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  1. I. Cannot. Believe. I've. Never. Heard. This. Until. Now. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone find this remixer and tell them that they just ROCKED IT!
  2. I checked this out after hearing the author's amazing FF IX remix, and found this to be a fun listen! I'm not sure I've ever thought Castlevania was 'jaunty', but here we are - and I'm happy we made it. Upbeat and catchy - a fun time!!
  3. Timaeus crushed it with the description of "frantic"; man, that's the best single-adjective description of a song I've read in months. This song is like one of those old push carts in an abandoned mine where the driver is barely keeping things under control and making decisions just in time at splits in the track as the cart careens drunkenly from rail to rail. Man, I REALLY like this - this song just keeps getting better as it goes along. Props for 3:12+ in particular, which I didn't see coming at all and really, really keeps you bouncing from enjoyable cut to enjoyable cut. Each section almost fights to get back into the lead. Wonderful!! What a great way to do justice to FF IX in its entirety. Serious props!!
  4. Wow, this is impressive. Perfect song for this kind of epic treatment, and the remixer nails it - it almost gives a bit of a God Of War type of feel. That said, this mix really gains strength as it goes along, and some of its best parts are its calmer sections, particularly 1:30-1:45 and 1:55-2:08. Serious props for the pause-and-release around 2:10 into the ramp up. Man, this was just so enjoyable. Great job!!!
  5. Wow. This is gorgeous. I actually appreciated hearing the backstory, because now I know how all this talent managed to end up in the same place. There are some really wonderful parts of this: if you want your purity without vocals, try 2:00-2:25, but then you're missing out on the wonder (word choice intended) of 2:40-2:50 and the gorgeous drop away of 3:10-3:20. Serious props for the flute additions and the guitar work of the finale. What a beautiful, beautiful remix! To all who contributed - you may go your separate ways from here, but your meeting created something of beauty in its time, a claim so few can make. Be proud.
  6. Wonderful! A gorgeous dark take on a classic theme. Really enjoyed the use of how you played with the melody while keeping the song familiar, but more haunting. Man, you just crushed this concept. Loved it!!
  7. This isn't totally my bag - I absolutely cannot think of the source without thinking of Ruined Derelict, one of the great remixes of ancient OCRemix - but if you're not feeling the drum solo or opening chill, at least make it to 3:45, where the horns do a truly fantastic job of realizing the vision of this remix. And, by the way, the quality through this remix is excellent. No slacking from the remixer here. Well done.
  8. Sometimes, it's harder to stay true to the source and still evoke such a quality reaction for a remix. Meaningful and pure, and everything (down to the length!) seems perfectly in concert - well done!
  9. Oh my heavens, this is gorgeous. What a great handling of a theme! It takes the original goals of the song and expands upon them in multiple layers. Some beautiful ideas are woven through here, including what can only be described as an ominous playfulness (0:28-0:45), a really arresting selection of instrumentation (1:00-1:20), some deft handling of when to have harmony and when to leave the melody alone (1:45-2:05), and some wonderfully foreboding trailing (2:30 on). All of this doesn't even mention the build/resolution of 1:20-1:55 and its dual merging melodies, which is my favorite part of the whole song. Totally unexpected, far different from most mixes. Can't recommend this enough. Many thanks to the remixer for this one!
  10. This may sound like a knock, but it's really not - the Dark City Treno theme was not one of my favorites from FF IX, a rarity in a soundtrack that I pretty much universally loved. I hope the remixer notes this reality as I am even MORE impressed with the quality of work here! I feel like I'm in some sort of celebratory parade, where the city is celebrating its 100th anniversary or something and everyone's off work the next day. The mix gets better as it goes along, and the last half really showcases some nice handling and adjustments to the main line. Bonus points for the cool ending. I would never have thought to remix this song OR do it in this way - and it works! Congrats on a great tune!
  11. Tough call here - I love the source material, but the style is not particularly my favorite and it doesn't (for me) seem that the source material plays that nicely with the remix. That said, I can tell the effort and quality put in here. Jazz fans should definitely enjoy.
  12. Wow. I may not know a ton about surf rock, but hot damn, this breathes an entire life and trip into what was always a fun-but-simple palace theme. Very impressive handling of the source, especially how this gets more entertaining and interesting as the song continues. This remixer crushed this one!! Surf's up man!
  13. Inventive and interesting! I give props to the remixer for taking a good concept and not just relying on it, but really coming through in all aspects. Impressive.
  14. I liked this! I agree that it's enjoyably out of character for the mechanical source tune, but I think what sells this mix is that the remixer obviously knows exactly what they're doing with the tune - I enjoyed the bits and pieces that slipped in and around the main theme, and the entire thing exudes a confidence of both the source material and the goals of the remix. Enjoyable!
  15. While this isn't one of the first tracks I think of when I think of the FF IX OST, I think the remixer did an excellent job with this piece, transforming it from a bland background piece into something with some real soul and feel. 2:03 on, in particular, feels remarkably natural and unrehearsed. A fine, inspiring take and one where the mix tangibly stands apart from the original (and is arguably better!). Well done!