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  1. I think I only have one question to add to this sudden revelation - what's the relevance behind Ralf Schneider anyway, other than just the first convincing German name that came up the top of your head? o__O
  2. I'm so happy I'm not alone in regards to Crash coverage now! And not only did you go for a difficult source but I can see how it served as an outlet for your childhood frustration. Though the Crash 2 bosses didn't really give me much trouble in comparison to the first game, Tiny was definitely one of the bigger challenges there (no pun intended). For me, it's a great recognizable arrangement; sensed the source AND the Williams inspiration with the writing, not to mention some great additional melodies to add to the otherwise chaotic approach. I don't know why but the word-builder intro made me laugh - it's the same kind of effect as the final boss music of Jamestown, which also started out with amusing use of word-built choir, and in both cases it makes it feel less serious and more fun. It's also very difficult to be able to build up an orchestral palette when you have experience in multiple arrange-writing fields according to your Soundcloud, yet you've built up a great selection and also took advantage of different patches / keyswitches when appropriate (staccato strings at points, brass swells, etc). I didn't even expect the drum set given what I read prior to listening, though it's a nice surprise as using that gives me serious Video Games Live vibes about it. Seeing all this come together, I'm so happy to see you managed to put all this together to get it onto OCR! I am however with the judges when it comes to humanization, as there's some instruments like the piano and some of the staccato writing that felt more like the velocities for the entire riff were stagnant. It's a good idea to think about what the instrumentalists would do in a live setting and envision how the sound would come out for that purpose. Extended legato based sections, especially with some of the lead / chorded brass, can also benefit quite well from the MIDI volume control from what I've learnt; I don't know what patches you primarily used, but I'm aware of some that completely change expression depending on the value of the MIDI volume event at the time, which would be really useful to bring in a sudden dynamic change or regulate the kind of air-flow you may see from (again) players in a live setting. But yes, this is kind of weird for me to offer a pointer or two in an otherwise absolute moment of elevation for me. xD Kudos for giving some love to the Crash series here. welcome to the OCR clan, and I really hope you keep pushing yourself and sending stuff over in the future!
  3. Interesting. I put in a few artists under those conditions and saw the common bridges out of OCR tend to be through either Jillian Aversa or Mega Ran. Mazedude stood out, though, with a loose six degree link using Chad Seiter as the outward community bridge. There's got to be more artists that would tie over in a completely different way... XD
  4. Yep, I too hit 3 steps because of the Final Fantasy connection. XD I'm actually interested in looking for any artists thatdidn'tcover any of Uematsu's scores and seeing any other major links that amateur arrangers could have.

    Funnily, I have a feeling that OC Remix changed my perception on the world rather than my actual music making skill. Back in 2003, I was a college student that saw OCR as a fun place with a fun premise and wanted to instantly interact with other fans there; turns out, it didn't feel like a safe place for a 16-year-old pencil-using fanartist and amateur fan-writer with a huge admiration for PlayStation platformers, so after failing to interact I felt as if I could just keep my core interests as a low profile and start over when the time was right (i.e. the opening of VGMix's 2nd incarnation served as that platform). Needless to say, time passed and especially within the past few years, I felt as if I opened up considerably. As for music writing though,just being aware ofthe wider community for some time gave me time to experiment with different ideas,see a bunch of ideas work, see others don't, try to see what's supposed to work and keep pushing to blend in, which seems to have had a hand in my versatility. ISTILL experiment to this day, though luckilyit's over time when I finally felt I didn't need to break the gamer that I was to still make great arrangements, period.
  6. Fire Emblem: Fates

    I saw the news! Now I'm trying to find anywhere that is accepting preordersfor the Special Edition, which is hard when it's just got a date xD
  7. Fire Emblem: Fates

    There's no release date for Europe yet and I'm super stoked to play through Fates! Awakening was the first FE game I ever played and it made me re-think how to approach tactical RPGs, so I'm totally set for going through the new installment. Birthright playing a lot like Awakening should be no problem, so that'll be a case of getting back to how the system works. Yet from what I read on the net though, I noticed people saying that Conquest (the one that plays more like a traditional FE) is insanely difficult and has nowhere to grind if you're stuck on a certain map. And being the challenge seeker that I am, I feel uneasy at the idea of playing through it on Casual mode. @AngelCityOutlaw -considering that you're actually making good progress through what I presume to be Conquest (in comparison to one journalist I read taking 12 hours to beat an early map, apparently), do you have any tips to share that would help out anyone that's currently struggling?
  8. You know, I just realised something. What happened to PuD; doesn't he usually enter these MAGfest DoDs with some huge collab?
  9. For the most part Brandon, I'm with you. I've heard stories of people doing silly things in the DoD listening parties at MAGFest, which is one of the main reasons why I hadn't taken part in one in the past. As for the whole 'straightforward metal' part, it's not so much a test of arrangement or production values, but rather the performance quality that gets taken on board. You can be as artsy as you want, as simple as you want or even as full of innuendo as you want; but as far as I'm aware, the highest scoring entries often had the live components of the DoD performed exceedingly well. In other words... killer studio chops? More like killer stagechops, am I right?
  10. I totally will! There'll also be two other project deadlines along the way, but they should be nothing much to worry about x)
  11. Perhaps this may answer your question?
  12. i can say I've been able to work on it again as of late! There's still some empty space in here and places that need more of a rhythmic overhaul, but I'm still feeling really confident with how this is going down. I know you haven't been doing dates for some time, but if you give me one to aim for, I'll push as hard as I can!
  13. Your Hidden Gems?

    I thought Bug! was a Sega Saturn game. I'm pretty sure we're getting our Sega systems completely mixed up here. xD Among the games I got for the PS1, I'd consider Klonoa a 'hidden gem' as hardly anyone got it, but to me it looked so beautiful and had a very unusual engine at the time - I mean, it works like a 2D platformer but the paths wind around a 3D map and could just cross over with each other at any time. The presentation looked really lovely for a PS1 game at the time, and to this day it's still one of those few games that make me cry at the end. I say try it out!
  14. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    We're not quite done yet. We're still waiting on what Hyperion got, and I still don't know if Wes actually got my physical gifts yet (or if he has, he hasn't been in here for 2 weeks o_o). That's a neat Lego model though; I didn't even know you collect these!
  15. Hello! You saw my take on these over at the RadioSEGA forums, so you know I'm on your good side However, two things I should just point out really quickly: 1) What do you mean by "recognized by Sega"? I've done some google searching and the only main promotions I have seen have been exclusively you posting it on various Sega fan-sites. I don't even know if Sega themselves shared it themselves or not, but from what I have seen, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of that. 2) Take note that if you submit the vocal covers to the OC Remix judges, they would be instantly rejected due to just using the original recording and singing over the top. I say you should consider this set of covers as practice for when you start performing them on top of other backing tracks, whether made by yourself or produced by another arranger. You did however showed me you're able to make arranges of your own, so I'm optimistic that you'll be able to keep pushing them up to that same level. Just keep working on new stuff and learning from each one, and everything will be alright