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  1. I understand the fundamentals of borrowed chords but is there some logic or pattern to implementing them? I get overwhelmed with the possibilities.
  2. Terrible joke mixes for April fools
  3. That was disgusting This is MnP 69. I believe I sent you the link to the week's theme? Apparently in FB's on this day a friend said I had 69 friends 4 years ago...
  4. That's a nice bonus entry; It's like my approach but with cleaner reverb.
  5. Gorgeous and engaging mix, definitely communicates that sense of mystery and awe.
  6. This guy is peddling some sort of ear training e-book for a low price and he seems like a legit teacher but it's all too salesy (buy now x50, "free book" explaining that you should buy the full version, etc). Has anybody gotten ahold of this product?
  7. Persona 3 has a lot of great sources.
  8. WTH I just got a fever. What's in the water...
  9. Tried to upload my remix of this tune yesterday but the wi-fi failed on me.
  10. I've written this piece as the credit theme for a short film and the director loves it but jeez does it sound terrible. Despite spending hours tweaking velocities, EQing (internal/external), and trying different reverbs, I can't seem to get the "soft" tone I'm going for. How can I make this workable? NI Grandeur with on-board reverb.
  11. I've been really liking the Reaktor Ensemble Skrewell and I wonder if there's some sort of (free, preferably) program that generates images according to the audio. The kicker is that I don't want a waveform or other spectrum-reading tool; I'm looking for something more abstract, like fractals and random patterns or whatever. I've googled but couldn't find anything.
  12. Glad to see my unearned pick is appreciated
  13. Firebird for sure (it used to be $75 but now it's free at no cost in features) Synth1 is a solid pick as well, really deep for a free synth Zebralette (download demo of Zebra to get it) is pretty nice. TruePianos has a demo; when it expires you can still use it, you just can't do any tweaking. For $0 it's definitely a start (pianos get expensive) Ambience is a great free reverb. Camelcrusher is a great free distortion. Alieno has some neat spacey/synthetic sounds. SQ8L is pretty good for retro sounds. If you want some out-there stuff, the Reaktor Player comes with some neat tools.