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  1. Use a Youtube-to-MP3 converter to download the track as an MP3. Then Google something like "Identify song by upload" where you can upload the MP3 and see if they can trace it to something or somewhere. I did that for a few tracks back in May that I've had for over a decade and don't know anything about and they certainly solved those mysteries.
  2. Yer not a moron, Hobo, it just took you quite a long time to get your shit working. A LONG time. But you still got it working and that justifies the time spent on it. Not all of us get to be talents or savants. Not all of us get to be Zircon or bLiNd or Rebecca Trip or among the upper echelons of fame in this line of work - we have to trade our lack of early success for eventual success and be thankful for it lest God takes it away overnight. Today I can call myself a veteran in this art and act like it, but my decade-long dorky newbie era is just as fresh in my mind as they were then and scattered throughout this website for all to see as well. It stays as a constant reminder that there is blood, tears and torn flesh even in rearranging video game music for those that pursue it without the talent to start a fire on launch.
  3. If I lose my rank and get busted down to Newbie because of someone I've never met is mucking around in the code, I'm going to shit bricks until I can build an entire village of brick houses for low-income families that are not eligible for state financial assistance to contain my rage. Rage!
  4. Glad you could hear it, Clem Fandango. And yes, that is a wordplay reference on Toast Of London.
  5. Darkesword's just being curtly dismissive, as always. For me personally, I don't get the same impression but I can imagine how you might. Especially if I listen to it in my head as a slow solo piano song or something like it, I can definitely hear a lot more melancholy; specifically like someone or something trying to put on a bright, happy front while being far more down behind it. I feel like there have been songs I've also much later caught subtle emotional hints and impressions like you have though I couldn't name any examples of memory right now.
  6. The Seiken Densetsu 3 project - because I was on that project for 12 years and shit blood for it more than once in my sanity-defying, reality-molesting quest to finish that god-literally-forsaken project for you testicle-explodingly-pedantic listeners to like it less than any other project ever made. I feel like I permanently gave up a portion of my humanity to see it to the end...
  7. **sus, pisano, you really got the whole soundtrack in there (except for one missing video, but that aside). How did you get your hands on the entire thing? There aren't that many MIDI files of the soundtrack out and around that I know of and I can't believe you would've transcribed so many tracks by ear for such a project as this.
  8. I hadn't seen EW products on sale this low until I posted here. Like I say, I don't know if other stores are now meeting these prices as well, I just know JRR is.
  9. I signed up for JRRshop's newsletter and frequently get a lot of sales intel from them. THIS one I post on today does look like they are the lowest prices on East West stuff I've seen yet. I don't know if other stores are doing the same thing, but East West's stuff still measures up (if you can make peace with PLAY's sampler software) and I find them tempting even after I've already invested in orchestral samples elsewhere. https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=desc&manufacturer=129&order=position&sale=1&type=2 Specifically relevant: EWQLSO Platinum Plus - $299.00 East West Silk - $149.50 East West Gypsy - $149.50 East West Goliath - $149.50 East West Hollywood Orchestral Gold - $299.00 Stormdrum 3 - $149.50 And even some diamond level solo stuff between $75.00 and $150.00. Worth sharing here.
