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  1. The only thing I couldn't figure out about the Silent Hill games (note: I've only played 3 and 4) is how the monsters fit into the story of the game. In RE, the monsters were the whole threat, they were the conflict in the story. In Silent Hill, (IMO) they just seem to be thrown in there to slow the character down, they don't seem to fit in the storyline at all. Am I just missing something?
  2. I need to find some better quality soundfonts. Ones with more memory in them to help them sound better. Most of my tracks come off as bastard children of the Final Fantasy VI/VII OSTs.
  3. Hello again, I've been requested to do an industrial/hard rock song (without vocals), and I need some decent guitar soundfonts (distortion, overdriven, any decent ones that can work with Fruity Loops) and basically some ideas and suggestions on HOW to construct an industrial/hard rock song. I got a good start going (with an Industrial drum set and a Distortion guitar from the Setzer SPC bundle, both from Darkesword's website), but I don't know much about how to get that industrial sound, Chord progression ideas would be helpful too. Thanks plenty.
  4. Am I insane, or are Soundfonts on FL supposed to have sort of a tinny sound to them? I went to Darkesword's page and downloaded the Setzer and Harp soundfonts, but IMO they don't have a good clear sound to them. (And I will accept insanity as a possibility, I woke up this morning and found I was eating toilet paper. Its a really long, but ultimately amusing story.)
  5. Yes I realize that would've been more convenient for everyone, however time is not of my side. Thankfully, Darkesword helped me out, and my problem is solved.
  6. I recognize that name. You did a Secret of Evermore mix of Hall of Collosia on VGMix, am I right? That was a great remix, and an inspiration to what I'm working on now (sadly, the results are not the same...) So how do I get soundfonts to work for Fruity Loops? I'm not familiar with them at all.
  7. I just got Fruity Loops, so I definitely need some good samples, I'm not sure what works best with Fruity Loops. I need: Piano Flute Pan Flute Organ (Church, drawbar, almost any kind) Choir Violin Acoustic Bass or Fretless Guitars Bells Harpsichord Harp Any good Fantasy-like synth sounds. I greatly appreciate any help that can be provided. I think WAVs. work for the best for it, but I don't know. If you know any good places, please email me at Thank you very much.