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  1. I just want to emphasize how much I love this song--it kicks so much ass. I listen to it all the time. Ahh it makes me so filled with joy & happiness.
  2. This is my favorite OC remix. Ever. The title matches the mood perfectly, and driving around too fast with this in some hot little car has got to be the funnest thing I've done in a long time. Though my passenger friends were not so excited.
  3. It's so so so fast, but I love it anyway. It makes me want to get up and dance until I pass out, and maybe bust out on some awesome limit break dance move or something. I don't know, that was so corny I should go into the corner and die. But anyway. Racy and fantastic. The 'beginning riff' is my favorite part that's played throughout. Hot stuff.
  4. \m/ Totally true to the original but 80 billion times more hardcore and still awesome. The basstastic interlude at 1:38 is also hot as hell, and it definitely makes me think of Midgar and all the robot related bosses. All the other bosses are so not hardcore enough.
  5. Bigass vast improvement over the Summer Samba thing from long long ago. I'm just kind of sad that the mumbling at the first is completely unintelligible--glad somebody translated it, heh. It's very original. To me, it's almost not so much a remix of the song as it is his own song with the essence of Fighting. The different instruments used throughout make a huge compliment to the song, and I just really enjoy it, even though the bass almost sometimes sounds out of key. That might be just because it's so low it's--it's as unintelligible as the mumbling at first. I love 3:30, though, even if the funny "waoowayyoowayyooo" voice thing is ... special.
  6. Okay, I won't lie: I really, really hate the Monty Python thing. It's funny, and I love the movie, and I think it's mildly appropriate given that it's the victory fanfare and I've had my fair share of moments coming out of a boss battle with so little HP left I'm surprised I have limbs. But I like the actual music in this song so much that the MP bit makes me go "Wait, wtf?" As for the actual music, it's really--weird. It's weird and different, but very interesting throughout, especially with the bizarre combination of synthesizing and jazz awesomeness. It makes me think of someone doing a fanfare in slow motion, really. I'm not big on fadeouts, but that's kind of how the real fanfare can go, you know, so it works.
  7. To at least give a little hope to this remix, as above poster said, it might destroy the sanctity of Aeris's theme, but I can so barely pick out Aeris's theme at all that it doesn't bother me. I just can't listen to it at all since it grates on my soul--not quite my flavor.
  8. I'm glad this piece finally went somewhere. It had a lot of potential and a lot of it was fulfilled--yet some parts of it sound not just muddy, but out of rhythm. While piano doesn't quite rely on that kind of rhythm totally, if there isn't any at all it starts to lose a lot of its tastiness. This DOES have a lot of tasty goodness in the middle, though, albeit it sounding rushed and just attempting to throw in some prelude-tastic flair under the actual Aeris theme. It's only semi-hard to swallow, though, and once you actually get used to it, it's really nice. Despite me beating on the mix, it's still great, and one of my favorites--something I listen to a lot.
  9. I downloaded this mix a long time ago and it is still one of my most favorite OC Remixes. It might be trance, but most people who do trance SUCK at doing trance. This is an awesome song. I always find something great about it every time I listen. Love, love, love.
  10. I do love this song. It's great. But I just want to point out to those that are Mormon and seemed kinda offended, or didn't get the Mormon reference, that I'm sure the guy who posted was making an obscure reference to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who are pretty famous. Go Reu!
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