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  1. Oddly, the midi file does not seem to be recognized in Ableton?
  2. I' back! Not sure if I will attempt this comp but will be keeping eyes out for others. Its been to long.
  3. Caught my ear, lets see what we can do... (I say every time)
  4. Hoping to put something together in the next few days.
  5. Really bummed I missed this one. Loved that dubby vibe the track has.
  6. Looking forward to getting back in the rotation with everyone again.
  7. I would find the fun spooky halloween contest on the deadline, HALLOWEEN! Damn my eyes :::P
  8. Might have to dip my feet in the Hylian Lake for this one!
  9. Kikuta worked on the music mostly by himself, spending nearly 24 hours a day in his office, alternating between composing and editing to create a soundtrack that would be, according to him, "immersive" and "three-dimensional". Rather than having sound engineers create the samples of instruments like most game music composers of the time, Kikuta made his own samples that matched the hardware capabilities of the SNES. These custom samples allowed him to know exactly how each piece would sound on the system's hardware, so he did not have to worry about differences between the original composition and the SNES. Kikuta said in 2001 that he considered the score for Secret of Mana his favorite creation. Just a bit on info I'm sure we have all read before.
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