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  1. Grew up in Utah and living in SLC right now. Here's a few tips: The GSL (Great Salt Lake) is pretty boring, but if you insist on seeing it, don't go to Antelope Island (probably closed at this time anyway). I find that most tourists (few as they may be) have this notion that Antelope Island is some sort of resort place for the GSL only to be hilariously mistaken. Trust me, I spent my childhood living three miles from the causeway and never wanted to go there, the smell is horrible. Also, don't swim in the GSL. Just don't. Also, stay away from Utah County (Provo/Orem area). The missionaries will smell your fresh blood from 30 miles away. If you were coming a couple months later, I'd suggest hitting the slopes but there's not enough snow yet for that. But even so, I'd suggest going to Park City. It's got some great wilderness to be seen without having to camp. Great views and some of the easiest-to-find bars (with no cover charge, which is rare in Utah due to the Nazi alcohol laws, if you're into that kind of thing. Keep in mind that Park City is about a 30-45 minute drive from downtown SLC. There's an interesting place in SLC called Sugarhouse that not many Utah outsiders know of. You used to be able to go there and find a lot of shops that aren't the norm in Utah but lately those shops closed up, thanks to the LDS church (that's what I suspect anyway.) It's still an interesting place but possibly not that exciting if you've visited larger cities. For shopping, there's a couple malls, although the LDS church just destroyed the main one recently. You'll probably notice a huge mostly-empty city block just south of Temple Square. There's a mall just west of TS called The Gateway. It's got all you main store commodities that you'd expect to see in just about every other mall in America like Hot Topic, Abercrombie, Express, Applebee's, etc.. You might do well to visit Trolley Square. This is the place that was on the news around February because some crazy asshole entered with a shotgun and a handgun and killed 5 people. Basically there are two main points of interest here: 1. This is where the SLC Hard Rock Cafe is located (mostly a family restaurant here) and 2. for the Rodizio Grill, a Brazillian restaurant. Really good but kind of expensive compared to other restaurants in the city. The bit about the seagulls is true and I really hate it and because it's a state bird nobody's allowed to kill them so they're everywhere, fucking trash birds. Don't give them food, it's like Hitchcock's movie and you'll regret it. When I was a kid we used to feed the seagulls Alka-Seltzer. It makes them explode. Anyway, there's probably more to say, but it's late so I'll post more later. PS - I hate Crown Burger, I don't understand why Utah likes that place so much.
  2. As much as I loved this episode, I still don't understand why some people despise Guitar Hero. I mean, I know it's not a replacement for the real thing but that doesn't make it a terrible game. Now, what does piss me off about GH 1 and 2 is the shitty vocals/censored vocals. (I hear that's fixed in the new game.) Anyway, my favorite part was the kid playing Jordan "acoustically" at the cafe. "Oh! I love this song!"
  3. *attempting to revive the thread So did anybody watch the Trilogy? I really enjoyed the return of the Woodland Critters and seeing Mario, Manbearpig, the Katamari Prince and Link in there. Overall it was enjoyable but not quite as epic as I initially thought it was going to be.
  4. I think exactly the opposite about Ness. Even though he's my main character, I still think he was really overpowered in the original (can we say yoyo=cheap as hell) but had a good balance in Melee. I think it couldn't hurt if they gave him a little more power, but it's not really necessary. I really hope that they replace the PK flash with something more useful. Any thoughts on what his final smash will be? Here's to hoping it's PK Rockin'.
  5. This update is awesome not only in the fact that the Franklin Badge is being included but it's a sign that a Mother character will be in the game. I know it's kind of stupid to think that they wouldn't include one, but I was starting to worry a little bit. Ness is my main character!
  6. Best bet: level up Gogo, give him the Atma Weapon and Ragnarok/Excalibur, only give him fight commands. You can beat him then. Not like it's worth it though....
  7. I don't watch anime that much. My friends have always tried to get me to watch anime and I've seen the first couple episodes of about every anime out there but there are only about two of them that I've watched past that point because I'm just not that interested. That said, I watched every single episode of Death Note from the very beginning, and eagerly anticipated the next episode every time. Even though the ending is a little disappointing, I think that's only because that's the nature of all endings.Overall, the series is exciting and smart. The music is awesome, only some of the characters are two-dimensional, and the atmosphere is consistent. I loved every episode.
  8. I'll have to check that out on Bomberman game when I get home. I'm just not sure how you'd pick who is player 5...
  9. It'd be cool, but I don't see it happening. It seems like the Wii only has a maximum of four controller ports, the wired ones just tap into the port that the cooresponding wiimote is assigned to. Example, if you play a VC game that can use the Gamecube controller or the wiimote, you can play the game at the same time with either controller. </speculation>
  10. I wish. It'll probably be an October/November release.
  11. Aside from all the comments about mode7 and Ninja Gaiden, I mostly agree here. Using game creator engines to create your own game will only act as a crutch that will hurt your game in the end. Learn Object-Oriented Programming and once you're used to it try to create a couple simple games (start with something like tic tac toe or checkers).
  12. Yeah, I remember that episode. I always wondered why they just brought her back like that.
  13. So with Xerol dropping out, it looks like I'm paired up with linkspast, right?
  14. I suck at using the keyboard as well, but I've still made it into the finals. Okay, I'm not horrible with the keyboard, just noticeably slower than usual.
  15. Is anybody going to record their matches? I'm thinking of doing it, as long as everybody's okay with it. I'm not at home right now so I can't check, but ZSNES has a record feature, doesn't it?
  16. Just played DarkCecil. He pwnt me the first round, but I won the rest. (4-1) Almost all of them were pretty good matches though.
  17. Calpis

