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  1. The only complaint I have is that the end was a little slow. 8/10
  2. I have two loves...potato chips...and this song. . I love it 10+/10
  3. Even though it strayed about 1000 miles off the original songs, it was still pretty good. It's kind of like getting lost in Hawaii. Who really cares where you are, if you're still in Hawaii 8/10.
  4. I love this remix. This is my personal favorite ff6 song, so I am usually really harsh about remixes of it, but this was really well done. I wasn't a major fan of the long pauses at the beginning,(note: that section was the only part of Huang's arrangement I disliked) but an easy 9/10.
  5. Have to say, Really not feeling the mix so much. It is just a little too slow for my liking. The guitar was also just a little too heavy. 5/10 (I still like the original song, so I enjoyed listening to it a bit)
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