  10. Why am I only now seeing notifications from Thursday and being quoted in Russian?
  11. Context: I long maintained a stance that I never wanted to master my own audio - learning composition, arrangement and mixing was enough and I wanted to trust others with a non-biased ear to handle it. Today is different as my music career has ventured into different directions than I had expected. I want to release a slatter of material and paying $100-$150 for mastering each release when I may never see $100-$150 come back for each release just isn't economically viable in the continued Pandemic age. At that same time, I learned that newer versions of Ozone had "smart" or AI-directed mastering in it and one place had Ozone 8 standard for $50. So I bought it. A lot of audiophiles likely bristle at the idea of AI mastering instead of a trained ear, but I don't. I think modern AI auto options have come a long way and can get me where I'd really like to be here. What I Want To Do: I'm aware that a $50 program is not going to be the same quality as a 30 year trained professional charging $100 a song. For these types of releases, I don't really need THE best mastering audio quality, I just need the bare minimum of getting it to sound good enough. 1. Getting frequencies all "colored inside the lines" and not bleeding out or being too much, etc. 2. Getting frequencies and song volumes all consistent within the same album release. 3. Getting the bare minimum amount of clarity for the instruments and accompaniment (maybe related to item #1 above?). What I'm trying to do is build myself a solid process for doing this like I have for my final mix-down and loop-point setting stuff so I know what to do and can just do it quick and efficiently. Again, this is just for "less significant" music tracks that I do - commissioned music and music that I think should have better mastering I'll still be trusting to professionals. This is a solution for me releasing other material that needs to be mastered but really just doesn't need/justify a busy expensive professional for that. Questions: I've played around with it some, but I have not really achieved much yet as, obviously, I have some questions. 1. What things do I need to get and put in Ozone? For example, I know I'm missing a METERING plugin that I read is supposed to be what helps me gauge and get volume levels consistent. I have Zynaptiq Intensity that I have a reliable preset for and use on everything. What other essential components like a metering plugin should I look for? 2. How do I get stereo width consistent on all tracks? Is that what I use the "Imager" plugin in Ozone 8 for? How perfectly aligned does each track have to have its stereo image with each other to be acceptable? 3. I have reference tracks that I want my tracks to sound like when mastered. Does Ozone 8 automatically try to get my track to match the waves/levels of the reference track when I use the Master Assistant. Am I supposed to get the output waves to physically (as it appears on screen) to match the reference track waves? 4. This might be a dumb question, but it is If I get one of my tracks in Ozone 8 sounding the way I'm satisfied with, is it appropriate or stupid to try to save this as a preset to process all the other songs I want to put in as a means of getting consistency in the frequencies? I might have other questions, but that's the main crux of it for now. Answers I'm Not Looking For: Almost every time I ask a question on an audio forum, if I get any responses at all, most of them are usually unhelpful and fall into these categories: "Just use [some other program/service entirely] LOL" "Just hire a professional to do it LOL" "Just learn how [every single tiny component of art] and do it yourself. Learn how compression works. Learn how limiting works. Learn how [xxxx] works. Read books, take classes, listen to lectures, train your ears, spend 5 years and thousands of dollars to do something from scratch instead of however you're trying to do it. I'm telling you this because this is ironically the preset answer any "serious" audio person should answer your questions with because I can't be bothered to actually read the topic or assume you have ever considered such a basic concept before LOL" "Ever heard of Google? LOL" Please understand these responses are not helpful. I chose to do a form of audio mastering with this program for a specific purpose and for specific reasons, I'm not going to go with a completely different direction at this point. I have already used Google and I still have some questions. If you haven't used Ozone 8 Standard or know what I'm talking about, you don't need to respond. Long post, very specific, but hopefully detailed enough that I have explained my context and my questions well enough. Thank you!
