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  1. Only if he kicks ass and takes names as a supermove. I've honestly been thinking about the music more than any new characters. I wonder what nostalgic bit of goodness they will draw from the Kid Icarus soundtrack? What music will be played in the MGS level (if there is one)? I hope for the Rex's lair.....maybe ON the Rex! Even better: Snake's supermove. Maybe CQC?
  2. Okay, I need a little clarification. I have yet to finish all the games here as my PS2 refuses to work. I've only finished the first one, and that was when it was first released. Are 2 and 4 reinterpretations of the original story or isolated events that happened to people unrelated to Alessa, or should I just not worry about that until I finish all the games?
  3. I was surprised. I went to see the movie again today and the theater was packed once the movie started. That's saying a lot for a movie based on a videogame in Utah on Sunday afternoon.
  4. Now that you mention it, I did laugh pretty good when Cybil yelled "What the fuck?!" Don't know if it was intended humor or not though.
  5. Oh no! Not THREE times! No fucking shit. Do you complain when you hear the same piece of music in the game more than twice? **SPOILERS** For those who are nitpicking, like I said earlier, you have to take these things as a 'take' on the series and not as a literal direct transltation of it. I think that the reason you don't quite feel the same horror watching this is the fact that it's a movie and not a game. When you're playing the game, you are the main character, and the game focuses on what you would feel in a certain situation, being why the main character rarely emotes. But, this is a movie and you can't do that, so it must focus on what the main character feels, and it did just that. The first time Rose goes to the other world, she laid down and bawled her eyes out. But it doensn't show that in the game because that takes the focus off of your emotions and transfers them to the character on the screen. Games don't translate to movies well because you have to take the interactivity out of it. If you wanted to watch a videogame, then you should have done that instead of going to a movie based on a videogame. I do agree with the comments about characters saying stupid lines, and bad acting, and plots that go nowhere. I'm sorry, I can be a harsh movie critic but nitpicking stupid points about the ages of characters isn't exactly like the game just is dumb. **END SPOILERS** And your main reasoning behind this is because it used too much good music and didn't have enough bullshit action. Where did I say that? The plot is awful. The acting is awful. The dialogue is awful. This movie is beautiful...but that's all it has going for it.So... do you like Silent Hill at all? That's what the series is about.
  6. It wasn't 'meh'. There are still some really good points about the movie, just don't expect the same story. If you like the series, I'm sure you will like the movie. Just because people aren't absolutely raving about it doesn't mean that it's horrible or even bad. Like I said, I liked it and I'm usually a tough movie critic, especially when it comes to something that I'm previously interested in, such as Silent Hill.
  7. I also just got back from a pre screening. All of you should know that you should not expect the EXACT same storyline from the games. Like many videogame movie adaptations, it's in the same world, but fitted for the big screen, so not everything is the same. So, without spoilers, I thought the scenery was dead-on, music was just the same (pretty much). There are several really dumb-as-shit lines in it, but they don't ruin the movie. The acting is for the most part, on-par or even above the games at least, but not phenomenal. Of course, you shouldn't expect much from a Silent Hill in terms of acting. The movie has elements from every one of the games, even if very subtle, and it's a nice touch. **SPOILERS** I really liked how when she first got into Silent Hill, even the camera movement and angles are just as they are in the original game. Also, the introduction scenes were garbage **END SPOILERS** Overall, I enjoyed it but it really doesn't make my top-anything list and I don't expect to buy it on video, but it was worth the nothing I paid for the tickets. Okay, I'm probably going to see it in theaters again with friends tomorrow, so it's at least worth the price of admission. I guess that's my two cents from a guy who loves the videogame series.
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