loved the handling of 2:05-2:28) and the transition into the final part is just 100% wonderful. Man, is just great, and I was having ALL the enjoyable feels at 2:58+. Well done here - this remix totally rocks!
  3. Oh man, I came on this mix flood just before bed and I said to myself, "I love Secret of Mana, I'm going to have to listen to at least one. But which?" And then, of course, the start of the flood is none other than Fear of the Heavens, which is an extremely hard piece to do justice to because of its emotional and epic range, so I said, "If they can do this, it's over, I'm in." WELL MAKE ROOM FOR ONE MORE ON THE BANDWAGON, because this is just gorgeous, a wonderful, sweeping take that invokes its own magical feel while not abandoning the core of the opening. The instrument choices, the interweaving melodies, and the quiet, almost thoughtful ending - it works, it all works, and it's all magical. So impressed, so excited, so not going to bed until I hear a few more tracks! Well done!!
  4. This is a blast - straight, unapologetic fun. If you have even an inkling of Castlevania, give this thing a listen - this remix is a pedal-to-the-floor, window-open-and-laughing straight shot drag race into the heart of Castlevania and right through to the finish. The remixer nailed it!
  5. OCR03641 - Chrono Trigger "Zeal Breeze"

    A gorgeous work here. By all accounts, at least the remixer knew what she was walking into - I'd postulate this is one of the top-3 most remixed songs in the history of OCR - and so I was pretty guarded, and only gave this a shot because of the ridiculous FF forest melody that the remixer put on the site earlier. Well I tried this and I'll be damned if this isn't one of my favorite takes I've ever heard. It's close to the original, but it (dare I say) enhances the ethereal feel and touch to a level of wonder. I was going to write about it in detail, and then LamanKnight crushed it, so I'll just quote the end: The ending from 3:48 on doesn't disappoint either. Wonderful, disquieting, inviting, and memorable on a piece that has no right to be so. Well, well done.
  6. Way, way, WAY out there, and a MUST for any fan of remixers willing to address a source in a new way. Although frankly we're at the end of the scale even for those fans - this remix absolutely takes this into some kind of film noir, sultry setting, where the robots are all around dimly lit tables in the back room of a seedy bar. Props to 1:40-1:55 which I didn't think you could do with horns. Actually, I didn't think you could do ANY of this with just horns. Eye-opening and impressive. It's like you were given a paintbrush and four different shades of red and managed to come up with a gorgeous piece of art! Well done!
  7. A nice, even-keeled mix here. I wasn't the biggest fan of 3:30-4:15 and felt it held too long until it resolved, but the resolution is nice and takes you into a laid back finish. This whole song is like taking a rest on a boat humming modestly through a lake on a bright summer day. Enjoyable.
  8. OCR03629 - Heretic "Cathedral of Carnage"

    I haven't been this continually surprised on this site in a long time. First off, I did a near double-take at someone submitting a Heretic remix - what a game!... and then did a triple-take at the fact it was part of an album... and then my head pretty much just fell off my neck when I started listening to the remix. This thing just oozes professionalism and talent. The opening minute sounds like it could be in the game verbatim, and 2:25 is just full on everything and a bag of chips inside the cat's pajamas. It even ends with a (dare I say) haunting/beautiful walk out?!? MAJOR props to the remixer, and this remix - absolutely will check for more of this stuff!!
  9. If this is the way this remixer goes out (with this series), it is done wonderfully. I particularly enjoyed 2:30-2:55, and the following sections deliver the finish. It's epic orchestral to perfection! On a larger note, Roetaka's Dark Souls series (as I've come to think of these postings) has been one of the most enjoyable out-of-nowhere surprises I can think of in all my time at this site. CONGRATULATIONS ON A WELL-DESERVED RELAXATION! I'm excited for this author's new directions and new challenges - but I have to say, couldn't be more excited that he gave such a fitting tribute to his run of dominance. Well, well, well done!
  10. THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER PRELUDE TRACK - YES, YES, 100X YES to the remixer that takes this source and delivers a remix so unique, it immediately stakes out space in my remix library as the reverent example of the tune. The non-choir parts work gorgeously - the handling of 2:55+ and particularly the harp work in 3:20 through the end is downright breathtaking. And for once - for once! - I had a strong disagreement with some of the judges - to hell with your talk about samples! In my opinion, this reminds me more of the source, not less, as Nobuo Uematsu routinely had the FF I-IX games pushing the limit of the soundscape their requisite systems could deliver. The choir parts provide what the remixer is going for, and to hear that handling of the melody and harmonies was breathtaking. I think I would have loved it with a single xylophone and a violin that could only play 4 notes. It was like flying a whale to the moon and hearing a solstice ceremony at the Lunarians' high temple. My thanks to the remixer for the trip.
  11. OCR03619 - Secret of Mana "Mana's Requiem"

    Oh, this is so wonderful! A caring, lovely piece, short on length and long on feel. Always love remixes that set the scene like this one does right out the gate before beginning to adjust, and the emotion and feel comes through in spades throughout this one. I had a bit of a jarring transition with the break into the 2:05 section - I thought the mix might actually be over - but I'd go over a canyon of silence to get to the work put in at 2:30+. Additional props for the faded ending! This whole remix is like sitting with your back to a tree in a meadow, watching the wind play with the grasses and the leaves. What a lovely, transportive, beautiful creation! Well done!
  12. OCR03614 - Final Fantasy IX "Yummy-yummies"

    This remix takes the awkward-but-not-so-memorable source and turns this into a funktastic tour de force; don't give up on this until you at least hear 1:12's full power, and props for the tempo changes and sound adjustments throughout, which keeps the piece fresh and bizarre. A unique handling of a unique tune was called for - and this delivers!
  13. OCR03613 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Sky High"

    The remixer may have been sky high when writing this, but this is super grounded to me; while there's some play around 1:45-2:15, it's still a calming, enjoyable float on a lazy river with a cool drink in your hand. Super enjoyable. Well done!
  14. OCR03609 - Mega Man X5 "The Ultimate Armor"

    Man, this mix just kept getting better and better. Great energy and I love the way the themes interweave with the drums. By the end I was already scrolling up to play it again!! Well done!
  15. OCR03611 - Dark Souls III "E.S. Cinder"

    It's still Roetaka - it's got the moving and emotional transitions and excellent attention to the soundscape and chords - but for the first time, I can say that this mix is meant to be listened to a few notches louder than what your volume level is right now. Still all the feels and the emotion, but damn if this thing doesn't start stirring the blood! This should be the background to some climactic battle in the rain on an abandoned bridge between bitter rivals where both have everything to lose. Nothing less should suffice for such an excellent piece!!