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  1. Thanks for uploading my song, but it should be labeled as a bonus song so no one votes for it.
  2. Man %26 All Stars Team Kart 64.mp3?dl=0 Just finished the bonus song so I can't upoad it to ThaSauce. I'll just put it here. This includes part of Escape from the same game and allowed me to look in to the weird world of mascot kart racers for inspiration of the song title.
  3. Finishing my bonus song up. I kinda of cheated because I used part of another song from the Mega Man Battle & Chase ost.
  4. I want to learn how to transcribe music by ear but I don't know were to start on it. I've looked up videos on YouTube but they didn't help me much. What are some good resources to look at to learn this skill? Midis are nice but I want to reach the next step were I don't need the midis. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Forgot to mention when I submitted my entry that Dewey Newt helped by providing the drums for my song.
  6. I love wining by default.
  7. And finished it. Could have been better, could have been worse.
  8. I'm working on something
  9. fancy
  10. This was brought up in the Knights Discord group but are there any plans for team banners for this competition?
  11. I'm good but I think I have to change my profile picture now
  12. But I like multi source rounds.
  13. I'm working one myself. Usually most people submit stuff close to when it is due.
  14. I'm not on that list. and I'm pretty sure I expressed interest in this.