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Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

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newcomer @Earth Kid comes through with a killer wip of fields of time! really impressive stuff, filling a big hole for a folky sound on a great track.

that puts us at 25 tracks total! the remaining mixers are all solid folks that i trust to complete stuff (or total newcomers i barely know!), so we're still in a good place right now. i'll be following up with people i haven't heard from in a bit next week.

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got a final version from blind for his chronopolis track, and just need a wav to finish that one off. additionally, i put in some serious time and crunched out the vocal processing for my distant promise collab, so right now that just needs some more attention on the mastering and it's done as well. lastly, i heard a near-finished version of jellyfish sea. so we've got several that are closing in on being done. hopefully all three will be done before the end of the calendar year.

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