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  1. Time got away from me and didn't finish my entry. There's always next time.
  2. Ill put my hat in the ring just have to pick a source. The last one was fun so why not do it again.
  3. Submitted. Out of the wood and back to making music. Had fun with this one.
  4. I'll be down with contributing this year after having fun doing it last year.
  5. Hunting with a Left Handed Smoke Shifter.mp3?dl=0 late submission sorry had to find internet in the woods. Name is inspired from working at a summer camp this summer.
  6. Guess mine was a bit too experimental but odd time signatures was a lot of fun the work with. I can assure you the original was in there some place in the weirdness.
  7. Submitted. Very experimental with 5 different time signatures just because.
  8. And the votes are cast.
  9. My bonus track is entered and again I cheated by using another source in it again. Oops.
  10. boop
  11. I entered something. Not sure why I did it but I did.
  12. voted
  13. ThaSauce is down.
  14. I've been thinking about remixing this for awhile and now I have an excuse to do so.
  15. Voted. There was some nice variety in the submissions.