  12. This trainwreck, Jojo's-Bizarre-Adventure-meets-a-Cannibal-Corpse-album-cover-pandemic-existence I'm in has not slowed down even a little bit. It's been a new, high level gut punch every day. Highlights from the last five weeks include: * I discovered my best friend of 18 years, and one of the very few I have left at all, as well as someone who got me into Ocremix to start with, had waged a full-scale smear campaign against me to my ex-wife behind my back while he knew we had plans to get remarried. He sold me out as someone who's on the verge of going on a shooting rampage, telling straight up lies, misconstruing things I told him in confidence that he used as ammo against me. And for what? Just so he could exchange lewd videos with her. I can't even compare the sheer scale of that betrayal to anything. I'm just as jaw-on-the-floor shocked now as when I discovered it 5 weeks ago. It's explicit. I have screencaps of it. There is no ambiguity whatsoever. And he still had the gall to talk to me as always with his other face like he was justified for it. When I confronted him, he wasn't even sorry. "Why would I defend you?" he said. I called him a hedonist at one point, he took that title in cheerfully. It's the kind of thing that you go pay a local voodoo witch to curse so there is some kind of cosmic karmic reprisal, but there's no point, whatever karmic reprisal would be in store for him has already been going on his entire life. There's nothing to take back as punishment. It's the most senseless thing I've ever seen with my own eyes, and I've seen actual paranormal shit. * Oh yeah, and his efforts to derail my remarriage were pretty ***damn successful. My progress there went so far back that my depression relapsed into overdrive and I had panic attacks every night for two weeks. * My dad's cancer recovery has not been working out. He still can't talk and is eating out of a ***damn medical bag. * Two weeks ago, my dad also announced he was getting divorced from his wife who is not my mom. This is while he can't talk and can't eat anything. He lives 2,000 miles from me and I can't get to him to help him directly. * One week ago, I learned my dad's wife did NOTHING to help him during his cancer recovery. That's 8 months of leaving him to fend for himself. Also, he's the one that had to move out. My brothers just hauled off and drove across the country to help him out (though no one told me about it until they were already out of the state). * Got sick one day, non-COVID related, took a nap for a brief bit, woke up and somehow one of my cats got out again. Waited for him to come back for 6 hours, then spent 9:00PM to 7:30AM chasing him all around the mountainous woods trying to get his ass back inside because he refused to come back in on his own for some reason. You ever hike a mountain? Not just the trails, but all the ledges you're walking by that slope obtusely and are covered with bushes and trees? Yeah, do that chasing a fucking cat for 10 hours in the dark until the sun comes up. Literally walking through bushes. I got him back in but my body was cut the fuck up. * And my worst fear came to life - the cat contracted fleas with him. I lose even less time in the day keeping things COVID kosher and now fighting flea infestation (although I've almost won it). * Last week I woke up to several responses on Facebook and a few privates messages from a Trump supporter who was threatening serious, call-the-police violent interaction on me for a meme I posted in response to someone's pro-Trump bullshit. This wasn't the typical Trump-thumper chest-thumping, this dude was claiming to me privately he knew where I lived, making a countdown to when he was going to show up, and that he was going to murder me and my cats. So what did I do? I just responded by posting to him in PM the same meme that set him off to begin with. Dude blocked me on Facebook from there. Ironically, I'm pretty sure he really was Trump-thumping chest-thumping after all, he just wanted to go a few steps further than most. I've had dozens of folks tell me they're going to find me and fuck me up and not a single one has shown up yet. * Then came a gut-punch I really was worried about - I got a letter from the IRS saying I still owed them several thousand dollars even though I know I'm paid up for the year. A long and frustrating accounting journey to get into my IRS account while my tax guy is out of the state for several weeks and while the IRS hotline has "extremely limited capacity" to serve me showed that they received my money and still said I owed them that amount. They put my payment in the wrong fucking year. Eventually I got it straightened out, but after all the rest of the shit going on, something like that coming in just feels predictable and typical, right? * Currently operating at 15% reserves, functioning and power from already challenging atmosphere with depression and depression-medication complications and additional lifestyle complications from COVID-19 while living entropy continues to overclock at 178%. * Newest gut punch? Another of the last few actual friends I had suddenly died. Suddenly to me, at least, it turns out they'd actually been in a medically induced coma for 25 days. They relapsed into drugs and this batch was cut was something unknown, so it went straight to their brain and began literally eroding it. Then one by one all the organs shut down. Even if they had survived the MI coma, they'd just be a living corpse. So essentially they'd been murdered (and now the third of my classmates that has been murdered out of like 8 at most that had died), they leave behind an 11-year-old child, and what's left of the family does not have the $10,000 it takes to cremate them. I think I've reached the point where I can call this some "Marquis De Sade shit" without it being exaggerated melodrama. I darkly wonder how much more of this awaits before I have my heart attack or stroke or both.
  13. It already had a spiritual successor with Herc's Adventures as well as a direct sequel with Ghoul Patrol. The former was much less of a hit than ZAMN and people hate the latter for the same reason people think Donald Trump is the second coming of Christ. It looks kinda cool, but its banking on being the modern ZAMN dooms it and it looks underwhelming for what it is in general.
