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  1. OCR03688 - Final Fantasy VI "Terra's Love"

    "Delicate" is the perfect way to describe this track: 2:45-3:05 is just a wonderful tiptoe through the theme, and the care and love this theme is handled with does justice to someone who knows her Terra backstory. Thoughtful, intricate, stellar job here. Man, loving these submissions.
  2. Calling this trance seems almost an insult to the song, if only because this is so much more textured and interesting than some of the standard 'trance' remixes of songs. Really, I'm stunned a description could this be different, it's madness. What ISN'T madness is the easy, sinuous quality of this song. I really like how different this is from most JENOVA remixes I hear - it's smoother and more thoughtful. Impressive!!
  3. I'm so happy there's a place in the world for this kind of semi-insane/semi-brilliant creation. I'm in awe and amazement. Well done!!
  4. OCR03682 - Final Fantasy IV "The Universe"

    Honestly, my only fear is that only those familiar with the source tune will truly appreciate what you've done here. That said, this is amazing for anyone who knows it and loves the game, as I do - 1:45-1:55 alone made me sit up and take notice, as I suddenly realized this was going to get even more ambitious than 'just' an ethereal take on an already ethereal theme, and man does this mix go places I never dreamed. The call-in/call-out of 4:35+ and interweaving of different instruments and levels is really thoughtful and at times approaches breathtaking. If there ever was a song to sit back and listen to in the dark of night while looking out the window at the stars, this is it. Lastly, I'm aware this is a place for music, but I must mention the writeup by the remixer. Just crushed it.
  5. Man, I am so happy this didn't get lost in the aether... what a wonderful and masterful feel this song delivers, particularly 2:20 on, with a special note for 2:45-3:00, an understated section where the remixer just seems so in control of what they want to do. Absolutely pumped to hear this and a tremendous addition! Well done to anyone who brought this to the light!!
  6. I listen to this piece and I feel like it's so impressively groovy that I'm not even worthy to groove to it. I don't even know if that made sense. But this piece just seems to be so polished. Really impressive playing here too, I must add!
  7. I don't know a damn bit whether this is samba or Brazilian or big band or what the hell this is, I only know two things: that this remixer put a ton of work into this project and actually pulled it off with something like 15 live musicians, and this piece is just darned FUN! Congratulations and well done!!
  8. OCR03669 - Final Fantasy VI "Snowy Pines"

    Oh my heavens, I've been waiting for a take like this for FF VI forever and I didn't even know I was waiting for it. Gario nailed it on his call about the ends around the middle, but I have to give props to how well the sections flow. I'm not the biggest new age kind of person, but WOW did the opening blow me away, and I was all set to enjoy the ride through the middle only to be stunned again, first at 3:38 (wow, that flourish) and then at the ending! An immediate download and a huge tip of the cap to someone who managed to evoke the feel of Terra, alone atop a mountain, contemplating her role between two worlds. You've captured the delicate balance of fragility and power, and of peace and war, in your mix. Gorgeous and tremendous.
  9. OCR03663 - Secret of Mana "A Wistful Heart"

    Wow, I don't know how many people like me missed this posting as I was traveling for the holidays, but oh my heavens is this an amazing track, and one of my favorites on the album! The whole feel of this piece is so in line with Secret of Mana that it just hurts. The beautiful vocal work and brass really combine into something greater than the sum of their parts, which I think is one of the best praises you could give this type of arrangement. Everything, even the name, just crushes what the remixers were going for - I love the work, and am so impressed at the care and power they put into it!! What a performance!!
  10. What just happened?! I'm sitting on my @$$ trying to reconcile this piece with the source. Okay, so doubtlessly this is one of the most innovative/crazy takes on the SoM source you could possibly come up with. At times I really felt like I fell into Sonic The Hedgehog 2/3! But holy crap, at least listen to 1:33-2:01, which is just a wonderfully dirty run. I went back and listened to that section three times! Overall, I have to give props even if I'm still flabbergasted how anyone came up with this - a vision outside the norm, thought, and executed... to excellence!
  11. Wow, what a feel on this piece! Stay for 0:50+ and you won't be disappointed at the way this evolves and feels. Reminds me of the happiest tunes out of Final Fantasy I, almost - a kind of hopeful belief with a tinge of adventure. The warmth in this performance and presentation is what really sells me here. So happy you made it to the finish line - well done both of you!!
  12. OCR03666 - NieR: Automata "Beautiful Rise"

    A wonderful theme that has encouraged me to explore the game. I particularly love the sweeping feel of 2:15-2:54. I like how the emotions in this piece really vary from hope to despair as well! And I actually love the ending, I had no problems with it at all. Well done!!
  13. Man, I'm not that familiar with the source but this is wonderful! The command of the soundscape is fantastic, and the interplay of the simple melody and the complicated backgrounds (particularly at 1:50-2:05) is nothing less than a delight. Bonus points for the rebuild from 3:00-3:48, where the play with the melody is nothing short of wonderful. The skills of this remixer are on full display here. Loved it!
  14. Two major points here. One, I can't believe the difficulty level here - it's like someone took the Nightmare setting from Doom and applied it to an OST - and two, I can't believe how good this remix is. If you want to get a sense of how great this is, make it to 2:02 and you will be rewarded with ever more interesting takes for nearly the entire remainder (3:30-3:50 really had me going) that make you wonder how long this can possibly keep up. And yet it does - again, with practically nothing! It's nuts! Incredible effort from the remixer here!
  15. Yup, nyKad crushed it. I was sitting back wondering who the next act is while reveling in the playground of Zelda smooth that I was walking through. Man, maybe there's some technical considerations but the spirit and feel of this piece is A+!