    Nintendo Wii

    So I'm pretty sure nobody remembers but I made a Tetris Attack Flash game awhile ago and had a thread about it. I've decided to finish the game and make it compatible for the Wii browser. You can play it at www.tylercarruth.com/tetris.html . It's playable on the Wii right now, although really damn slow at the moment. It was all originally made in Flash 7 anyway so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues. Anyway, this is just to let you guys know that it's up there and will be seeing many updates soon, if you're interested in playing TA on the Wii. Edit: There's no preloader on it right now so just wait a little and it'll eventually load, sorry
  18. Kamoh: I like the first version as well. It's the way that most tournaments I've been in before do it, so I like it that way.
  19. I played a little on ZSNES last night on my PC Gamepad. If worse comes to worse and I end up having to play with that pad, I won't be much of a threat to the better players. I mean, I can still pull off 5 and 6 chains but it's with much difficulty as I just can't control the cursor and flip as quickly as I normally can. This is opposed to when I use the SNES pad, I can usually do 10 chains with the same amount of effort. All in all, I might just pick up a PS2 to USB converter as I probably don't have the time to wait for the shipping on an SNES converter. I'll probably be on IRC later tonight to try some pick up games if anyone wants to join. I still need to figure out Hamichi though.... Does anyone have a quick tutorial handy?
  20. I don't see any image there. Am I missing some inside joke or something?
  21. Calpis

    Nintendo Wii

    I broke my Wii strap by giving Wii Bowling I-just-got-a-turkey high fives to everyone. It didn't help that I was very inebriated at the time.
  22. If you're interested in getting more info on how all the Zelda games correlate with each other, check out GameTrailer's Zelda Retrospective, particularly #6. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2631 I think it's a pretty good run down of the series up to, but not including Twilight Princess.
  23. Calpis

    Nintendo Wii

    The only thing I really hate about MK64 is the frame-skipping and no music factor when playing 3-4 players. Aside from that, I liked both games equally. Even so, I'd rather have Diddy Kong Racing instead of either of them but I don't see that happening any time soon.
  24. I do have a USB gamepad, I just play a lot faster and better with the original SNES pad, so I'll be practicing a little this week.
  25. I want in on this. I just need to get used to playing this game with something other than an SNES pad.
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