  14. Now entering the somewhat worn field of Ocremixers turning into sound design conglomerates is professional aspie Meteo Xavier with a set of 60 Omnisphere multi-instruments ("multis") for $5.00. Taken from my website: Fusion Dance is my first attempt to make a sound set the way I always go to look for sound sets. This is 60 multi-instruments for only $5.00. This is not a “bread and butter” sound set – you already have hundreds if not thousands of “bread and butter” sounds. No, this is for musicians like me who have lots of sounds that are supposed to generally work anywhere and not be too recognizable because many musicians have a hard-on about that kind of thing taking away the mystique or something. Instead, Fusion Dance is inspired by my love of late 90s/early 2000s romplers, particularly the Roland XV 5050 and 5080, which feature stacks of instruments programmed into a single sound that, oftentimes, sounds unlike anything else and those with trained ears can pick them out in a track once they hear it. Fusion Dance is more than just me trying to play Eric Persing, though, many of these sounds are designed to be enormous – in some cases you could make up half the track pressing a single note. I made them bigger than I normally hear and I made them sound like things I don’t normally hear. Fusion Dance is designed to emphasize multiple made-from-scratch presets together to form movement (hence the name) and have all manner of clever and avant-garde design plus a lot of use of the orb, so you have filters, rhythms, panning, timbre and all kinds of things doing more than just staying in one place as you sustain notes and chords. This set was built in Omnisphere 1.5.6 and is confirmed compatible with Omnisphere 2 up to recent versions. Sound Demo https://soundcloud.com/meteox9999/fusion-dance-omnisphere-demo Anyone who may be interested in purchasing it can PM me as I'm just doing a "Paypal me $5.00 and I'll send you the .rar set which is only 10.5MB" for right now until I get it up on more conventional VST store platforms. More information can be found on this post on my website. https://12mxmedia.com/2020/07/30/fusion-dance-by-12mx-media-for-omnisphere-1-5-6/ Thank you and enjoy!
  15. Are there new allegations against Soule? If not, I'm not sure how it's only now come to your attention. The news about Nathalie Lawhead* was back in 2019. * - As far as I know, I'm not related to Nathalie Lawhead. I did email her to ask if she knew any family relationship between us and never got a response.
  16. My AKG K240s cans are soon to wear out after more than a decade of being probably the most important tool to my music development short of FL Studio 11 itself. It will be time between now and 2021 to replace them and I'm wondering what modern cans you folks are using for mixing at the proper (or "flat") signal frequencies and high quality audio playback in this era. Budget could be as high as $300.00. Doesn't HAVE to be a 2020 model of anything, I just want to get something a lot more modern than my previous model was at 12 years old at least. What recs do you folks have?
  17. I agree, it sounds like some kind of fizzy saw or maybe even a wavetable thing that's really high up, doing a simple 1, -5, -12 arp and having some filter modulated on it so that only the first note sounds really "fizzy". I feel like I've heard this sound in z3ta+2 and Synth 1 (though obviously that's not what he used here).
  18. I have to tender my resignation on this project, to no small amount of personal disappointment and chagrin. I wrote it on over to Rexy first and now I'm writing it publicly. The conflict is all on my end - when I first joined up to try to help push this sucker out and today is the difference between World of Balance and World of Ruin, to put it in Final Fantasy VI terms. I wasn't exactly Spring Chicken at that time in terms of vitality and work availability, but I could do it. Then I had a medium-sized relapse into (depression-related) depersonalization in August, then me and my family's world got pretty damn well upended just before Christmas 2019, then we had snow and floods in February just before COVID-19 hit, THEN COVID-19 hit the planet, THEN my dad announced he has throat cancer. Now my Mom just started having an episode of anxiety-related something that is similar to the depersonalization and I have to be helping her with that. Of those items, only the flood and snow has actually cleared up, the rest is still present. As a result, my administrative performance so far has been well below what I would personally find acceptable and it's pretty plain to see that I'm not currently fit to tackle the role. I don't have as much invested in this project as I did SD3 (err, "Trials Of Mana" now, fucking Square-Penis...) so powering through it isn't really justified this time around. Sorry to bring a downer to this album's projection, but I'm at "unarmed Jubei Kibagami in Ninja Scroll" stage on this end. Best of luck, or whatever we have going on for statistical chance in 2020 right now, for following this album forward!
