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  1. PRC369 - The Route Before #226 (Pokemon Ruby)

    It happen again. So here the link of shame.
  2. PRC369 - The Route Before #226 (Pokemon Ruby) Tried uploading this just as the page closed. Anyways here is the unfinished song I made.
  3. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Interested, I need some more Castlevania in my life.
  4. PRC368 - The Planet of Bamboo (Freedom Planet)

    Late again but here is my bonus song.
  5. PRC367 - The King of the Caverns (Diddy Kong Racing)

    Didn't get this up in time so I'll put it here. This is my Bonus song. I experimented using Game Boy samples and to add variation I took the natural key change and continued with it for the second time through.
  6. Keep trying. It takes time, experience and effort to get there. Look back at some of my early entrees and you can see how bad they are in comparison to my newer stuff (at least in my opinion). It sounds like you have the right attitude and that's half the battle. I look forward to hearing your future work.
  7. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round) The site was many other game sounds and assets as well if you're interested in that stuff.
  8. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

  9. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

    Uploaded at thing. It sounds like music at the very least.
  10. An OverClocked Christmas v.XI

    Watched the stream and saw that there was confusion with my source. Yes there is Ice Cap in it but the main source is Cool Edge (Day) from Sonic Unleashed. I modeled it with Ice Cap in mind so I can see the confusion.
  11. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

    I have something in the works. Having a working computer is helpful in that endeavor.
  12. PRC357 - The Remix Rangers (Power Rangers)

    Time got away from me and didn't finish my entry. There's always next time.
  13. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Ill put my hat in the ring just have to pick a source. The last one was fun so why not do it again.