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  1. How much time do I have? I have so many ideas.
  2. I always wanted to pick the source but that was with the idea that there would be others participating.
  3. Thanks. I'm a little proud of all sounds except for the weird pad in the background being mine. Also, I'm surprised you remember those.
  4. That was definitely one of the worst arranging experiences I've had.
  5. Nobody's mentioned Corridors of Time?
  6. Que 0:11-0:18 of source "Help, Ganon froze the fountain"
  7. Haha I looped it a good 3 or 4 times looking. And many more trying to think of what to do with this little pile of deviance
  8. Check the vote end date. Think I should get back into competitions.
  9. This was originally a submission for a "upbeat winter level" prompt. I think it could be fitting in a platformer. Main Concerns - SC continuously destroys my uploads, simple or complex, peaking at -6 dB or peaking 0 dB. How can I fight this? - I've struggled with muddy mixing in general. Is there anything I could do here to make things cleaner? Snare too thin? ambience (pad during saw solo) too muddy in the low end? - Is there too much repetition? I felt I created enough variation but MO usually differs from people I ask.
  10. Ok thanks. Any possible explanation for everything slowing down?
  11. @zircon Thanks so much for this great deal; it came right when I was itching for some orchestral sounds. However, I'm having issues with loading ROC. ROP, and Bravura into Kontakt. Furia and Vocalisa work fine (especially enjoying phrasing). Does this have anything to do with those three libraries having multiple RAR downloads? These downloads slow down my computer and I was hoping to get a preview of each library so I only extracted the first parts. When I attempt to load them in Kontakt, my computer just freezes (even post-restart). I've also noticed Kontakt opens much slower in general. For some reason Sibelius opens slower too (maybe because I use Kontakt instruments in all projects there) CPU: Intel i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHz Memory: 6 GB RAM OS: Windows 10
  12. This has a cool sort of Persona vibe to it. Like a blissful solitary walk at night.
  13. This seems just right for a visual novel. This seems fitting
  14. Nice psychedelic flavor. And good work on integrating those sources, very stylish.
  15. Probably the most organic-sounding Vocaloid usage I've heard. Pretty sweet track; I particularly like the bassline's engineering. Props for making the second half more pop-like without making it annoying.