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  1. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Lonely Cosmic Workshop - (Saturn vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Not So Deviant Ballade (Ballade vs. Tinker Knight)
  2. Shouldn't it be JohnStacy vs. MegaDrive?
  3. Glad you're participating, GCJ! I've got something a little more than just random samples thrown in a song this time. I've never done a DnB-style mix before, so I figured let's do it. I definitely had some beginner woes trying to pick out synths, but I'm glad I went through the experience. Now I at least have a smidgen of experience to build on the next time I try something like this! Entry:
  4. Trying a genre I haven't done before with this one! Hoping I can get it done and polished up this weekend.
  5. Well, glad I could help move the contest forward! I'll work on getting an entry to you ASAP.
  6. GCJ over here pulling off a fantastic bonus entry! Meanwhile, I'm just over here messing around... Official entry: Think it needs one more sample...
  7. Putting together a quick something-or-other!
  8. Entry submitted. Can't wait to hear everybody else's submissions!
  9. Hey, @Bundeslang, clicking the submission link brings up a blank, white page. I notice that the URL has the word admin in it, so I'm wondering if you maybe you accidentally copied the wrong URL? The ThaSauce link underneath leads to the contest page.
  10. Great entries this round, everyone! Definitely a tough decision to make.
  11. Let's do this!
  12. Excellent competition and entries this round, great job everyone! I'm with GCJ in that I didn't see this result in the works at all. I've got some ideas for a source, just need to make sure I can find a good MIDI out there for it. I'll shoot you a PM after I do my searching, GCJ (or you'll beat me to it, one of the two, haha). Skimming through "Da Rules", GCJ and I both pick a source, and then it's the competitor's choice whether they want to cover my source, GCJ's source, or mix the two together. Did I read all of that correctly?
  13. Going to have to sit out this round. I have a little too much going on right now, but I'm looking forward to the entries! I'll be sure to throw my 2 cents vote in as well.
  14. Sent my vote in. Also, want to quickly congratulate everyone for making it to top 3. Well done!
  15. My entry! I was originally going to go with a Middle Eastern/Indian style with sitar and the like, but the longer I listened, the more it started to sound like reggae. So, I went ahead and threw the bass line down in a swing pattern, and everything else sort of fell into place. I feel like there's something that needs to be added to the mix, I just can't put my finger on that particular something... Anywho, I had a good experience experimenting with a new style, barring the artist's block I got in the middle.