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  1. I don't know about the science behind it or even an explanation for it, but I can affirm that this has happened to me, but not since I stopped messing around with MIDI. I remember back in the day, messing around with Cakewalk at night, songs would sound much faster than I wanted them to, so I would slow it down until it sounded right. Then come to find in the morning I'd listen to the same song right after waking up and it was way too slow, and when I'd bring it back up to the tempo where it sounded right again, it was back up to the original tempo I had it at the night before, before I started messing around with the tempo. My explanation was that I was just tired.
  2. Smash Brothers Brawl - getting ready to start playing in tournaments again Dr. Mario Online Rx - It's standard Dr. Mario fun. Prince of Persia (SNES) - it's a really fun game but I really want to play the Live Arcade version. Too bad I don't own a 360. Anyone have any comments on it?
  3. Points taken, from both accounts. Thanks for the advice. I forgot to mention that I like to play with nunchuk+wiimote and lately the bluetooth connection between my controllers on my Wii or something like that are messing up my gameplay hence sometimes automatically batting at inopportune times or losing control of my PK thunder/using PK Fire instead of Thunder. It's getting really annoying and I'm thinking of switching back to the Wavebird, even though I don't like it as much.
  4. So I recorded a video of me playing Ness (Main Char.) because I'm having trouble fighting CPU players. I just can't follow their movements, whereas I can follow human players who are at least the same skill level or better than the CPU. It's really frustrating. In Melee, I could beat CPU characters with 4-5 stock left but I'm lucky if I can have 2 stock left in Brawl. If anyone can watch this video and tell me their general consensus of my playing style (or faults, rather) I'd appreciate it. I really get frustrated getting my ass beaten by CPUs.
  5. From what I hear, when you go on one of those Judge programs, the actual TV company pays for any damages at the sacrifice of having yourself be humiliated on public TV. My Mom was seeking to get money back from some girl that stayed with them and didn't pay rent for about 8 months and looked into going on Judge Judy, but decided not to when she found out that the girl didn't have to pay a cent back.
  6. I'd argue that the difference is in what kind of specifics it gives. I'd think if the description included details like "1,000 sq ft, 3 stories, 2 bathrooms, granite tiling..." such as those were the kind of specifics shown in the cell phone auction, I'd assume (though I understand that I need to make sure for myself) that this auction would be for the cafe rather than a photo or even a painting of the cafe. I'm not saying it really matters in this case because it's done and over with now but the defendant was obviously a scam artist and that I'd rather have a scam artist get fucked in the end.
  7. I'm not claiming to be a lawyer but I was wondering if the fact that she posted false information about the product (Weight and dimensions of the phone rather than the weight and dimensions of the photo of the phone) hold any ground at all in this case? I enjoyed that clip because whether it was technically illegal or not, I felt justice was served. If you want to become an eBay scam artist then you gotta know that you're taking the risk of being caught, especially when you're that arrogant and you tell your victims on the phone the shit that her husband said (I know...assuming that the plaintiff's allegations were true)
  8. All of these were awesome. I also got choked on the Dr. Mario song. My dog went mostly-blind this month...sad.
  9. Back when I was in Junior High and High School, I did a lot of game music MIDI transcription, a lot of it had to be done from memory (especially during Jr. High) because I didn't have any money and therefore didn't have whatever game I wanted to sequence. Now that I think about it, that was the main reason I started doing it, I wanted to hear the music but didn't have the game. Luckily my Dad is the main know it all in our state for MIDI and synthesizers, so I got to use his Roland XP-80 and JV-1080 and he had like eight seperate expansion boards in it, so it was something like over 1500 MIDI patches. It's just too bad I don't have much creativity for music, otherwise I'd submit some remixes, but that's pretty much why I don't do it anymore. I'll tell you, the hardest song for me to sequence was the last boss battle from Final Fantasy Tactics. Some of the notes were too vague to get right and I couldn't perfect the dynamics so it always sounded so flat. Ah well...
