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  1. the atmospheric start and a lot of the drum work makes this feel like a battle theme from super metroid then there's all the other fun d'n'b nonsense piled on top. i quite enjoy this
  2. what's wrong with y'all? this music is amazing and nobody's talking about it. why?
  3. you got it
  4. Just released today, and it's a fun little platformer inspired by the infamous SSBM air-dodge glitch. I sank an hour into it without even realizing it. Speedruns of this are gonna be cool
  5. i tend to drift in and out of it i have a lot of free time at work during the winter months, which is generally when i get back into it
  6. when you do, make sure youre either hooked up to a sound system or using headphones, because it's got a rich depth to it. the theme changes once you score a hit on it as well, so be sure to listen to both phrases
  7. quality of the voice acting varied from character to character, you can turn the shrine locator off, and you cant possibly expect me to believe you werent impressed at least with the molduga battle music
  8. it's going to take me some time to finish this game, and I'm not at all upset about that also if you have a problem with the scarcity of the music you're not playing this with headphones
  9. wait this works on gen 7? serebii shows it as being for x/y/etc
  10. do you no longer have the means to get in contact with said professor?
  11. last chance to get in on this, guys:
  12. some datamining has shown that they have specific events planned but the numbers are just variables they can plug in as they see fit
  13. having trouble besting the battle tree? look no further:
  14. idk we're already 20% of the way there on day 1, we'll probably all get that friend ball
  15. yeah wondertrade is off the friggin chain right now, every other thing is a shiny or a legendary or both