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Chronopolis: Music Inspired by Chrono Cross - History

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ok, it's submitted. let's cross our fingers for how long it'll take to get processed and reviewed! i tabbed a total of five songs for mixflood release...we'll see if additional tracks get selected for

edit: we're done! =D PROGRESS: 28/28 tracks finished!  i've always wanted to get back to the game that got me into remixing, and for the past six months or so, i've found myself listen

i've got all the tracks! just need to finish tagging a few songs and also go over the (fantastic) website that @Jorito designed, and we're ready for submission. as of this time, i'm closing track

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I laid down a few bars for Magical Dreamers (But Fast!) last night. The timing is giving me a bit of trouble for the style I'm going for (Greenday for lack of a more descriptive term, something like their song Burnout). Does that sound like something you'd be interested in including? I'll try to get the other "verse" laid down tonight to give you a bounce in the morning.

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Hey prophetik,

I'm brand-new to OCRemix (this is my first post!), but I've been a long-time fan & supporter. I'm a game & film composer in Atlanta, GA and have been performing/recording piano for 19 years & violin for 15 years (and teach both too!). I've been actively creating video game piano covers on YouTube for the last several years and am now in a healthy rhythm of recording 1+ video per week. I'm seeking to collaborate more (especially with this community) and this project strikes my attention. Chrono Cross is one of the seminole soundtracks that guided me into becoming a professional musician. 

I would love to record a solo piano track for the album. I have no particular preference, but I DID already record Arni Village on piano about a year ago and it seems no one has bounced on that yet (which I find crazy since it's one of my favorites!). I'd be happy to polish up this arrangement for a full-sized keyboard with better production for the album. I'm open to recording another tune as well.



Let me know what you think!

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