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  1. I'm not as familiar with the sources but am really feeling the opening and growth in the remix. I love the ending too! Well planned and executed - impressive!
  2. Holy chickens, talk about living up to a large legacy. The epic opening is almost a requirement to nail, but 2:18+ really impressed me with the way that it flowed back and forth from theme to theme, always adding up to a larger, thoughtful arrangement. Serious skill on display here. Bonus props for the personal touches on 3:23-3:40. You've done Link and Zelda proud!
  3. This sounds crazy, but the remix seems so natural that it seems like this was the original song all along. I'm serious! Man, this remix just fits so well it's ridiculous. Mad, mad props to all the creators here - this track shone (and shines) like a gem!!
  4. Man, love hearing the story of a good idea who might have been helped brought to life but whose core remains the same, and the uniqueness of this arrangement really shines. 0:58-1:26 really has some fun ideas in it, and sections like 2:11-2:36 only help maintains the eerie feel. However, I may be a lone dissenting voice on the final minute, but that's okay. A really intriguing handling of the source material!
  5. This goes right into the top list of Dark Souls remixes for me - high praise for the remixer who put out I Had A Name and Let Strength Be Granted - and I have to say that the collaboration definitely had something to do with it. I echo the 'seamless' comment, but also note that the entire performance is really polished - the 4:40 choral waltz section could easily have been done badly, and it's stunning. This remix really reaches for some heights here. Bonus props for the dark finish. What a great mix! Thanks for giving this listener chills - will be checking out both of your work!!
  6. This is one of those times where people unfamiliar with the source are really going to miss out. Starting at 0:30, the remixer's handling of this theme is alternatively close to source and yet distinctly different - the intonations, musical choices, and interpretations are really quite wonderful for the source and show uncommon command of the already wildly-interweaving source material. I'd actually like to mention here that this song is quite better than the original! Side note: I never thought someone could ever be my go to artist for something as insanely specific as "woods-based role-playing game remixer of choice" - but good heavens, here we are. Well done!
  7. What I thought was a simple ocean cruise for the first minute or so turned into a full-on adventure, where the last minute of the song I'm at the prow of a ship sailing with the breeze in my hair to an unknown and exciting land. Impressive what this source became - well done!!
  8. Fun, interesting, and a unique take on the source. It's like something that I simultaneously nod with familiarity yet am intrigued about how different it is, all at the same time. Enjoyable work!!
  9. Man, my expectations were through the roof for one of my favorite songs of one of my favorite games before I read djpretzel's review, and MAN am I happy to report that this mix somehow lived up to the hype and THEN some! I cannot, I cannot, describe how wonderful this mix is. It just keeps rewarding you as it goes along. The long opening is perfect for such a song, but I was floored by so many choices; the transition of 1:45-2:15 was breathtaking; the near shutdown and trudging on at 2:55-3:12; the different handling of 3:50-4:07, it's all just special and precise and unique. This remix has a quality and a touch to it that is once just out of the corner of your eye and yet hits you right in the face, like a mirage in the desert that keeps leading you on, only this one rewards you with the sweet touch of music to your ears. What a mix. I loved this so much. What a performance.
  10. Okay, I'm officially stunned. NEVER thought that Green Hill Zone - one of the most iconic themes and something truly calm and easy in its conception - would allow either 1) a remix as simple as whistling or 2) a remix that is lyrical, and yet it works, I can't believe it but it works, and I'll be damned if that isn't the catchiest damn song, aided tremendously by excellent lyrics. Wow wow wow. Never thought you could pull something like this off. SUPER impressive!!!
  11. Excellent. Studly. Rocking. All of that would have been more than sufficient, but WOW, 2:45-3:20 is just arresting, and 3:20-3:45 IS INCREDIBLE. How did you manage this out of this song??? What an interlude!! It made the whole song and the finale just really pop! I liked how this started, it got great, and the ending delivered - talk about something that picks up steam and finishes!! Woo!
  12. This isn't usually my style, but damn, by 0:47+ I was really beginning to waver, and the buildup to 1:45 is just plain fun. MAJOR props to the remixer, who obviously did their research and took the established remix track of remix tracks and took it in a new direction. I thought it wouldn't work. I was wrong. So happy that I was! Great job!!
  13. Thoughful, deep take here by the remixer, who I think really strove for something great here. Props to the pacing and tone - this is dead on and crushes everything it's going for. Really made me pause while listening. That's a compliment. Really enjoying this remixer's work.
  14. I love that the remixer is not settling for already-achieved levels and instead is challenging the difficulty and complexity of different themes while (most importantly, in my eyes) never losing the goal of staying true to the source. The description and the reasoning for some of the decisions are really amazingly thought out. 2:14-3:16 just shines - the choir and the music beautifully interweave and alternate precedence, neither ever feeling out of place. Great job!!
  15. Wow. Wow. .....Wow.