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  1. Your Hidden Gems?

    I thought Bug! was a Sega Saturn game.  I'm pretty sure we're getting our Sega systems completely mixed up here. xD Among the games I got for the PS1, I'd consider Klonoa a 'hidden gem' as hardly anyone got it, but to me it looked so beautiful and had a very unusual engine at the time - I mean, it works like a 2D platformer but the paths wind around a 3D map and could just cross over with each other at any time.  The presentation looked really lovely for a PS1 game at the time, and to this day it's still one of those few games that make me cry at the end.  I say try it out!
  2. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    We're not quite done yet.  We're still waiting on what Hyperion got, and I still don't know if Wes actually got my physical gifts yet (or if he has, he hasn't been in here for 2 weeks o_o). That's a neat Lego model though; I didn't even know you collect these!
  3. Hello!  You saw my take on these over at the RadioSEGA forums, so you know I'm on your good side   However, two things I should just point out really quickly: 1) What do you mean by "recognized by Sega"? I've done some google searching and the only main promotions I have seen have been exclusively you posting it on various Sega fan-sites.  I don't even know if Sega themselves shared it themselves or not, but from what I have seen, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of that. 2) Take note that if you submit the vocal covers to the OC Remix judges, they would be instantly rejected due to just using the original recording and singing over the top.  I say you should consider this set of covers as practice for when you start performing them on top of other backing tracks, whether made by yourself or produced by another arranger. You did however showed me you're able to make arranges of your own, so I'm optimistic that you'll be able to keep pushing them up to that same level.  Just keep working on new stuff and learning from each one, and everything will be alright
  4. OCR Secret Santa 2015

     Mike and Anorax were each other's Santas?!  That is always an interesting twist, though it doesn't happen often.  I say for future Secret Santas we should have at least one match like that for a laugh.
  5. I say it's also really cool, buuuuut...   2016 also marks the 20th anniversary of Crash Bandicoot.  And since it's not a Nintendo IP and currently owned by a very restrictive set of foster parents (Activision) that didn't give him a game since 2008, this is actually a very upsetting year for me.
  6. Obviously I'm not going to be able to write my own, but if anyone is looking for keys, I'm available to help someone out. X)
  7. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Glad to hear you both got them!  I spoke with Tables for a little bit after she got hers; the SS can be rough if your Santa may not make it in time, and so there's no way I'd leave someone behind.   Since then, I got a LOAD of new Steam games added into the inventory!  Tables's thank-yous were Secret of Monkey Island 2 and Half-Minute Hero 2 (the latter I virtually started playing as soon as I got it thanks to how much I enjoyed the original xD); and part 2 of Garpocalypse's package was Sonic 4 Episode 1 & 2 and DuckTales Remastered.  I'm gonna get swamped in these games now but I'll totally sink my teeth into them!   Thanks again you two, and merry Christmas to you all!
  8. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    These two little figures (not the coffee cup which was bought at a past London Gaming Con) came through the mail today, and they look so adorable!  And I was worried that with the lead up to the holiday, the OCR SS would be another delayed asset on top of everything else that had happened in the run-up to this event. Still, I am thankful they both came!  Once I do some winter cleaning they'll have a nice, chilled home in my room. I had a look at the gift notes from the package and it also said something about download codes for some of their music.  If they're anywhere, they weren't in the box; wonder if they ended up somewhere that I hadn't looked yet. Considering what the SS set out to do, I have a feeling there may be more that had gone under my radar, but we'll see. Nevertheless, thanks so much Garpocalypse!
  9. Final Fantasy III (Finish Song or Risk Being Cut)

    Mid-January sounds fine.  I know I said I would shoot for Thanksgiving, but you know exactly what happened and I felt as if you needed some time alone.  Nevertheless, this shit will get done and you know you approved of the arrangement enough for me to take it all the way!
  10. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    And shipped!  Hopefully it'll arrive to your place safely
  11. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    One section of my recipient's gifts have gone out and through the digital tubes today.  I'm still working on the physical side!
  12. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I've been preparing to make a start with my person!  You know me too well - I love a challenge
  13. The OverClocked PodCast

    Awesome, I remember being a part of Train Station at 8!  I'm glad your talents got recognized and you've got OC Remix's back to run this.  I don't really have much else to say about this other than wishing you the best of luck on this new podcast project.
  14. Pokémon Thread 2015/2016 - RBY For 3DS!

    Basically, Yellow is based more on Season 1 of the Pokemon anime (aka the one that most of us grew up with).  You can actually get access to more Pokemon in that game than Red and Blue, with obvious exceptions in Team Rocket's Pokemon, the Beedrill line that tainted Ash's time in Viridian Forest, the elemental-humanshape-trio (Jynx / Electrode / Magmar)... and of course, Raichu.  You also still have a choice between the two Hitmons and the Dome or Helix Fossils.   In addition, your Rival starts off with an Eevee (in which you eventually get and you get to pick what form you want to give it).  The Eeveelution he gives it at the end actually depends on how well you do in your first two fights against him.
  15. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I signed up yesterday!  Can't wait to get started