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  1. I'll agree that controllers are too complicated. Lately I've been getting this sort of twitch going whenever I'm learning something complicated for the first time. Once I learn it and know it, I'm completely fine, but when my brain is trying to do something complicated, learning it for the first time, I start twitching involuntarily and playing a game with an unfamiliar control scheme sets this twitch off like mad. It's really annoying and kind of embarrassing but overall not life threatening or unhealthy. But the same goes for my wife. She's not opposed to video games, so I've been introducing games to her. When the control scheme goes anything beyond moving around + one action button (something like Animal Crossing or Bomberman), she gets frustrated and never plays the game again. But at the same time it really depends on what kind of game you want to play. Could you play a game like Tekken or Halo with just movement and one action button? Probably not, but that's one reason I don't play those games, they don't play intuitively enough to be really fun for me.
  2. Calpis


    I actually didn't like the most recent Miyazaki, I think his older stuff is better. Have you seen either My Neighbor Totoro or Omohide Poro Poro (also known as Only Yesterday)? I really like both of those movies.
  3. I'm actually really glad for Ness and Lucas. Ness is my main but I've always thought that it'd be fun if there were some different things about him and Lucas brings an opportunity to play Ness with some different aspects. Also, Pit looks like a lot of fun and I called WW Link from a long time ago, so I'm really satisfied with this roster.
  4. Man, they're finally having a PLAY! concert in my area but as luck would have it, I'm going to be in Japan that week. Sucks, but I'll also be having a great time in Japan as it's my first trip both in Japan (basically something I've been working toward for 8 years now) and to meet my in-laws. Anyway, sounds like it was a good time. What songs/games did they play?
  5. Speaking of music, here's a clip with just a bunch of the music from the game. Haven't listened to all of it yet though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtXtL32dlE0&feature=related
  6. I'm just speaking from my own experiences with DDR, and maybe it's just the area that I lived in but I played it for roughly three years and all the people I met doing it basically lived at the arcade and had no other social interaction at all. DDR isn't bad, I just hate people that take it way too seriously. Also, judging from the last couple of pages in this thread, I would have easily mistaken it for GameFAQs if it was a text-only version.
  7. Fixed that for ya. Also, WTF is this thread? GameFAQs?
  8. I thought the same things about the movie, even though in the end I didn't like the movie because there was no plot, nothing really that new about it, and it gave me motion sickness.
  9. Didn't like it. I understand that the movie is well made, given the style that the director was trying to achieve, but the problem is that this particular style makes a huge percentage of the population dizzy as fuck. I thought some parts were interesting but overall the story becomes very predictable early on with almost nothing in the way of plot twists. Me and about 90% of the theater (judging from everybody's reactions at the credits) were very disappointed. I think it would have benefited greatly from using traditional cinematography or even a hybrid of both styles would have been better. It's just a little overbearing with all this constant camera motion with little relief. So overall, I didn't entirely hate the movie, but regret paying $8 to see it. I could have easily waited for it to come to Netflix.
  10. I think they were referring to ticket price + refreshments. If so, $20 sounds right.
  11. I like the taste of Calpis drinks and I love the underlying meaning of "sperm".
  12. Here's my opinion: (I'm a website designer so take this opinion as just that, from a website designer.) Not bad. Not too cluttered and pretty easy to use. A little hard on the eyes though. (speaking about color contrasts) Graphically and design-wise, it's clear and concise, albeit slightly plain also font choices could have been better. More specifically, your page titles, link names, and banner could definitely benefit from a more interesting/appropriate font. (Check out http://www.dafont.com ) Text boxes/content containers could look better as well, it seems it's all just plain white lines so it looks a little boring in the middle, which is a shame because I generally like the backgrounds you chose. Overall, it's not difficult to use and looks okay, but could definitely be better. I wouldn't worry about the links popping up on the left side on your music page either.
  13. I remember every Saturday morning I woke up to watch the X-Men animated series and I've watched several episodes since I was a kid and now realize that the production was terrible. That opening song is still nostalgic though...
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    What shows? I honestly didn't see anything other than Death Note last year, mainly due to my bad history with anime. I've looked at a couple titles mentioned around here before (Haruhi, Azumanga) and didn't really get into them. Edit: I think as it is with American shows, anime looks a whole lot better now, but I feel like most if it is just nonsense compared to what was shown a couple decades ago.
  15. Calpis


    QFE. One of the only shows, much less anime, that I was compelled enough to watch all the way through, without missing an episode even.
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    QFE. Also, just because it's anime doesn't mean that it's good. I've been studying Japanese for almost 10 years now (meaning that I understand and appreciate the culture) and can't stomach most of what American "otakus" claim to be gold.
  17. I love how the conversation has degenerated into Super Metroid nostalgia since the Dojo took a break.
  18. I grew up with both PC and consoles. I played all the early console (NES, SNES, Genesis) games alongside with games like Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Doom, Descent, Warcraft, Full Throttle etcetera. My computer isn't the best (bought it 3 years ago and the only upgrades I've done are more RAM and a better monitor.) but I can't bring myself to play PC games anymore. It's such a hassle for me to install the game, correct any install errors, load up the game, download all necessary patches, and then tweak all the options to get optimal perfomance. (that's a big one for me, seriously) By the time I get all that done, which can run up to 1-4 hours, I don't feel like playing the game anymore/something else comes up/a friend calls and wants to do something more fun than wait for my computer to behave. Most of the pro-PC gamers in this thread make statements about anti-PC gamers not 'meeting the curve' or 'slacking off' or whatever but that's exactly my point is that if I want to play a video game, I just want to play it and not have to work for it. Yeah, I've missed out on some good PC games over the years but I honestly don't want to spend that much time playing games anymore.
  19. I would have thought that by "Mortal Kombat" they would have meant harpooning someone in the chest or tearing their head off or something like that. "hit, kicked and body-slammed her" sounds like something you'd pick up from pro wrestling more than Mortal Kombat. Either way, this is terrible and I can't believe that two teenagers can beat up on a 7 year old girl to the point of her death.
  20. Sorry, I should have said full motion videos of live actors. I never played Dragon's Lair but isn't that the animated kind of choose-your-own-adventure game ?
  21. If I'm not mistaken they used one swear word at the end of the original Bionic Commando, although I don't remember what it was. If anyone has played the Tex Murphy games, I'm pretty sure that was the first time I saw FMV and spoken dialogue in a game.
  22. Yeah, I think Walmart is ridiculously successful in Utah due to the high amount of large families that can't live by their means because they get married too early. You see, when LDS missionaries get home from their missions, they are urged to find a wife as soon as possible. Most missionaries arrive home at 20 or 21 and they haven't had the chance to go to any school after High School with little life experience so that leaves them with no money and a wife who usually doesn't have a job either. Another thing about Mormons is that they usually start having children as soon as they're married due to the whole 'abstinence before marriage' rule. They're too eager to have sex and usually don't know what the hell they're doing in bed. So that combined with the fact that teaching proper safe sex in public schools is illegal. (They can only teach abstinence.) This means that LDS guys usually don't know how to use or just plain don't use condoms at all. That's my take on the situation based on my experience living here and growing up in an LDS family. I didn't know about the fire show thing at the conference center though. It sounds pretty cool.
  23. I agree that this episode was awesome. Just as I start to think that maybe I'm getting bored with the satire and commentary, they go back to stuff like Stan puking in Wendy's face and Kenny dying. I loved it.
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