  10. All I was saying was that it's weird that you saw so many broken Samsung TVs when at the same time it's ranked high for generally being a good TV.
  11. Really? When I was shopping around for HDTVs, I checked consumerreports.com and Samsung TVs were generally ranked directly below Panasonic, with most others below that.
  12. I say go with LCD/Plasma. I bought this Samsung a couple months ago and have no complaints, even if it is 720p and only 1024 lines horizontally. The screen is perfectly suited for my needs. I don't know, a lot of people told me not to buy it due to downsampling and I understand that there's less lines than 'true' HD should be but I think that the difference is too small for me to pay another $500 - $1000 to correct. Speaking of projectors, my Dad has one and during family gatherings he likes to play a movie on the wall with it. It was cool 5-8 years ago but since I've had an HD screen at my own place lately the projector screen just feels dark and blurry, so it's a little hard for me to watch now.
  13. Is your Impact theme the version from the anime with 3 verses? If so, give me the Impact theme and I'll trade you the arranged intro. Even if it's not I'll still give you the Intro theme.
  14. The graphics are nice, although I'm not sure how well the surroundings really fit with the established Banjo universe. I can't say I'm thrilled about the vehicle driving/upgrading/buying part of the game, and I still really hate the way Banjo looks, what with the Wonder Bread shaped snout and all. I agree that there was too much collecting in Banjo Tooie, but I just feel like this is less innovative and more 'tacking on features from other genres'. Maybe I'll have to wait to see more gameplay to really know though.
  15. Sweet. I've actually been looking for this particular mix for awhile too. Although I thought this came on a different demo disk. Also, Antonio, your recording seems to clip a little at parts, is there any way you can fix that or should I just try to clean it up myself? Either way, thanks for the link.
  16. Hadoken wins. Hands down. EDIT: Didn't see the 'why' part. Anyway, I'd choose hadoken over shoryuken just because of the amount of destruction you could get away with. Think about it. You wouldn't have to deal with shitty drivers on the freeway anymore.
  17. While a little off topic, there's a password I always remembered for Hydelyde for the NES KDR9HBZNG419H2P6 Doesn't even take you that far in the game, I just memorized it when I was like 7 or 8 years old and haven't forgotten it, even though I haven't played that game in 10+ years. As a side note, has anyone ever finished that game? I never could. EDIT: Nobody posted Justin Bailey yet? For shame..
  18. I agree. The story just wasn't fleshed out as much as it should have been. It feels like there was the potential for some really good gags, but either due to time restrictions or possibly laziness, it came out bland. (especially the ending)
  19. Yeah, back in the day my brother and I sat down and resolved to finish the game. Took hours to get to the final level (the huge spider) and we had tons of lives and ammo but still couldn't beat him even after all the ammo was depleted. I remember at the end we eventually used up the very last of our squirt guns, but he still didn't die. I haven't tried since then and I hate that spider..
  20. Yeah, I added most everyone too but haven't gotten added by anyone else. So I guess if anyone wants to play a fairly good Ness, add me and PM/IM me.
  21. Sweet. I guess I'm blind. I looked in people's sigs for links but I guess I didn't see Atma's. Anyway, I'm gonna add almost everyone so please add me, I'm in the DB now.
  22. So I know it's a noob question, but where do I go to add my number to the database/get everyone else's number?
  23. I reserved mine at a Gamestop because they're having a midnight launch along with a tournament and refreshments/party. They said that most GS stores are gonna be taking reservations until March 8 so you can probably still get on that if you want.
  24. Score: 14 (28%) I missed almost every Sega game, never owned one.Anyway, this is pretty cool. It'd be really cool if it were like a weekly-updated thing.
  25. Yoshi Topsy Turvy. That was terrible even for a Yoshi game. There were no redeeming factors in that game. I bought it because I really liked Yoshi Touch & Go. Even though that game was short as all fuck, it was still a lot of fun for me.
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