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  1. That's one heck of a debut! EXCELLENT performance, definitely living up to prog rock standards, and just plain fun. Loved the call and answer section starting at the 1:30 mark! Only thing I can say: maybe tone it down a bit on the panning & use it more sparingly. Hard to be critical though after being rocked that thoroughly.
  2. This remix does a perfect job of putting you into that classic Western scene, where the grizzled hero saves everyone but has to bear the burden of the consequences alone. Into the sunset he goes…
  3. Very cool sounding track with a pretty great back story. I hope your little sisters enjoyed it (and if not you still ended up with an enjoyable piece here). That said, I didn't really have an issue with "muddiness" as mentioned in DJP's write up, but I can kind of relate to that comment. I did find throughout the backing trancelike soundscape that was going on is kind of drowning out the main leads and other instrumentation… Bad grammar on my part aside, didn't really kill the remix for me but I would've appreciated more clarity. Then nitpick patrol has arrived! enjoyable piece but maybe it's just showing its age. Still good stuff.
  4. Starts quietly, unassumingly. Then you realize you're being hunted, but by then it's too late as the guitars roar to life and rip straight into you. This whole mix just growls the entire run time but with great attention to detail and a great metal soundscape. 9/10, would get punched in the face by satisfying guitar riffs again.
  5. I seem to be a sucker for a remix that uses game samples, so of course the track pleases a nerd like me, especially when it blends together with the track so well. Unfortunately I also feel like on the other hand it doesn't really seal the deal because, echoing what Chimpazilla said, the repetition is noticeably high. That said, looking forward to B-laze's next mix – I like where he's going!
  6. This mix does a great job of expertly ratcheting up the tension for 90% of the song, and ends with a satisfying finish. I'm no expert by far, but everything sounds great with good mixing with just the right length and pacing that you're not bored for second. But I'm a simple man – I get kicked in the face by electric guitar, I love.