  19. By now, I'm sort of curious to see if my orchestral production skill could pull off my own proper rendering of the original MIDI. I wouldn't submit it here, I'd just do it to see if I could. I don't have any more notes here other than I would hope listeners could hear the Addams Family and Dracula: Dead And Loving It waltzes in this here arrangement. That would be exquisite. Also, related but not totally relevant, I only just yesterday learned that Jimmy Workman, who played Pugsley in the Raul Julia Addams Family movies is Ariel Winter's (ABC's Modern Family) brother. I pride myself on knowing obscure movie connection shit like that and I never knew that. They're actually estranged on family drama, but Ariel Winter had/continues to have a much better relationship with her on-screen asian cousin played by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, for whom I personally shot photography for as her dad, Kent Emmons, is a client of ours at work (somehow). I had this A-list child actress hold a door open for me while I moved camera stuff. They've both even been to my MOM'S HOUSE from which I was raised from the age of 8. So I got that weird 3-degrees-from-Jeff Lawhead thing going for me there, too. I'm telling you this because I'm old and insane and I want my story told - in tiny fragments spread across vast corners of the internet for future Branch Lawheadians to piece together slowly over the course of 90 years - before I'm dead and reincarnated as someone's nipple polyp.
  20. I've got too much work as it is, but I'm addicted to inquiring further anyway. Any chance you or your composer have any .mid files of these compositions or could rig up the main meat of the non-rhythmic content in the tracks? It would make remixing (for myself and for others) a hell of a lot easier and cut down on time.
  21. Not even close to the best luck ever. I'm not going to go into details, but like everything else in my orbit, it's a lot more complicated, dramatic and pretty much impossible to communicate correctly to others than normal things of its type and trying to elucidate it to others just gives them the wrong idea and impression of what's really going on. For all intents and purposes, it's more like I'm widowed than divorced, except I use Gmail to talk to her instead of a ouija board.
  22. Major clinical depression, insomnia, divorce, dead kid I use for "social currency" whatever that is, misanthrope, vulgarity, projects that just refuse to ever get finished no matter what happens and my dad has cancer. So pretty much the same as it's ever been before COVID-19 except for that last one.
  23. Hi there. For years I have had a small SFC/SNES group called SFCaliber and for years I have wanted to release some SFC/SNES original music under that brand. I think I'm finally in a position to do so, so I'd like to make a call out to any one who has does any original compositions with SFC/SNES instruments to PM me about inclusion into a compilation release. Details: * It's a FREE album, so there is no payment or money exchange of any kind. It's purely for the art and fun of it. I won't be monetizing anything or having ads or backend financing either. For that reason, I am largely asking for tracks anyone has already done and finished so that I'm not asking for free work/effort that hasn't already been done. * Preference towards really "meaty" content - not just 45 second Final Fantasy battle or Super Mario World stage BGM knockoffs. Tracks more than 2:30 in length with some real compositional content and identity is what I'm looking for. They CAN be video-game sounding tracks that loop twice or whatever, but they need to be pretty interesting and long all the same. * Tracks that are 95% or more made up of SNES instruments only, please. Not really interested in hybrids between SNES samples and other chip sounds or commercial samples. Super Audio Cart is fine. * It will be released on my Bandcamp page for free with information specifically crediting each artist for their tracks. I think that's all I have to write on that for now. Please PM me if interested. Thank you!
  24. Hey pisanos. If you ever wanted the guy who was a Sergeant in Vietnam and then a lawyer and THEN scored half of the most memorable and politically incorrect FPS classics of the 90s to teach you how to play a tiny four-string guitar, your wet dream has come true. I'm not personally affiliated with this, I just thought it would be a cool thing to post that no one else was going to post. Going to be this coming Sunday at 3:00PM EST.
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