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  1. I played both of the Castlevanias on the PS2 but all the flaws grossly outweighed the highlights. It just got too repetitious and boring for my tastes. But on the other hand, the 3D Castlevanias on the N64 were both tons of fun for me, even despite the fact that most other people hate them. Sure, they definitely had a different atmosphere than the 2D games, but that's one of the reasons I liked them so much.
  2. Calpis

    Nintendo Wii

    Hell yes. That game was awesome on Dreamcast. Has anyone had any issues with the pointer on the wii-mote kinda flickering or not registering correctly with the TV screen? It flickers with me if I get too far from the TV, roughly 8-10 feet or so. On another note, the DBZ fighting game is suprisingly fun (but also difficult) to play.
  3. I did that with Wind Waker, but it was too much trouble, because every time I died or got close to dying, my roommates would yell at me to just pick up a "f'ing heart container". Sounds insanely annoying =[ At times like that, it's time to use an analogy. Lets see.... How about "getting an extra heart is like saying you're going to win a game of chess blindfolded, and then you take the blindfold off part way through the game and leave it off." [Edit] But you'll want to think of a better one... They don't really care - they're just joking around with me. A running joke around the apartment is how I wasn't "good enough" to beat the original Zelda with just three hearts - I got all the way to Ganon, but never beat him. It's kind of rough with him teleporting around all invisible-like, with his OMG I'm Gonna Take Three Hearts Automatically If I Touch You attack. Three hearts on the original Zelda? I can finish it getting all the hearts I can but still have a tough time at some parts. I've only beaten the second quest once but I can't remember where the blue ring is so I can't finish it lately.
  4. How do they do the ball rolling thing minigame whatnot on the GC? Monkey Ball stylez! Probably easier too. Tip: to make the rollball game a little easier, put the Wiimote on a flat surface.
  5. Speaking of difficulty, I remember Eiji Aonuma (I think it was him) saying something about there being a hard mode in Twilight Princess after you finish it for the first time. I've already finished it but nothing. Did that ever happen?
  6. Okay, I vote the last episode to be the most depressing and messed up episode ever. Come on, the kid dies.
  7. Sorry, I got distracted and hit submit without thinking. EDIT: It's an optional thing, so you need to look for it a bit.
  8. Apparently, the guy doesn't like sound effects in his games. The monkeys? The cursor sparkling noise? Come on. I hated Navi and Tingle, but IMO Midna is a really cool character.
  9. QFE, QFE, and QFE. Just got through this dungeon and want to find more places to use this item. On another note, I seem to remember hearing something about there being a "Hard" mode after you beat the game, but that was back at E3 this year, and I haven't heard anything about it since. Is it still true? I would love to have a go at harder versions of these bosses.
  10. I considered him too, but I didn't think he had the look down. I just thought he was one of the random guys that act gay. They usually have a couple of them in Zelda games, don't they?
  11. This game is amazing. I'm about 14 hours into it now. Just around the point of the first entrance into Hyrule City and Lake Hylia Bridge. This game is huge. I'm not sure what all you guys are really talking about with the controls not being great. The wiimote controls simplify so many things that just weren't possible (or barely possible) with a standard controller. I'm glad to finally be able to swing my sword while walking/running. Fishing at the first part wasn't what I expected, but I bet it gets better when you get a rod with a reel. The dungeons are great, although I have yet to be really stumped on a puzzle (I've been through two dungeons). But after that, the enemy count has gotten much higher, so I'm expecting the game to get a lot harder as well.
  12. It sounds like he's just grabbing at anything to complain about (pressing A to read signs WTF?) which tells me that there really aren't many major problems with the game.
  13. I know I already posted it in the Wii thread, but they've got a shaky cam version of the trailer at http://www.gametrailers.com/
  14. I would have agreed with you before they announced Solid Snake being in Brawl. I know that this doesn't mean that they're gonna add in tons of new characters (Alucard pu-leeze) but in my eyes the chances of adding in another non-Nintendo character are looking better....or has this already been discussed here?
  15. Anyone else think that MegaMan is a likely candidate for a new character?
  16. Calpis

    Sony PS3

    So does anybody else get the impression that Sony just keeps Kutaragi around as a publicity stunt? Every time he says something, people listen.
  17. Calpis

    Sony PS3

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_DiscMore storage space, from what I gather. Ah ... and yet it doesnt impress me too much I know what you mean. I still think it's too early for a format change so Blu Ray and HD-DVD need to wait a little while.
  18. Calpis

    Sony PS3

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_DiscMore storage space, from what I gather.
  19. Ganon/Ganondorf won't be in TP. They said that this game will feature a completely new villian. I'm wondering if they're gonna have Young/Old Link and also Cell-Shaded Link from Wind Waker. He could have some interesting moves.
  20. Only few Square characters are really appropriate for Smash Brothers, IMO. Also, I sure hope that new songs for existing stages are part of the Connect24 thing. I get really sick of hearing the same damn songs on Melee, so I normally play with the music off. It'd be nice if they let you use your own MP3s, but I realize there's only a small to nonexistant chance of that.
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