OCR03554 - Metroid Prime "Thardus Lives!"

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The ambient background and straight piano is creepy enough for a horror film, but adding on a full kit with that screaming guitar and bass gives this a particular kind of fear-inducing effect ... like seeing the egg of some monster hatch, then watching as it unsheathes nasty claws and then sees you.

... In retrospect, kind of like playing a Metroid game. :)

Great track, quickly becoming top of the list on my mix!

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I have one question with the song.

For most of the song the guitar bits are on the off-beat, but suddenly at around 1:20 they drop on the beats themselves, and the rhythm is kind of gummy for a few seconds.
I'm wondering if that was intended, or if it accidentally got dragged over one half-beat? Just wondering cause I've done that before, and that audio segment seemed to kind of pop-out at me.
The other one (2:08) is just fine, but it's the same thing, so I may have confused myself on something.

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That section is actually a recreation of a synth part from the original track. I agree it sounds kinda weird, and that's why I painstakingly matched the original to within a few milliseconds. As far as I can tell, its originally recorded in free time, because there seems to be no internal logic to the timing and rhythm.

I do agree that it sounds awkward; which is a problem in the mixing, i think. Now that I've been able to step back from the track for a while, I hear a lot of things I could have done better in the mix, and not having that part so much in the forefront is a big one. Pulling it back in the balance, adding some reverb/delay to reduce the abruptness of it; I had quad tracked the guitars, so maybe taking it back to two for that section, etc. 

As for the disparity you hear between the two of them, I don't know what to tell you. There isn't any difference: I copy pasted those guitar parts, because it took so much work to get it right four times, I didn't feel like doing it again for four more.

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