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  1. Hunting with a Left Handed Smoke Shifter.mp3?dl=0 late submission sorry had to find internet in the woods. Name is inspired from working at a summer camp this summer.
  2. Guess mine was a bit too experimental but odd time signatures was a lot of fun the work with. I can assure you the original was in there some place in the weirdness.
  3. Submitted. Very experimental with 5 different time signatures just because.
  4. And the votes are cast.
  5. My bonus track is entered and again I cheated by using another source in it again. Oops.
  6. boop
  7. I entered something. Not sure why I did it but I did.
  8. voted
  9. ThaSauce is down.
  10. I've been thinking about remixing this for awhile and now I have an excuse to do so.
  11. Voted. There was some nice variety in the submissions.
  12. Me neither before the Robots Vs Knight competition. Now its the main discussion group for the teams.
  13. Have you thought about advertising PRC on the OC Remix Discord group. It could be a good way to get more participation and advertising for the competition.
  14. Thanks for uploading my song, but it should be labeled as a bonus song so no one votes for it.
  15. Man %26 All Stars Team Kart 64.mp3?dl=0 Just finished the bonus song so I can't upoad it to ThaSauce. I'll just put it here. This includes part of Escape from the same game and allowed me to look in to the weird world of mascot kart racers for inspiration of the song title.