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  1. The arrangement of this one is sounding really good! I actually really like the baroque-ish take at the end. I think it could really benefit from some real rhythm guitars though, particularly at the :47 mark, and bass too. It feels really lacking in low end frequency spectrum--even if you brought the bass part down an octave I think it would really help. One further thing I think could really help is some variation in the velocities of the drum hits to make it feel a little more human. Most noticeable at the end with the steady hi-hat--that gets fatiguing fast. I think the drum writing is really great, and the lead guitars give off a serious Yngwie vibe. Its coming along nicely.
  2. Sounding really good! Something that I'm hearing would be a little variation in the piano part; maybe some arpeggiation of the chords here and there, or some flourishes or changes in rhythmyc pattern to keep it from getting monotonous. The guitar could also use some compression to even it out, but like you said you're a ways off from mixing stages, so I'm sure you know that already. I really like the breaks at 1:28, etc. and your chord voicings over all; really gives a new flavor to the tune.
  3. If you still need help with this one, I'd be happy to jump in!
  4. By the looks of how this is shaping up, I'll likely need and 'Evanescence' style vocalist for this track. Any suggestions?
  5. I'll take Shanoa, if I may. I'm feeling kind of an Undertaker meets Lita sound happening there...