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  1. Nice a new album. I tossed you a few pounds, Proto. Have a beer or whatever, I'm going to enjoy it.
  2. I didn't care for much on how Apple moved in it's current direction, but Jobs did help technology. I'm trying really hard not to hate the guy becuase he has done a lot of great things and bad things for the market. I guess I just respect the man, I just don't like him. My hats off to you Jobs.
  3. Dear god, I need to check my house. I hope it's still there.
  4. Beyond the animation and stuff, I do have one question, why do people go apeshit when I hack anything? I mean guards makes sense, but when I hack anything in front of civies they don't just react, they freak out like I just pulled a gun and started shooting. The game doesn't have any levels beyond normal and complete freak out. Really, it's amusing when I hack a keypad and some black chick in china runs out of the apartments yelling "He's going to kill me!"
  5. I don't quite get some the themes with the game. I've been playing the first Deus Ex game for a while. Interactions are great, but the peoples frames are all over the place. I mean seriously, I felt like I was talking to bobble heads and coked laced sugar heads. Game is pretty good though.
  6. I have been thinking a while over how to respond over this. My tension is a bit relaxed and I got my anger on a bit of control. I'm just going to rant for a momment and say how, like everyone else, EC has done a lot of work into making a entertaining yet great think tank, if I am free to say that. Money does sadly make the world go round and lacking in that can lead to so many issues. By the way it sounds, it seems that you guys got into a very crappy contract but knew that and went to work anyway. I don't know what is going to happen, but I do know that if you cats continue your work, you will make it. Allison's donation drive showed how much you guys are being looked at and I am certain you will either get picked up or just go solo on the work. I say this, because something like extra credits is needed to bring out ideas and discussion that can bring video games in a positive direction. I don't like where you guys are at nor do I like how Escapist is getting hated. However I feel that everything will be fine and I wanted to thank you for the service you have done for the Video Game scene and the great hours of entertainment you gave us. I hope you guys continue, for I will be watching. Edit: Just a quick P.S. I was going to check on Wikipedia to make sure there wasn't a flame war, and it seems EC doesn't even have an article.. how odd is that?
  7. Lufia 1 for the SNES. It took a long grind to get the game defeated. What made the journey epic was that I lost my data tice when my SNES fell to the ground and thus corrupting my data. The first time it was not a big deal,I was a mere 5 hours in, but the second time I lost the data I was 40 hours deep into the game and was on the last leg of the trip. I was so happy to defeat it, but history repeated itself and the cartridge wanted a third date with gravity.
  8. Friday actually was just surprisingly bad, this is just bad.
  9. I don't know what you guys did, but I've hit two diamond veins so far since the server came back.
  10. I'll give a look at. The place is huge, going to take me a while before I won't get lost.
  11. I'm just now working on a wharf and a small shak bit off from the main city. I'm hoping to get an island house in the next few days.
  12. You guys got me tempted to start minecraft so I just siad " To hell with it" and Got set up. Names Kutharos. I really need to figure out firsthand why this game is so fun.
  13. Are you kind of a dick online? Do you worry if the populous likes you or not? I'm certian most of you have already said " Are you kidding me?" Or straight out laughed at the thought of caring about what other people think. Yet the almighty Dave o Steam seems to say that is so. Escapist seems to sum it up. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/110056-Valve-Discusses-Charging-Customers-Based-on-Popularity And a link the original interview, the topic are at the bottom of the page. http://www.develop-online.net/features/1192/Gabe-Newell-on-Valve Now a lot of us use steam, including myself. This not an announcement but just and idea. Yet is it a good idea? I personally think that it could turn into a 1984 for online gaming despite getting rid of trolls we have a few peoplee who do act trollish but are pretty decent most of the time. I personally think it's a form of ethical slavery that would go against Gabe's intention. But I rant, what are your thoughts if such a model was put into existence?
  14. That ratio changes when you get into the Role Playing aspect in fantasy settings.
  15. When I finished the single player I scratched my head as to how this would lead to a third game. Though playing the co-op seemed to silence that thought. They did indeed give openings to the game to allow sequels. Bravo Valve.
  16. See with the ending song? That's the only time I am down with Auto tunes, when it has to involve robots or aliens singing.
  17. Sheesh. I feel kind of slow bit I had a blast on single and played a few random co-op, which is surprisingly nice if people knew how to stop hot micing.
  18. Good thing I pre-downloaded before the rush gates open. Looks like the TF2 server is going to be empty for a bit.
  19. Good beats as usual. I am going to have a blast playing these on Audio Surf.
  20. an army of kirbies at my disposal........excellent.
  21. The sonic team is slowly making progress. By slow I mean molasses on sandpaper slow.
  22. Depends if we mean actuall 100% by the games standards or not. There are some games like Chrono Cross where I devoted three rounds of playing the game just so I can get the selection off all the toons in the game. By far the closet I gotten in any game to 100% was in super metroid. I think it was around 75% after my 4th run.
  23. I don't have a particular hate for country music. I just feel that id does not reflect me as a person and I won't listen to it because of that. I respect the music, I just don't like it myself. I usually compare country to rap because while country is just odd if not something I can't reflect on, Rap is mainly shallow and has no point to it beyond hedonistic ideals.
  24. If anyone is going to make a remix then you guys are in luck. A user named Gil-Galad in a diffrent forum made an NSF rip already. EDIT: Gilgalad found an issue with his orginal rip. He mad a correction for it. The new link is on the bottom. http://gilgalad.arc-nova.org/junk/NSF/Bio%20Force%20Ape%20NSF%20fix.zip
  25. I just played the first two levels of this game and I just have one thing to say after my first run of it. " I German suplexed a Kangaroo. "
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