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  1. Ya beaucoup de Quebecois sur OCR.

    Ben, plus que un au moins ;)

  2. Hey, dude, did you get my pm?

  3. Dude, if you're serious about the album thing, I'm in. I don't think I'd know where to start on my own but if we're two we can maybe make something magical happen.

  4. White page anxiety is when you have to write something, but the page is blank and is trying very hard to remain that way.

  5. I see you've been "ignored" by Xavier... Sucks to be him really... oh well, when will people realize that if they don't want anyone to disagree with them, they should never say a thing?

  6. Hey dude, I was curious about something: I looked at the Lufia remixing project and I fail to see any dragon shrine theme action going on there, and I figured that it might go under another name that you might now, so I figured: hey why not send a message that uses an obscene amount of these: ":"...

  7. Just so you know, your posting style could be construed as some sort of trolling or extremely annoying noobish behaviour, some people may report you so if you want to be part of the community, I'd try to make more complete posts.

  8. I'm gonna start posting in the near future, I've just been trying to get some things in order and well, I don't have the inspiration right now to start just yet.


    You should NEVER EVER link to that tropes website, it's crack.

  10. because of the war against fun of 06... There was someone who died doing something fun here... and well, the Digital Justice Project kinda went nuts.

  11. its scary thats what it is I tell ya

  12. no seriously, what the hell is this?

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