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  1. Since this source should go on the top-10 of "songs with incredible remix potential" - and I'd place it pretty high up this list, behind maybe only Schala's Theme - I have to give the remixer props on the spot-on handling of the sfx by placing it in the context of the song. I never felt like I was just being hit with sfx for the sake of sfx, if that makes sense - the handling of 2:05, particularly with the finish at 2:25, is a great example of this and left me very impressed. There's a lot going on here, and a distinct take on the theme, which should be all the more significant for the source. Well done!
  2. This isn't even my style and I still bow to the gorgeous handling of this tune. The first minute is actually my favorite, but the whole song is just one smooth walk through a serene forest. Really enjoyed it!!
  3. Come for the emotion. Stay for the developing musical arc, the interweaving piano/string sections (like at 1:47), and the beautiful transitions (like 2:50-3:05). Anyone who can't get over what are totally sufficient drums missed the entire point and need to remain outside.
  4. For all that is good, at least make it to 1:30. Fantastic ability to stay up on top of the melody and deliver the power that your guitar sections want. Guitar for Scars of Time was also excellent! I feel like there was even more interweaving between these themes possible, but that shouldn't detract from the good stuff here - it's great!
  5. It may be years late, but to the remixer: you should know that you created something that has given people joy for years, and continues to do so. Pristine.
  6. Gorgeous. Evocative. If you put this on in the background, you'll be amazed at how often you find yourself swaying along with the feel; sections like 4:45-5:19 are just masterfully constructed and deliver with all the feel of someone who obviously loves and cherishes the source. An easy and beautiful ride!
  7. This may not be my favorite source, but I must pay homage to the quality of the handling of this mix. It comes across as crisp and superbly delivered; 1:50-2:15 are emblematic of how on top of the delivery the remixer is. Everything is purposely executed and delivered, with creativity (through multiple subsections) to boot. Style differences need not hamper a nod to the impressive skillset shown here.
  8. Tremendous. Almost like the song, this remix is a quiet, peaceful success that will leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated. Serious points for the amazing translation into a constructed language - it comes across so naturally that I (unfamiliar with the source language) easily assimilated it into the feel of a remix. You absolutely nailed all the goals you set out to meet in this piece, and the result is fantastic - well done!!
  9. I'm going to back Crulex here - I think the overarching element that I find I really like is how the remixer is able to interweave a quieter, darker dnb in with the melodic elements - 2:20-2:40 really stand out for me as a great example. I iimagine that, for some people who like dark ambience, dnb/dubstep is not what they want, and for some who like a harder dubstep, melodic overlay is just distracting. But I want the remixer to know that this works - it's a really good, unique interpretation of the tune, and I found myself hitting repeat a couple of times on it just to hear its interesting interweaving of the styles. Give this a spin - it's a unique take with great execution!
  10. Chill, easy, as advertised and delivers. Excellent
  11. Congratulations - I love hearing stories about remixes being a labor of love, and then listening to the remix and having it live up to everything and then some. All the respect and passion for the source come through perfectly, and the mix is downright beautiful to listen to. The mix is so well-balanced that I wasn't even ready for the ending; I thought I had at least another couple minutes to enjoy! Beautiful! As a side note, you've inspired me to go check out this game. Just another side benefit... Again, congratulations!
  12. Get your hands on this one - this remix is oozing with vision and effort in equal parts. When you can take a song this well-known and this defined and turn it into something that is both brand new and instantly familiar, you've done something truly special. And good heavens, the quality. It is SO good, particularly the section at 3:30 that reminds me of a light wind blowing through a field of chimes, and the gorgeous harmonies flowing into 4:22 and into the ending. That section will transport you. My heavens, what a song. All the props in the world on this one. My favorite take I've ever heard on the theme.
  13. You don't get a better argument for the leniency of live performance than this mix. There's the occasional interpretation or meld that doesn't work for a few moments, but the delivery and immediacy of the overall piece delivers moments that you just won't hear anywhere else. The flute in particular really flows in this piece, and the minimalist sections (such as 2:00) are only topped by some of the better harmonies around 3:45+. You simply are not going to get a mix like this without impressive live collaboration from all parts. A gorgeous, raw, emotional take on a song that already had emotion to spare! I will be checking this group out!
  14. YES. YES. 1000x YES. I love Doom and I love LotR, and let me tell you, I was skeptical heading into this piece - I couldn't imagine doing justice to either, much less coming up with something that built on both and created a single sound. I stated being swayed in the first minute; by the time we hit 1:30, I was fully on board. I hear the varied range but think it's directly in line with the source material and style; in this case, I count it as a plus, not a minus. REALLY impressive, right down from the initial vision (how in the world did the remixer even conceive of this as an idea?!) to the execution right into the finish (4:55+ is epic in its own right!!). Unique? Check. Sweeping? Check. Grand? Check. Memorable? Check. Congratulations; you've done both sources proud.
  15. Wait wait wait. A dubstep version that doesn't drown out the original melody from a melodic piece?! Fantastic! A well-executed vision by the remixer; I never lost the Legend of Zelda feel, but simultaneously enjoyed some of the work that you put over (under?) it. Enjoyable and thoughtful. A very nice debut!