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  1. It's awesome. Need I say more? ... Well I guess I do. More please! Great job Shael never doubted you for a minute. I just wonder why Adam is trying to remain anonymous. Why hide from internet fame that doesn't involve a "wardrobe malfunction"?
  2. You know what? I think I'll come too. I've missed these meetings. Se you guys there!
  3. Nice try Buddy, I have this question in the bag! Finally my Rayza Fanboyishness will come in handy!
  4. *rofl* Love the simile there, Aurora! Ya I guess I'm a natural, eh? hahaha IN OTHER NEWS.... VGDJ is now #20 on Podcast Alley! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH nelly! 20 already? You know what that means. GOTTA TORRENT 'EM ALL! No, I'm afraid you misunderstand. Podcast Alley has ranks shows in popularity, and at that point VGDJ was #20 on the list. They are only on Episode 13 for now.
  5. IMPOSTER! You look nothing like him!
  6. I can't wait! This weeks episode is almost ready! Stupid time! Why won't you pass more quickly!!!?!?!?
  7. Welcome to OCR! It's a very cool site with very cool people. A word of advice though, stick to what you know for a while, try to learn the ettiquette in General Discussion before moving posting in Unmod. Please trust me, I speak from experience. I still burn from the harsh flaming. So have fun! But Beware Unmod!!!
  8. Firstly, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this remix. The main reason was because of the percussion. Does anyone remember way back during the seventies? The Philharmornic Orchestra was running low on funds because none of the young people were showing interest in classical music. They tried to solve the problem by recording "Hooked on Classics" a record filled with a collection of the most famous classical songs in history, set to a disco beat playing in the background. I think that this song had a very "hooked on classics" feel to it, the beat, even though it was arguably out of place, lended a modern feel to the music without resorting to corny sound effects. I fully recommend this remix to anyone, and everyone. Nice work Nixdorux! Edit/ By the way Double A Ron XP I belive you meant to say that Don Davis did the music for the matrix.
  9. I Love this remix. It may not be classy, but it has to be a classic! The first time I heard it I was on the floor laughing, and it keeps bringing a smile to my face! Great Job Shael Riley, Can you live up to the expectations you've set for your next song *Cue Dramatic Music* Expecting BIG Things, Daniel EDIT: oh wait. you already have!
  10. hey it's Daniel. I have a small technical question that I do not belive is worthy of an entire topic and causing moderaters stress. So... Can anyone tell me if avatars can be imported? If so how would I accomplish this, and by following which guidelines? Thanks a lot, Daniel
  11. How's it going? Oh I'm fine thanks. My Real name is Daniel Evan Wilke Koos. I was born 11:59pm, April 12, 1986. And That's when the trouble Began.... I currently reside in Burlington, Ontario... In Canada! Sorry. I am a bit patriotic, but let's not get into politics. So... a bit about me... I am a big fan of both electronic and classical music, and obviously video games. I Have without a doubt a "unique" personality. i am an avid reader and chess player. I am also co-captain of my school's trivia team, and i sing bass in the choir. I have a weird/special(the kind that's ride's the small bus)/unique sense of humour, and to illustrate that.. My three favourite comedians are Levi Mcdougall, Emo Phillips, Brian Regan, and favourite group: Monty Python. I love Comic Books. My father is a Priest in the new apostolic church. I work a little Caesar’s. 100 percent German heritage. Personal Problems: ADHD, Epilepsy, and some other stuff OK. That is a start I came into this forum to learn. Any one seen the Karate Kid? Well I am here to play the "Daniel-san" to you're "sensei". I know very little about both the culture and technology surrounding Electronica and Techno. So as I said, I came here to learn, and have fun. thanks for reading. P.S. Is there an ass kissing forum? i did not mention my favourite mixes or mixers but have a lot of compliments to give out... oh well... wait... here i go anyway. YOU ALL ROCK!!!! adios
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