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  1. Last round of Robots vs. Knights started this week, so I'm out this round. As always, will be around to vote and listen to entries!
  2. Definitely one of those songs that's so obviously rock you WANT to experiment, lol. I enjoyed the variation as well! A little tidbit of info on mine, the intro section was sequenced in FL Studios with Super Audio Cart (SAC) providing the instruments. I know SAC was sampled from real hardware and such, but man. It amazed me just how accurate I could get to the original!
  3. I was thinking I should upload my song to ThaSauce yesterday, but I forgot to when I came home from work, thanks!
  4. On vacation this week, so I had to get a bonus mix done early. Looking forward to what everyone else comes up with! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8-q7hg2GtQPZzRReUxFYmktcUU/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. Had an extra minute to throw some notes down for this. Really short (again), but an entry nonetheless!
  6. Well done to everybody! Good number of votes this time. I've already got a source picked out for this one, should be fun!
  7. Aaahhhh snap, I love Kirby songs! Gonna have to figure something out for this one. EDIT: Think my enthusiam got the best of me again. I have a few too many other responsibilities at the moment to make an entry, but I'm looking forward to see what the other entries are!
  8. Got an entry in! I'm glad I was able to triple the loop time. Still didn't make it over 2 minutes lol.
  9. May not have had the time to enter, but I did submit a vote. I should be able to enter this next round, though!
  10. I should finally have some time to throw an entry together! Think I have a pretty solid idea as well.
  11. Great job, everyone! Really starting to get tough on judging winners.
  12. I have another mix I'm working on, but I hope to have some time left to enter! EDIT: Looks like I'm sitting this one out again... Hope to be able to participate next time.
  13. Agreed that there's some great entries! I voted as well. On... ThaSauce! *gasp* Finally made an account since I've competed quite a bit and plan on competing some more.
  14. The 5th? Ahh, probably won't be able to get a bonus mix up then... It was my week for the Robots vs. Knights compo, and that took up all my time last week.
  15. The wooden spoon... All the easier to try and cook up a winning mix next time. Great job on this one, GCJ! Planarian had a great bonus mix as well.
  16. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Lonely Cosmic Workshop - (Saturn vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Not So Deviant Ballade (Ballade vs. Tinker Knight)
  17. Glad you're participating, GCJ! I've got something a little more than just random samples thrown in a song this time. I've never done a DnB-style mix before, so I figured let's do it. I definitely had some beginner woes trying to pick out synths, but I'm glad I went through the experience. Now I at least have a smidgen of experience to build on the next time I try something like this! Entry: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8-q7hg2GtQPN0dNNUhRamQ0WWc
  18. Trying a genre I haven't done before with this one! Hoping I can get it done and polished up this weekend.
  19. Well, glad I could help move the contest forward! I'll work on getting an entry to you ASAP.
  20. GCJ over here pulling off a fantastic bonus entry! Meanwhile, I'm just over here messing around... Official entry: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8-q7hg2GtQPWWplSm00cjZ2TGs Think it needs one more sample...
  21. Entry submitted. Can't wait to hear everybody else's submissions!
  22. Hey, @Bundeslang, clicking the submission link brings up a blank, white page. I notice that the URL has the word admin in it, so I'm wondering if you maybe you accidentally copied the wrong URL? The ThaSauce link underneath leads to the contest page.
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