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  1. hey guys whats up ? I had a bit of time again for new sounds.. enjoy
  2. hey I now continue the extreme g soundtrack the first extreme g is now completed download free on my bandcamp and here my 2 new remixes from extreme g2 Nintendo 64 Version (more and download coming soon) enjoy
  3. yoo back with a new game remix this time with a classic game for NES Metroid! Kraid's Lair hope you like it.. enjoy download coming soon.
  4. hey guys here come's my new version of aquila 303 by rom di first mellow sonic mix is from 2014... now i added some more details from original.... enjoy the real need for speed music
  5. hey whats up ? finally complete my remixes from extreme g this appeared in 1997 for nintendo 64, the soundtrack is by simon robertson & stephen root, hope you like it, cheerz & enjoy download on my bandcamp check out
  6. hey there time for present my new album V O I D is forthcoming on my Bandcamp and Cosmicopia, This is a 77-minute album full of SciFI/Cyberpunk-themed sounds from industrial/psy-dnb/psy-breaks, downbeat and ambient you can now pre-order on my Bandcamp full release on July 25, 2017 check the teaser 1. Arrival 2. Mind Machines 3. Cyclotron 4. Mecha Dreams 5. Artificial Gravity 6. Dreadnought 7. Hybrid Technology 8. Neurotransmitter 9. EMP 10. V O I D 11. Lifesphere 12. Ambient Occlusion
  7. Emotional Drum N Bass

    nice atmos.. the glitchy drums has a experimetal vibe good job!
  8. hey there here a track with strong inspired by need for speed III from rom di prisco's track pi enjoy
  9. hey guys whats up ? here a another remix track from the game need for speed III.. sirius 909 by rom di prisco enjoy my synsthesics remix..
  10. here is a epic one by saki kaskas this runs on Mass Effect 2 Afterlife and Need For Speed !! i'm so flashed when i heard this.. now i maked a remix of it hope you like it
  11. hey here is a remix foregone destruction from my fav game ut